I’ve never used any Hartz product on my dog, a six-year-old, medium-sized mixed breed, before. She has had fleas in the past, once we used Frontline. I saw Hartz in Waldbaums and, being cheaper, I figured it was worth a try. I wish I had done my research first. After applying the drops exactly as directed, she began scratching and biting uncontrollably, particularly in one spot on her left rear. She was losing hair behind hear ears, near her shoulders, and under her collar. Within a few days, she managed to wear a quarter-sized hole in the spot that she was biting. It was pink and inflamed and kept getting bigger, so I took her to the vet. The doctor said she probably had a flea bite, had scratched it, and it was infected. But he couldn’t explain her hair loss. We got antibiotics and an inflammatory shot. The kicker is, as I was paying my bill, the receptionist asked if I wanted to purchase Frontline. I told her, no thanks, we did a flea treatment recently using Hartz. She and the other woman at the desk were like, “Oh my god, no, that stuff’s no good.” They didn’t explain further, but that made it all click – of course! This behavior had only started after the treatment, and she’s never done anything like this before. Now I’m stuck with $233 vet bill and a very unhappy dog. Luckily, the infection appears to be on the mend thanks to the antibiotics.

Very glad to have found this site so I know that I’m not alone. I’d love to be part of some sort of action or cause to stop this company from selling such obviously harmful products!

Pitiful sick kitty thanks to Hartz

I put Hartz flea drops on my cat Henry about 3 weeks ago.  He didn’t seem to mind.  Gradually he got more and more lethargic.  Last week I noticed a mass in his abdomen.  I took him to the vet who told me it could have been from the drops.  I had no clue flea meds could cause such illness in pets.  His temp was 104 and they’ve kept him ever since.   His temp finally dropped and they were considering sending him home but this morning he had a seizure.  Again the vet told me it was probably from the drops.  I’ve been looking online and have discovered that Henry’s not the only Hartz victim.  I cannot believe this dangerous stuff is on store shelves!!!  I know I’m responsible but I assume that if something is openly and legally for sale to the public and used as it should be it’s not going to cause harm.  I am outraged that Hartz still sells this stuff!  I am so mad that my poor Henry is having to suffer and may not even survive because of my ignorance but moreso because of Hartz’s greed and disregard for pet safety.

Sergeants Gold Could Have Killed Our Dogs!!!

Of course, after seeing the effects of this “medication” on my dogs (normally we do Frontline), I immediately searched the internet and found this site.  Thank God I did because I was able to do our dogs a lot of good by following the advice on here (bath several times with dish soap like Palmolive or Dove and administering 100% pure Benadryl (at the dose of 1-2 mg per pound of DOG weight).

After 15 minutes both dogs (Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound) were coughing and gagging.  Their eyes were watering.  They obviously looked very uncomfortable.  We called the 1-800 number on the package and were told “don’t worry, just give them some chicken soup because it got into their throats and that’s why they are coughing – they don’t have a respiratory problem”.  I didn’t know that Hartz could give veterinarian medical advice over the phone….

We did as advised and the coughing calmed down a little bit, but next came the jumpiness and constant itching!  Of course, we wanted to wash this crap off but didn’t want to make it worse by spreading it and we didn’t know if trying to wash it off was okay.  So off to the internet to search at 11 pm on a Saturday night.  Believe me, if we suspected that our dogs were on death’s door we would have rushed them to the emergency vet – but luckily our dogs didn’t have as bad of a reaction as some dogs have in here.

So I found this website and like I said, thank GOD!  I bathed each dog three times in dish soap to get this crap off of them.  I used a new towel each time (so that I wouldn’t recontaminate them).  After each bath I would smell them to see if that foul Sergeants smell was still on their necks.  After the third bath the smell was faint.

They itched and twitched all night long.  I didn’t sleep!  I spent the whole night watching after them.  Unfortunately, since I am not a vet I waited for my husband to come home from his night job because he has a healthcare background and could determine the proper dosage of the Benadryl tablets that we had.  He said it was very important to make sure it was 100% Benadryl and not Benadryl combined with any other type of medication (i.e., Benadryl + a pain reliever, etc…)

He cut a 25 mg tablet into 1/4 for the 5 pound chihuahua and only gave her 1/4 of a tablet.  He gave the 20 pound Italian Greyhound a single 25 mg tablet.  They slowed down on the itching and finally were knocked out enough to be able to sleep.  We have been giving them a new dose of Benadryl every 8-10 hours.

During the time when they don’t have it they are still itching the back of their necks.  Unfortunately this crap also got on their hind paws so they are constantly biting at their hind paws too.  They are breathing normally, very rarely coughing and their skin is not red where the “medication” was applied.  They LOVE it when I gently scratch their necks.  We even cut their back toenails to prevent them from doing too much damage from the constant scratching.

We are bringing the packaging back to our local Walmart and filing a complaint with the manager.

I think the biggest thing about this product is that with people medications and animal medications – I can accept that there will be rare instances when a bad side effect will happen.  This is part of life.  Unfortunately, the proof that this Hartz Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick medication is so harmful is that SO many dogs have become sick (or died) AND that these effects are NOT RARE.  If the side effects were rare, then BOTH of my dogs would not have been affected the same way at the same time.  One is a Chihuahua and the other is an Italian Greyhound.  They are in perfect health and both are adults (not seniors or babies).

In other words, I could understand if one of them had a poor reaction due to a rare adverse event – but what I don’t understand is why BOTH of them would have a poor reaction.  That only tells me that the problem is with the “medication” and not the dog!

Just like everyone else here – my question is WHY IS THIS PRODUCT STILL ON THE MARKET!!!

I sent a complaint to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) already.

Thank you for having this website up and running so we could help our babies 🙂


Thanks Hartzless

Just found this website.  I had twice bathed my cat with hartz ultraguard foaming flea and tick shampoo.  I also used an ultraguard one spot flea treatment on her.  From time to time, she had had seizures and convulsions that would last a few minutes and then go away.  Two weeks ago, she went into such a terrible seizure that she could not move for over an hour…she just dragged herself along the floor, trying to hide.  I had to take her to the humane society to have her put to sleep.  The vet I took her to after the first episode diagnosed her problem as thyroid related and tried to sell me a plan to treat it for a discounted price of $500.  I am a poor man and could not ever hope to pay that.  They charged me 90 bucks.  I asked if it could be related to flea medicine and they said nah.  Then today, two weeks after I lost my best friend of ten years, I find this site.  I feel like I just got punched in the gut.  I am angry at the vet, at hartz and at myself.   What a heartbreaker.

My story with Sargeants Gold Flea and Tick

We normally use Frontline, but I thought I saw fleas on one of my Shih-tzu dogs. It was Saturday night and

I bought this stuff from Wal-Mart. Big mistake. Applied as directed and within 20-30 minutes,the dogs

were scratching the area and extremely agitated. We saw this and washed the medicine off with two baths.

We gave them Benedryl and took them to the to the 24hr vet hospital at 4 a.m. Vet said that they seemed

generally  OK and gave them more Bendryl. He said that it was a good thing that we washed them that

quickly.  They seem somewhat better today, but are still being affected by this junk.


my dog had fleas extermely bad so we used the flea dip from hartz and he became really sick puking and had the diahrea really bad. we got so worried that we called the vet and they said that it was the dip. with in weeks to days he started loosing his hair and he was restless and he hurt all the time.  at first we thought it was the mange but we knew that if he had the mange that the other dogs would have it and they were fine. so thanks to hartz my dog lost his hair and it has been almost two months and he is just now getting his hair back. i am looking to file a lawsuit against the hartz corporation. any information would be helpful.


Kendra Mowery

Thank You Hartzvictims.org

I recently used a flea collar on my puppy, I bought the age appropriate collar for her. Within 20 hours she was lathargic , shaking , and whining pleading for help, Within a few more minutes it got worse, she was collapsing and couldn’t hold her head up I called the vet it was after hours so we were waiting for a call back when I decided to look up the symptoms on the internet. Thank god I found you , I read so many heartbreaking stories when I decided to take the collar off and bath her , twice. She started drinking water immediatly and her eyes weren’t glazed over . She was even wagging her tail. This morning we woke up and it was like nothing even happened!!!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! You saved my BABY!and Courage (my baby) wags her tail in appreciation!! Thanks again! I will be writing the EPA!!! This needs to stop!! I’m even going to go to our local news we need to tell more people so they can be aware!!!

My dog is sick as hell! What kind of product is this?

I applied the Hartz flea and tick medication last night.  My dog is throwing up and whining all night.  Today he is shaking uncontrollably and urinating all over the house.  I tried to wash off the medicine and we are taking him to the vet.  I cannot believe how much information is on the net against the use of this product.  Who knew?  How is it still on the market?  I am calling the Better Business Bureau, the FDA, and Hartz on Monday!  if my dog dies I swear to God I am going to sue them!

I lost my kitty yesterday.

My Maine Coon cat, Gabby, died of liver failure yesterday– it was sudden and acute, and I’ve been using Hartz flea drops on her. I’m devastated. This has to stop somewhere, but I don’t know what to do.

Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick-Dangerous-Do No Use This Stuff

I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On treatment for my 8 year old dog from my local Wal-Mart. I have been using a flea treatment monthly since he was six months old. However, this was my first purchase of Sergeant’s and it will be my last of ANY Sergeant’s products!

In less than 2 hours of applying this stuff, Bear became very restless and agitated.  He was jumping on and off everything, trying to hide behind the couch and rubbing against everything. While checking him, I noticed that the muscles in his back legs were trembling.  I knew he was fine before I used the treatment so I thought it might be a reaction. I got a warm wet rag and started washing the stuff off his back.

When my husband got home from work, he noticed that Bear was not acting normal. By this time Bear was starting to whimper and cry and I knew we had a problem and he needed to get checked by the vet.

The vet said his eyes were very dilated and he was having a reaction to the Sergeant’s Gold. They bathed him in Dawn dishsoap and gave him a muscle relaxer to help with the twitching muscles. Within a half hour, Bear was calmer. He still had a very restless night. It was almost 24 hours before he was resting comfortably again. Bear is doing fine but still on muscle relaxers for a couple more days. I am so thankful that we got treatment for him so quickly.

I called Wal-Mart on Thursday, Nov. 6th, 08 and spoke to the manager. He was very kind and apologized for the problem. I told him that after reading the entries on this site, this product was dangerous to animals. He said he would notify his “district” buyer. I also, told him to check this site out and read the comments himself. I said that since Wal-Mart had pulled the food when there were problems that they would want to know about this product too.

Please do not give your pet this stuff, it will make them very sick and possible kill them. If you have a blog, pass the word around. This is really a bad product. If I had read this site first, I would have never bought this stuff!