Adverse reaction to Sargents Flea and Tick Treatment

I have never posted any comments about anything before, but after what my dogs have gone through, I want as many people as possible to be warned and not have their animals suffer.  We have had a terrible problem with ticks here in VA this year, deer ticks especially, and I have had two dogs come down with Lymes disease.  I use Neem oil shampoo, lavendar spray, but still am constantly removing ticks.  After removing an extremely large number of ticks from my four dogs, I in a moment of desperation, bought an over the counter product, Sargents Flea and Tick Gold.  I put it on all four of my dogs on a Tuesday evening and within less than an hour all began having reaction symptoms.  The two pugs were the worst.  Extremely hyper, scratching, heavy breathing, panting, elevated body temperature.  The sharpei began foaming at the mouth and excessive drooling.  I immediately bathed all of them, gave them all benadryl, and it helped some.  Three of them settled down after a few hours, but one of the pugs (who also is diabetic) still struggled.  She finally succumbed to exhaustion at about 2:30 in the morning.  The excitability, itching, panting, and elevated body temperature continued through the next 48 hours.  We managed to control it with cool water baths and using cooling pads we have for the pugs.  We have endured other trying times with out animals, but this was the worst, especially with the guilt of knowing I had brought this on them.  I will be personally telling everyone I know to stay away from not only the Sargents but all over the counter flea and tick treatments, but I just hope this posting will reach those I cannot personally talk to.

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