Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick-Dangerous-Do No Use This Stuff

I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On treatment for my 8 year old dog from my local Wal-Mart. I have been using a flea treatment monthly since he was six months old. However, this was my first purchase of Sergeant’s and it will be my last of ANY Sergeant’s products!

In less than 2 hours of applying this stuff, Bear became very restless and agitated.  He was jumping on and off everything, trying to hide behind the couch and rubbing against everything. While checking him, I noticed that the muscles in his back legs were trembling.  I knew he was fine before I used the treatment so I thought it might be a reaction. I got a warm wet rag and started washing the stuff off his back.

When my husband got home from work, he noticed that Bear was not acting normal. By this time Bear was starting to whimper and cry and I knew we had a problem and he needed to get checked by the vet.

The vet said his eyes were very dilated and he was having a reaction to the Sergeant’s Gold. They bathed him in Dawn dishsoap and gave him a muscle relaxer to help with the twitching muscles. Within a half hour, Bear was calmer. He still had a very restless night. It was almost 24 hours before he was resting comfortably again. Bear is doing fine but still on muscle relaxers for a couple more days. I am so thankful that we got treatment for him so quickly.

I called Wal-Mart on Thursday, Nov. 6th, 08 and spoke to the manager. He was very kind and apologized for the problem. I told him that after reading the entries on this site, this product was dangerous to animals. He said he would notify his “district” buyer. I also, told him to check this site out and read the comments himself. I said that since Wal-Mart had pulled the food when there were problems that they would want to know about this product too.

Please do not give your pet this stuff, it will make them very sick and possible kill them. If you have a blog, pass the word around. This is really a bad product. If I had read this site first, I would have never bought this stuff!

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  1. Used Sargeant’s drops on my cat and she became very weak and wobbly in her back legs and hip area. This was after about 12 hours after application. When I noticed something was very wrong I bathed her in Dawn. She is better but seems slightly off balance at times and has twitches in her tail. My neighbor said that must be what happened to their little dog. They had noticed it was very weak in the rear quarters when walking and they bathed it in Dawn to remove the Sargeant’s flea medicine.

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