Profender (DONT USE IT)

Christmas Eve I had to say good-bye to my loved one “Binx”

Binx was a kitten I found in the garage at 2days old. I hand raised him and he was my baby. He would have been 10yrs old inJune/09. My other cat Salem had gotten the (ickies)worms, so the vet gave him a shot and sent home profender for binx. We applied and he managed to ingest some. Within 72 hours my cat was so deathly sick, I was in the Vets office Christmas Eve at 8am until I said goodbye. The vet stated he had the makers of profender on the phone and that they only know 2 cases of fatal ingestion. NO BLOOD work is required before putting this on your animal, IT SHOULD BE. Binx kidneys could not get rid of the toxins. My vet was very compassionate and stated that he will in future do blood work on any of the animals that need this toxic drug. If Binx life can save another than I will be ok. I thank God for the time I had, but I deeply miss my Binx….. 🙁

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  1. HI, I just put Profender on my kitty tonight. I tried yesterday to give her the pill(Drontal) and she refused to take it, I felt so terrible, trying to force her little mouth open, my kitty I found in a ditch, left to die, and I also raised her from a very very small kitten, so I can imagine how u must feel, I just pray that this doesn’t happen to my cat, I certainally can sympathize with you, I hope that some day you get the strength to rescue another little kitty some day! My cat was abused b4 they dropped her for dead, when I found her, she had a cigarette(I am guessing) burn in her right ear, it has healed quite nicely, my kitty is now about 16 months old, and doin very good, except I noticed worms in her fecies. I really wish I would have read this b4 I applied the Profender, because I wouldnt have done it, if there is even the smallest chance that my cat can become sick form it, I wouldnt have done it. I hope all is well, I will keep u informed , if you want, bye for now, I really feel for you, good luck.

  2. EVERYTHING has a chance of killing something. If you take meds it has a chance of killing you too, so it is just a few cases of a bunch that get injured.

  3. Hello “Me”,

    Just a few cases? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over 44,000 adverse incidents were reported to the Agency in 2008 and over 28,000 in 2007. That’s a 57% increase year over year. And how many adverse incidents never get reported? This is not just “a few cases”. It represents tremendous damage to companion animals and horrific financial and emotional damage to pet owners and families.

    This is not a trivial issue. We expect our federal and state regulatory agencies to protect citizens, the environment and animals. What would the reaction be in this country if just 1% of these adverse incidents affected humans, especially infants, children or pregnant women? In fact, current science indicates that these neurotoxin pesticides may be doing serious damage to that very demographic. If the science continues to point in that direction the EPA will be forced to take action and the manufacturers and retailers will be exposed for their reprehensible behavior.

    A “few cases”? Hardly.

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