3 thoughts on “I lost my kitty yesterday.”

  1. Same thing happened to my puppy. We rushed her to the vet when she was falling and could’t stand after i applied the hartz product. She was diagnosed with liver failure. Thank god they were able to give her meds and clear the problem up.
    I contacted the Hartz company and they were so ignorant. They also told me they never had a complaint until i called about my complaint.

  2. I found this web page while searching for clues as to why my healthy male housecat suddenly became ill several hours after being treated with Hartz Flea and Trick drops. I am lucky. I reached a caring vet tech at an after hours animals clinic that told me exactly what to do.
    1. Wash the poison off with Dawn dish detergent.
    2. Take the cat to the vet. The only treatment is IV fluids to flush the poison out of the animals system.

    The response from the vet that treated my cat was, “I can’t believe that poison is still being sold.”

    After a long night with no sleep and an expensive trip to the vet, my furry friend is resting on my lap probably wondering a why a company would knowingly put something on the market that almost killed him.

    Add Chuck Norris a.k.a. Tom cat to the long list on poor animals victimized by HARTZ!!!

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