Is my cat going to be okay?

As soon as I put on Hartz, I googled it. I feel so careless, but how could I have known? I got him and ran to the tub, washing it off with his shampoo.

I washed him twice, and will wash him once more in 5 min.

Are the odds against me?

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  1. My roommate applied the Hartz Flea and tick control drops after finding a flea on my kitty. I guess about 1/2 hour after (I was still at work) She started to puff out and act really strange and hide everywhere. You must understand that my cat always acts like it hasn’t had any attention its whole life. She has no sense of personal space and is always beside me where ever I go. So to see my kitty act like this was really obvious. My roommate Googles Hartz and the very second the results popped up, we rushed her to the bath. We wet her down and soaped her up and dried. Instantly after she seemed to return to normal. She slept good last night and and was eating fine this morning. I couldn’t even imagine what I would do if I lost my Kat to this product. I can’t believe that there isn’t more awareness of this company. After reading a lot of peoples stories about Hartz, it looks more and more like its an instant poison to animals.

  2. My cat is fine!
    I washing him 3 times, making sure his coat was clean and free of anything at all and he’s okay 🙂

    Thanks to this site I knew what to do before I lost him. <3

  3. I just found out about this website,On dec.22 I used this nasty product on My gorgeous cat and she started foaming from the mouth, I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed her off,I was crying like crazy I thought I was loosing her,Later that night she ate and since this day she is doing great-But is she really ok? I am scared that she can suddenly start getting sick….

    *Never use this horrible product!!!

  4. I got some of that hartz stuff as well. we had used it on my first cat, but only one treatment and she had seemed fine, adn she was, and it worked! so we saved the rest just in case… we since then we lost the older can and got a new one, a kitten, but more than twelve weeks. it was severly infested with fleas, adn after a few days of baths adn combings was doing much better, but we decided to go with another of the leftover treatments so we wouldn’t hhav eto worry much about him with we took care of the house treatment. I put it on and right after I noticed him licking at the area. I stopped him right away (he only got in a lick or two) and looked up the product to check its toxicity and found this site.

    I’ve washed him down once, then again right after with soap adn water, but the spot still faintly smells of the porduct. hes still a kitten adn was playing a lot, so I can’t tell if his sleeping/layingdown is becuase hes tierd, beucase he does this often, or the product.

    I haven’t seen any of the extream side effects like foaming, salivating, or twitching, its jsut a little lethargic and sleey. he ate immidiatly after the bath as well, butevery once in a while he makes this weird snuffing noise kinda lick a hicc-up or will snezze(snifling? we were away a while adn others were watching him, the ar in the house is still stale, or is this a side affect of said product?)

    will he be alright though? I can’t afford a vet, and I’m so paranoide I’M FREAKING OUT!

    can someone give me a list of what to look for, becuase If it will save him I will have to give him to a shelter that can care for him.

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