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Just found this website.  I had twice bathed my cat with hartz ultraguard foaming flea and tick shampoo.  I also used an ultraguard one spot flea treatment on her.  From time to time, she had had seizures and convulsions that would last a few minutes and then go away.  Two weeks ago, she went into such a terrible seizure that she could not move for over an hour…she just dragged herself along the floor, trying to hide.  I had to take her to the humane society to have her put to sleep.  The vet I took her to after the first episode diagnosed her problem as thyroid related and tried to sell me a plan to treat it for a discounted price of $500.  I am a poor man and could not ever hope to pay that.  They charged me 90 bucks.  I asked if it could be related to flea medicine and they said nah.  Then today, two weeks after I lost my best friend of ten years, I find this site.  I feel like I just got punched in the gut.  I am angry at the vet, at hartz and at myself.   What a heartbreaker.

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  1. James:

    I’m so very sorry about your cat. I can imagine how you feel as I put a Hartz Longlife collar on my cat on Friday and, less than 12 hours later, on Saturday morning, she was exhibiting severe neurological problems. I took her to the emergency vet who knew, right away, that her problems were due to a flea collar and that it was Hartz product specifically. As we speak, my cat is at her regular vets being treated with IV fluids and atropine. The doctor updated me a few hours ago and let me know that she thinks the cat is suffering from cortical blindness. She does not know if the condition will reverse itself or if the cat will be permanently blind.

    I’ve contacted this gentleman [email protected] as he is trying to bring a class action lawsuit against Hartz. I have not received a response but hope that action can be taken that will Hartz them from making prodcuts that cause illness and kill.

    James, I’m so very sorry for the loss of your beloved companion.

  2. That is horrible!!! I am so very sorry! 🙁 Let everyone know about Hartz pruducts and this website! Spread the word! Everyone has to know!

  3. James,

    I cried a little reading your story. I know how it feels to be broke and want to treat your pet but can’t handle it financially. I’m glad I found this website, too – at least now I know what is wrong with my dog. How do they keep selling it with all of these people coming forward with horror stories?!

    Nothing will replace your cat. I’m so sorry. I’m glad that you didn’t buy into the “thyroid treatment” – what a crock! It probably would have only prolonged her suffering. Does your vet sell Hartz? Of course they’d be hesitant to badmouth it if they sell it…

  4. This just happened to my weimaraner. He is an outside dog mostly but in the winter i crate him and decided to give him a bath with Hartz skip flea and tick. I washed him up really good with the stuff. About 3 hours later he is salivating really bad then at night i wake up because i hear him peeing(in my carpet!)Imagine my surprise when i see a full grown weimaraner thrashing about on the floor, foaming at the mouth for 4 mins then just acts like he had a grand mal seizure(he did)He was perfectly fine before i gave him his bath. He seems to be recovering now but its still too early. I also think the soap as affected me. Earlier I felt like i had taken about 3 pills of ephedra my heart is still racing a lil b it 12 hours later(tho mine could just be in my head but hey this stuff is poison)

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