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Gigi wrote in to ask:

Two of my cats were victims of Hartz, but I posted about it on your site when it happened several months ago. I also run an animal welfare/pet blog. I’m currently compiling info, photos, and clips about Hartz & its victims to create an anti-Hartz video. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a post on your site asking for anyone with animals that have been victims (either illness or death) of Hartz to please contact me with pictures of their animal(s) to include in the video. The pictures do not have to be of the animal when affected by Hartz.  If people would like to have their animal included, they can just send a picture of their animal in happier/healthier times (or while affected by Hartz) to me at [email protected] I’d also like them to include the animal’s name if possible. I already have the permission to use all pictures at Hartz Victims Quilt. I already have many pictures, but I think the more pictures I can get, the greater the impact. I just don’t think people quite get the seriousness and danger of that poison! Again, if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!

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  1. i will get you some photos and videos of our dog, please send the link to my email [email protected]. He is a 2 year old weimeraner and it is crippling him really bad, i believe everything i send to you will be of help everyone knows the nature of weimeraners and he is acting like a drunk person with alzheimers when a weimeraner can hardly stand and cannot hold himself up becuase of these flea drops………there has to be some way to get this shit off the market

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