Sergeant’s Gold Flea&Tick squeeze on for dogs. It is POISON!

I honestly thought I was doing something good for my dog.  She had gotten some fleas, and although we bathe her twice a week she was still suffering.  So I went to walmart and bought this.  It looked appealing, and was not the cheapest thing they had, it was 12.00 for the box.  I truly thought I was doing good.  I brought it home and put it on her.  She acted strange about an hour later, really itching at her back.  I though that maybe it just felt weird on her fur, so I didn’t think anything of it.  She got to where she was flopping, literally flopping like a fish on her side when she was laying down.  Still I didn’t think that the flea medicine could be doing this, I thought that maybe she was just feeling really itchy.  Finally at bedtime when she was just twitching and jumping around, and still doing the fish flopping, I thought maybe that medicine was the problem.  I got her in the tub and washed her with some shampoo, and prayed that she would be ok.  She didn’t get any sleep, she was miserable.  This morning she was still having muscle twitches, and her back leg just kicks randomly by its self.  I called my vet, who told me to give her benadryl and watch her, if she doesn’t get better bring her in.  I only pray that she will be better, as I have lost my job and it was a stretch for me to buy the stinking 12.00 medicine for her.   I can’t afford the vet, I just pray to God that my good intentions haven’t cost me my best friend in the whole world.  She seems to be resting well now, the benadryl is helping some.  She’s only twitching every now and again.  I complained to the better business bureau, and don’t know who else to contact to get this stuff off the market!  We have to do something, if someone was poisoning our kids, we sure wouldn’t let them get away with it!  I tried to contact the sergeant’s company through their website, but strangely enough the link for contact them doesn’t work.  How funny, guess they don’t want to hear about what their poisons are doing to our pets.

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  1. Permethrin is an activ ingredient in Sergeant’s product. It’s a powerful neurotoxin that is killing tonnes of animal. The skin of the animal absorbes this toxin and get sevear brain damage. My cat right is really suffering from this damages right now as i’m writing… Please never use this poison on your animal.

  2. I just wanted to let everyone know, I called the Sergeant’s company, and also the better business bureau, and made a report to the FDA. Saturday Nov 28 I recieved in the mail a “get well soon” card for my dog, and a letter for a claim offering my money back for the product, as well as to reimburse me for any vet care. Thankfully my girl survivied, but she does have patches of hair loss along the application site, as well as strange bumps there. Let’s all work together to spread the word, this stuff is not suitable for use!

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