My story with Sargeants Gold Flea and Tick

We normally use Frontline, but I thought I saw fleas on one of my Shih-tzu dogs. It was Saturday night and

I bought this stuff from Wal-Mart. Big mistake. Applied as directed and within 20-30 minutes,the dogs

were scratching the area and extremely agitated. We saw this and washed the medicine off with two baths.

We gave them Benedryl and took them to the to the 24hr vet hospital at 4 a.m. Vet said that they seemed

generally  OK and gave them more Bendryl. He said that it was a good thing that we washed them that

quickly.  They seem somewhat better today, but are still being affected by this junk.

One thought on “My story with Sargeants Gold Flea and Tick”

  1. The same situation happened to our dog. We applied Sergeant’s on our dog and 20 mins later she went crazy. We washed off the product right away but that did not help. She ran a fever, didn’t sleep at all, kept crying all night. We took her to the vet next day and got a shot of affernefrin (sp?) and the vet also gave her valium.

    I will write to Wal-Mart to share this experience and hopefully they will take this product off their shelves.

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