Shaggy’s not “Shaggy” anymore

My cat is 12 years old and I have never seen him this thin and losing hair. He’s had the big swaying belly and weighing in around 12 lbs., with a thick coat of  beautiful orange and white hair(hence the name Shaggy) Now weighs 8-9 and hair is thining very quickly. I have been treating Shaggy with Sergeants Flea and Tick spray for more than 3 weeks now, and although he is eating ok, his behavior has changed. His meow has changed to almost a yowl(don’t know if he is in pain or if his vocal chords have been affected). He is mainly an inside cat and now prefers to remain outside. He cries to come in and runs when the door is opened. He’s started sleeping on kitchen counters(never), I’ll find him in the dryer, in the bathroom, these are places he has never been. He has also disappeared for over 24 hours. None of these behaviors showed up until he was treated. Thank you for the information and will be passing it along!

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  1. That doesn’t sound like fleas or ticks, when a cat starts thinning or acting oddly it is a sign of severe medical distress. Please take your cat to a vet.

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