How long will my dog be effected by this stuff?

Gave this to Spike Thursday night, spent all day Friday at the vet.  He is home now but still itching all over, scratching himself raw and walking like he has some muscular problems.  Psychologically he is not right either.  He is normally such an active dog but he has been moping around and really listless for the last two days.  He whines everytime we leave the room and cries all night long.  i know the itching will stop but I am wondering if anyone has experienced the psychological breakdown I have and how long that will last??  Thanks!!

One thought on “How long will my dog be effected by this stuff?”

  1. Try washing it off.
    Years and years ago I put a Hartz flea collar on my cat and within minutes he was wheezing for air. I took it off and he was still wheezing- I washed him off with baby shampoo and he was fine.

    I used Advantage – purchased from my Vets- and I was hesitant to even do that after wathing Wolfie suffer like he did, so we applied it right there in the office in case anything went wrong. He was fine- so I blame that reaction on that collar.

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