lucky,junior,and baby

lucky was a sweet calico that i got when she found her way into the factory i work at, i brought her homae and cleaned her up .and had her for about a year and a half. some friends were staying with us for awhile and decided to put her out side when I went to another state on vacation because it was easier than changing the litter box, she got pregnant by Buster, a large grey himilayan that adopted our yard as his area. he was later killed by some a**hole neighbors giving him antifreeze. Lucky only had one kitten, which we named junior because he looked exactly like his father.Baby was a very young stray that was brought home by our kids they found on the way home from school.while Lucky was outside she got fleas,pretty bad, she was given a bath with hartz flea and tick shampoo and seemed to be okay(i didn’t know about any of these problems) junior got a taste of the “shampoo” as he was feeding and he wound up dying within a day(poor little guy went into convulsions and died in my lap. Lucky became very lethargic, i thought this was due to losing her only child,and she held on for a few more days, becoming much skinnier than she already was.and having yet another member of my family die in my arms when i came home from work. and finally Baby, loved curling up with Lucky but never tried suckling from her, and apparently this close contact between them caused yet another kitten to die very quickly. I wish I knew the “animal loving” companies product did this before i gave one cat a bath and lost all 3.

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