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I have used flea & tick treatments every 4 weeks for one year on my four year old, 11 pound Maltese, ever since we moved to a wooded area with a flea population that is relentless. I have used Zodiac and FrontLine without problems. I picked up Sargent’s Gold from an end cap at the local grocery store, thinking I was buying a top of the line, high quality product. I was a victim of packaging / commercialism. I applied the treatment 3 days ago and went out for the day. When I returned later the same day, I found my dog, Gracie, unable to use her back legs, I found vomit in four places, she was shaking. I examined her the best I could, at first thinking she hurt her back or hip. She suddenly seemed relaxed and proceeded later to chew vigorously on her paw. I carried her outside to have her avoid stairs and she proceeded to rub her face into the ground with great vigor. I have never seen her behave like that. At this point, I thought it was her paw that was the issue. I soaked it and we went to bed as she seemed to become more playful at times. In the morning she was shaking uncontrollably, her back end kept going sideways, she then hid under the bed and did not respond when I spoke. I truely thought she was dead. After about 10 minutes, she moved her tail and started to walk around, getting to be more herself as the morning progressed. That evening I suddenly remembered the application of flea treatment! It had been such a routine thing that I had not even thought about it! I researched the product only to read one horror story after another…almost word for word, symptom for symptom as what we had experienced with Gracie. I am horrified that this is still a product being sold so casually. I am angry that I did not research flea treatments more thouroughly, I am mad as hell that the companies rarely take responsibilities here. I have yet to call Sargents as I have been putting all my energy into ridding my home of this toxin. My husband experienced dizziness, unable to focus  his vision, and developed a rash on both forearms which I attribute to holding Gracie before I bathed her in an effort to remove residual pesticides from her coat and skin. When I bathed her, I discovered her eye socket area was swollen, like a golf ball was trying  to protrude. She still itches and has a sore at the application site. Her face still itches. The neurological effects have been frightening, to say the least. I will be in a meeting with our VET to discuss this, I have sent mass emails to folks in an effort to educate, I will be in touch with Sargent’s, the EPA, and anyone else I can as this needs to be front page news and the warnings need to be in large print. The package should be labeled PESTICIDE in large letters, as many of us subconciously think “medication” when we think “treatment”…a common mistake due to our own ignorance. Gracie is steadily improving, we are very lucky here. Please…….do your homework…..and do not buy Sargent’s Gold!

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  1. We also just used Gold Flea and tick spot treatment.
    Within an hour our Spaniel is throwing up and very restless.
    We have bathed him with dish detergent.
    He is still throwing up.
    Never will use this again!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Used this product on my three dogs. Had to rush all three to the emergency pet hospital because of profuse drooling (entire front halves drenched in slobber), jerking, nervous tic, running in circles and unable to hold still. They kept two at the hospital and one of them is still in the hospital with projectile vomiting and diahrea. The vet says she may have possible liver damage! So far my vet bills are over $1000!
    Something needs to be done to stop these evil people who manufacture and sell this poison! They KNOW this product is poisoning, injuring and killing our pets and they just don’t care!
    It is pure greed on their part with total disregard for the pets they are supposedly in business to help.
    I am outraged that their premeditated willingness to inflict injury and death has been allowed to continue.

    I’m going in search of a class action lawsuit to join!

  3. For all of you who love their pets as much as I do here is what happen. I have sent this to EPA – Pesticides, you can as well.

    I am very worried about the risks posed by Sergents Gold Flea & Tick squeeze-on for dogs. I applied the appropriate amount in the appropriate manor and in less that 24 hrs one of my dogs became very hyper and the larger one hind legs were wobbly and could not get up with ease. I immediately scrubbed the chemicals off each of them. I continued to GUARDLY watch them all day. This seamed to stop the progress of the horrifying effects of the product. I am very upset over this. I believed Sergent’s had more reliability then I guess they do. I am very concerned that potentially harmful products containing chemicals linked to a variety of health problems are being sold without adequate risk assessment. Also want to thank the EPA for taking action to phase out chlorpyrifos (also known as Dursban) and diazinon, and I urge the you to investigate further the effects of other organophosphates (OPs) and carbamates on pets and children.
    The active ingredients in SERGEN’S GOLD FLEA & FICK SQUEZE-ON FOR DOGS the products are CYPHENOTHRIN (CAS#3915-40-7) 40.0% and PYRIPROXYFEN (CAS#95737-66-1) 2.0%
    Thank you advance for your help.
    Sincerely yours
    Pat P Henderson

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