I have a 5 month old kitten who I just found fleas on yesterday.So I went to my local Walmart and bought Hartz flea medicine to solve the problem before it got out of control.About a half and hour later she started laying around,hideing and acting ill.She is a very lovable cat, total lap cat but everytime I went near her she would run and when she was near me she would just shake.I read all the comments on this web page and immediatly washed her off the best I could.Today she is 50% better than yesterday.She still doesn’t want to be held but is acting more normal today.I will never buy this brand again.I also bought home spray and ear mite medicine and Im not so sure about those either.Live and learn thank goodness I learnt before it was to late like some of this brands victims.

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  1. I am just beside myself after having earlier in the day gave my precious kittie kat a flea application, which turned out that stuff made her horribly ill. After reading the comments here you can rest assurred I WILL not take this lightly. Hartz has to have someone take them on and believe me they found an indvidual that will do just that. After having such an upsetting day for both me and my fur ball Im going to make sure that Hartz pays. I have all the intentions in the world of contacting my attorney and pursuing this through the courts. How dare they market products that are so hazardous to our pet’s health. I AM ANGRY !!!!!

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