Hartz Cat flea drops – NOT SAFE

My situation is similar to Cassandra’s Story (Nov 2, 2008); but fortunately, not quite as severe….
About 2 weeks ago, I discovered my indoor cat had fleas, so being the weekend, I stopped at the drug store, the vet’s office was closed.
The only brand in the store was Hartz, so after reading the label, decided to purchase it to deal with the situation.

The warning on the label states “For External Use on Cats Only. Do not use on kittens less than 12 weeks old”

That warning label led me to falsely believe it was safe for my cat…
My 8 year old, 13 pound healthy female cat “Furby” did not fall into the Hartz (or EPA) “do not use” category.
After applying the drops at the back of the nap(per label instructions), Furby lost her appetite and continuously scratched and licked herself. I attributed this behavior as the result of having fleas….WRONG…she was poisoned by the flea and tick drops!
She lost alot of her long hair and “looked bad”. On Monday evening (November 3), I noticed her twitching; and Tuesday, concerned about her declining condition, my husband called the vet. We were fortunate to get an appointment within 2 hours and brought a tube of medicine with us.

Our vet’s exact words were: “I’m surprise it’s (Hartz) still on the market. I have been expecting for several years now that this product would be off the market”. He mentioned he has seen several cats come into his office in convulsions after using this product!

After finding the website HartzVictims.org, I was shocked, angered and alarmed at the number of reports.
My question to Hartz Management: How can you sleep at night?? You obviously KNOW your products have an adverse reaction to a great number of animals. There’s an unacceptable level of bad reports regarding the chemicals in your products vs. competitor’s products on the market. I will NEVER buy another Hartz product for any of my pets and will make sure all family and friends don’t buy Hartz either.

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