SGT. Gold Plus…

Yesterday I bought this stuff in effort to save money on flea and tick control…. After about an hour of applying it to my yorkie-poo, he began to drool and run around crazily. I knew very quickly it was the flea product. ( he was fine before the application) I immediately gave him a bath hoping to wash some of the chemicals. He began scratching like crazy and hard enough his fur was falling out. I bought bought benadryll hoping it would bring him some comfort through out the night… Needless to say, it was a long night… I brushed my dog while he layed on me the entire night and if I stopped he would dig at his skin….He is acting a little better now, but next to parvo virus.. this was the worst thing I have ever seen an animal go through.. I can not believe it is sold and andverstised to be the best….

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