I used this on my little pom, he is 6 years old and never had fleas, I saw one on him so I got this product. That is the worse thing I could have ever done. He started losing his fur and scratching himself till blood came out and now his left ear has no fur on it. He has sores on his body and he takes off running for no reason, bites at us (I am sure it is because he is so aggravated), kicks his back legs like a bucking horse and goes off and hides. I could not find him in my house for 6 hours one day. He was hid in the back corner of the closet. He will also get behind the toilet and on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. It is like he is trying to hide from something. He has never acted like this before. I put this on him about 3 weeks ago. I think these people need to have charges or a lawsuit filed against them. This product should not be on the shelf.


  1. Help!!!! We put this stuff on our 3 cockapoos Friday night and by the middle of the night we had CRAZY, aggitated, vomiting, and pooping dogs on our hands. We didn’t get any sleep and spent the weekend feeding our dogs ice chips to make sure that they had fluids. I rinsed the stuff off of them on Saturday morning but it didn’t seem to help. Our yongest one kept going off by himself and we had to look for him. I was sure the next time I found him he would be too sick to help. He is better now but our oldest one had developed a knot of hair where it was applied and now it is a raw wound. I am going to take him in tomorrow but I am sure they will have to sedate him because he won’t even let me look at it too long.
    I bought it from Wal-Mart too and will be going through our garbage to get the box out in the morning.

  2. “kicks his back legs like a bucking horse” YES This happened to my little dog too on 12/08/2008 He is still acting really strange!!!!!

    I’m advising all my friends and family to NEVER give your small dog Sergeant’s over the counter flea and tick medication!!!!!!!! (Even if it says 9-15lbs) It is bad stuff! Yesterday morning (12/8/2009 at around 7:30am) I gave my dog, Weber a bath and dried him and put the stuff on this neck/back as instructed. I left for school (I’m a teacher) and when I came home his whole entire neck and face were wet. He was drooling,foaming, panting, and shaking and he had, had an accident inside (1 and 2 which he has not done in four years! It was as if he had lost control of his function) It was NOT good! I tried to get him in the bath to rinse him off and he screamed and cried because he was hurting. I wrapped him in towel and took him straight to the Vet. They were very kind and said that I had done nothing wrong because I did not know but that Sergeant’s and Harts products have killed MANY MANY small pets! I will NEVER buy anything over the counter again. He was admitted for several hours and they washed him three times with Dawn. I really had no idea how dangerous it was. The Vet told me if I got it on my fingers I’d have to call poison control because it is essentially an insecticide! It is very, very dangerous. It can cause seizures and muscle spasms and it can kill your pet (cats too). I NEVER WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THIS IF I HAD ANY IDEA THIS WOULD HAPPEN! The only warnings on the front lable are “Do not use on Cats” and Keep out of reach of children. It essentially says about the same thing on the back panel. My dog was in the correct weight ragne for this product and it was applied correctly. I am very upset that this is on the market and that other people my loose a loved pet because Sergeant’s is not warning people. This may be ok for a larger dog but certainly not for a small dog but the front cover even has a picture of a little Yorkie breed alluding to the cosumer that it is safe for thier small dog! Please get this off the market and warn people. Thank you! When we got home from the Vet last night he was kicking his back legs and still drooling!

  3. Similar experience on November 19th, 2008 with my 5 shih tzu’s. Absolutely heartbreaking, had to take the smallest one to the Vet Hospital at 2am due to seizure type activity. Consumer Affairs from Seargents said they would reimburse, but now I’m in the black hole, no one will call me or follow up, it’s a circle jerk. Any lawsuits out there or possible class action, I hate these scumbags.

  4. I just got back from the vet. I used Sergeants Silver flea and tick squeeze on on our Poodle/Shih – tzu cross and within an hour last night he was suffering. We were up with him all night as well. Took him to the vet today and $95 later, understand that the product gave him a nice chemical burn down his back. All we can do is keep him on pain meds until he heals up. We are returning this product to Giant Eagle and pushing to have it removed from the market as well. This is a ridiculous product.

  5. I also had a bad reaction with Sergeant’s this past week. I noticed that my dogs had fleas, but it was after the vet had closed on Saturday. I bought the Sergeant’s in the hope that I wouldn’t have a house covered in fleas. I ended up with my small dog (12 lbs dachshund mix) throwing up and crying. It turns out it was burning his skin (there were raw bright red patches, not just minor irritation). My big dog (70 lbs., golden retriever mix) end up throwing up several times as well. He also started drooling so much that I had to towel-dry his face and chest. I washed them with Dawn (I figured that if they use it on oil spill animals it should be able to break through whatever waterproofing stuff was in the Sergeant’s). After bathing them, I noticed that they began to improve immediately, and by that night they were back to normal. THe product had been on them for about 12 hours. I’m terrified as to what might have happened if I hadn’t been home to wash them. I noticed that as the product irritated their skin, they would scratch at it with their hind legs, and then lick it off of their feet. So even if you follow the supposedly safer directions on the package (where you only apply it half-way down the dog’s back, it’s still possible for the dog to ingest it from grooming. That said, even if you did apply it to where they couldn’t get it on their paws, the chemical burns it creates are also a reason to avoid this stuff.

  6. OMG! I didn’t even think of this. We “rescued” a 12 wk old red heeler puppy from our neighbor who was gonna “do away” with it because they didn’t want her anymore. She was infested badly with fleas and I washed her and combed her and got most of them off. But I went and bought the Sarget’s otc from walmart that is suppose to kill and repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. She now has the tremors badly and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why? I was just trying to save some money because frontline and revolution are so darn expensive! Oh, I’m gonna go bathe her in Dawn NOW! Sheesh, why? Why is this stuff available for sale if it’s so dangerous to our pets???? I feel so bad!

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