Sargeants Gold, another victim.

I applied the sargeants gold flea treatment to my dog. Dosage matched with weight. Within 15 min my dog was extreemly distressed. Crying, scratching, rolling all over the place.  I have been up most of the night with her, it seemed to have calmed her down. This product should be taken off the shelves. I wish I did my research first. I have bathed my dog, and gave her aniexty medication to calm her down. Hopefully things improve soon.

One thought on “Sargeants Gold, another victim.”

  1. My pet is having a severe reaction to Sargeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze On product. It is unbelievable that Sargeant’s is still manufacturing this product with all the harm it is causing pets. I was shocked tonight when I began looking for the cause of my pet’s reaction. There are literally hundreds of pets experiencing reactions to this product. I will NEVER buy any product made by Hartz or Sargeant’s again.

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