Seargents Squeeze-On Flea Med

I used this stuff on all 5 of my dogs: a malamute mix, a pitbull, a chihuahua mix, and my two chihuahuas.  I used the correct package for the size of the pets.  Unfortunately, 3 of my dogs got very ill within a few hours.  I didn’t really think too much of it, until I was trying to sleep and my pitbull was running around crazy trying to scratch herself.  When I woke up I found out from another family member that the two chihuahuas also had not slept and they had been washed 3 times but were still all wet in the area I had put the medicine.  I then went on the computer to look thist stuff up.  I felt terrible that I didn’t do my research before putting the product on the animals.

I called the emergency vet and took them in.  He told us to watch for foaming mouths.  We had to wash all 5 of our dogs with Dawn Dishsoap.   Eventually the malamute also became sick with diareah.  Two of them are still itching consistantly, much more than they would have if they had fleas.  It is so sickening that they can sell this stuff.  The local store that we bought this at was informed of what has happened but has not done anything about it.

Fortunately all of our dogs made it, but I think that it they still have psychological side effects.  DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!

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