Sargeants Gold almost killed our “5” cats. DO NOT USE!

3 days ago, my wife went to Walmart and bought Sargeants Gold Flea and Tick.  Within 1 hour of applying it on our Siamese, she started foaming at the mouth, and would shake her right hind leg when walking.  We wiped off the medicine (not knowing about these posts here) and went to bed for the night.  When we got up in the morning, she was still severly foaming at the mouth and hiding from us in the closet, but our Maincoon was also foaming at the mouth and hiding.  Our Russian Grey was no where to be found, and our Manx was acting like she was on speed, running around, scratching at her neck, and trying to force herself into mine or my wifes lap (she is pretty anti-social, so this was not normal behavior).  We ended up giving the Siamese and Maincoon a milk bath, in the hopes of diluting the Sargeants.  When this didn’t work, we then started checking the internet, and were totally suprised by all the posts.  We immediately washed all of our cats with mild soap and water.  While most are doing marginally better in the last 24 hours, our Russian Grey has gone almost totally blind.  It almost looks like he has gotten sever cataracts (they have completely clouded over) in both eyes in the last 48 hours.  Has anyone else experienced this with their cats?  Having been out of work for the last 3 months, I just can’t afford to take them into the vet, to make sure they are all going to be ok.

I guess my greatest frustation is that this obviously dangerous product is allowed on the market.  I could chalk it up to an allergic reaction if it was 1 of the 5 who had a reaction, but all 5?  That is not a co-incidence!  Hartz, please do the right thing and take this poison off the market before any more loved ones are injured or die.

Michael Bacon – Vancouver Washington

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