Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Drops are poison!

I have two cats and gave them both an application yesterday.  I have used this product before (once) and had no reaction.  I switched to flea collars and wish I had stayed with that choice.  Anyway, one of my cats, Nina, started acting weird about an hour after application.  She is a sensitive and high-strung cat anyway so I didn’t think she was acting that out of character.  Until i noticed her breathing was very heavy and her eyes were dilated all the way.  I immediately gave her a bath and washed that crap off of her.  After that she started hiding whenever she could which was out of character.  I know she felt vulnerable and scared b/c she is usually the alpha cat, the dominant one.  She also was hissing a lot and doing loud cat moans.  She was furious!  I didn’t see any skin irritation but she was acting like I poured acid on her back.  Anyway, I watched her all night and she slowly started turning back into her normal self.  Less scared and she slept pretty well.   Today I gave both of them a more thorough bath (not happy campers) and Nina seems ok.   her back is still twitching here and there but I think she’s going to be OK.  If this happens to your cats, wash the stuff off immediately with mild soap (like it says on the box) and monitor them closely.  I bought this stuff to save a few bucks. (frontline can be costly) but it’s not worth my baby cat’s health.  This stuff is poison and should be eliminated from the market.  I am beyond pissed.

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  1. I also used hartz– my kitties started shaking their paws, drooling acting lethargic. I googled hartz & much to my disappointment I saw many similar stories. Needless to say I bathed them both twice w/ shampoo then the next day used dishsoap to spot-clean them.

    My one cat is a-ok, the other smaller one acts very affectionate & rubs her face on everything.. Doesn’t sound too alarming but it’s not ‘her.’ Any one out there experience this??

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