My 3 Cockapoos

Friday evening I applied Sargeants Gold Flea and Tick to my 3 cockapoos.  By midnight they were slamming themselves against the kennel walls and backing and crying.  We tried to calm them down but they were VERY agitated.  Finally we let them out and put them in the family room.  They barked and banged into the walls.  When we got up they had vomited all over our family room.  Our youngest one wouldn’t stop rolling around, crying, and scratching.  The only way to help him was to pet him continuously.  His eyes were red and he kept going off to corners and hiding.  I thought for sure we were going to lose him.  We hand fed him ice chips for the rest of the weekend and finally by Monday he seemed more like himself.  Another one of our dogs developed hard matted fur where I applied the product.  He licked his back paws all weekend and wouldn’t look at us.  He would hide in a corner wouldn’t eat.  That fur has now come off and he has a bald spot the sixe of a half-dollar on his back.  It’s raw and very uncomfortable for him.  The third dog coughed and scratched for the rest of the weekend.  I called Wal-Mart and spoke with the manager.  He said they can’t pull it off the shelf without a recall.  Since there isn’t a recall I emailed this site and my story to our local television station.  Hopefully, they can help.

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