Thank You

I recently used a flea collar on my puppy, I bought the age appropriate collar for her. Within 20 hours she was lathargic , shaking , and whining pleading for help, Within a few more minutes it got worse, she was collapsing and couldn’t hold her head up I called the vet it was after hours so we were waiting for a call back when I decided to look up the symptoms on the internet. Thank god I found you , I read so many heartbreaking stories when I decided to take the collar off and bath her , twice. She started drinking water immediatly and her eyes weren’t glazed over . She was even wagging her tail. This morning we woke up and it was like nothing even happened!!!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! You saved my BABY!and Courage (my baby) wags her tail in appreciation!! Thanks again! I will be writing the EPA!!! This needs to stop!! I’m even going to go to our local news we need to tell more people so they can be aware!!!

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  1. This is the worse night of my life. My beautiful show quality Pom, I waited three litters from a breeder to get, and have two scrap books full of her pictures. I have her pictures from only a few hours old of me holding her. We had a puppy shower for her when we brought her home. She is so sick. My husband I have been up with her all night, she is shaking, just so sick. She is throwing up and I am so afraid of losing her. She is our baby. She is a Blue Sable Pom, Adiya. She is two. We washed her in Dawn soap, and giving her chicken broth with a spoon. She is drinking it a little.
    The snow is so deep we can not get out till morning. Schools are closed etc…

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