Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Spray

One word. Wow. For those who have used Hartz products and have suffered or seen the effects of it can all agree in asking the question “Why is this stuff still on store shelves?”

I recently found out that my 2 month old puppy Mei had fleas. I was able to get some of them out with just my hands, but I decided I wasn’t going to let her outsideĀ  until I got some kind of flea product for her. I should have checked online for reviews.

As soon as I got home, I sprayed 5 clicks onto her and noticed that she was acting funny. She was rolling on the ground and clawing the air as if there was something on her back that wouldn’t come off. I quickly went online and googled “hartz spray puppy” and saw that one of the links said “BEWARE.” I was shocked to find an entire site focused on Hartz products victims. I bathed my Mei immediately and noticed that she had stopped reaching for her back. Thank goodness I found this site.

So for those of you planning on buying any Hartz product whatsoever, the bottom line is DO NOT BUY ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER. For those who have already bought and used it which lead to you arriving at this site, bathe your dog or cat RIGHT NOW before he/she decides to clean his/herself.

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  1. pull this damn product off the shelf I bought a flea collar for my 12 week old kitten had it on him for 3 hrs didn’t feel comfortable so I took it off in that little bit of time it poisoned his system he has been laying around for 2 days now getting a little better but not much. He was a very active kitten and your product about killed him all I can say is that yall are murders and the product should be removed from the shelves of stores If I owned a store your products would definitely not be allowed.

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