My Dogs are loosing their hair Thanks to Hartz

We purchased Hartz Ultra Guard rid flea and tick shampoo for dogs, and I also bought them(4 of them), new Hartz flea and tick collars. My husband followed the instructions and gave each one a bath, and two days later they all got their new collars. My husband first noticed a rash on his arms then we noticed the dogs were getting a rash and sore spots, Now they are loosing their hair. I have taken those collars off and have bathed them over again with baby shampoo and I am using bag balm on the sore spots. We are not rich, we live on very limited social security checks and our animals are our children. I cannot afford a vet right now, and all I can do is watch them and pray. So far their eating and drinking and still have cool noses.If anyone wants to help join together in a class action lawsuit, please count us in. [email protected] My husband’s rash is slowly going away. This is pretty sad when people count on a product to be helpful, not to destroy. We always used Hartz bird seeds when I ran out of my regular parrot feeds, but never again will anything Hartz come into my house.

Hartz Ultra Flea and Tick drops has left my cat critically ill

My husband applied Hartz Ultra Flea and Tick drops for cats > 5lbs on our 8yo  Blue Point Himalayan Cat Molly Oct 1, unaware of the toxic and possible lethal effects.  He applied the product correctly Oct 1 and noticed Molly was chasing things but did not notice anything else unusual. The next morning he left our cat to go out of town.  He felt the cat was ok but noticed the cat did not eat, drink, or use the litter box the entire evening/morning before he left.  We returned 48 hrs later to a cat that could not walk, eyes twitching rapidly, mouth foaming, and 14 areas of bilious vomit throughout our house.  The litter box, food and water left out for the cat was not touched.  I immediately took the cat to the emergency vet explaining the situation. They repeatedly told me how toxic Hartz Flea and Tick products are for the cat as well as my 4 yo child!!! My cat was kept overnight and given IV fluids as well as IV Meds to control the vomiting. His dx was pyrethroid toxicity (HARTZ product).  It is now OCT 17 and several return vet visits, overnight stays, multiple medications for continuous vomiting, drooling, 2.5 lb weight loss in my 12 lb beautiful cat, lethargy, food aversion, we have been referred to a vet specialists 1.5 hrs away. My cat now has a feeding tube and is fed 4-6 times a day to assist him in regaining his health.  She meows for food and stands around the kitchen but cannot make herself put the food in her mouth.  THIS IS HORRIBLE TO WATCH.  PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS BEFORE THEY BUY THIS PRODUCT. WE DID NOT KNOW THE DANGERS AND PLAN ON SPREADING THE NEWS TO THE LOCAL NEWS, PETCO WHERE WE PURCHASED IT,ETC. We did contact HARTZ and they said there is no way the cat should still be effected by their product this far out. They said they did not know their product caused animal harm but then said most of the animals effected are treated at a vet for 48-72 hrs after application. When asked about this website they would not comment. HARTZ DOES NOT CARE!  THEY WERE NOT WILLING TO HELP ME OUT AT ALL-THEY ONLY WANTED TO PUT BLAME ON US!  I am ashamed to say my vet bill is $3200 but I cannot put a price on my cat’s life.  He has never been ill until this product was applied.

Sergeant’s Gold POISONED my dog !!!

Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs.
I applied this product to my dog as directed, and within hours she was vomiting, foaming at the mouth, drooling and had no control of her legs. I was NOT happy with this product AT ALL. Thank God she is okay now, after calling our vet and doing what she told me to do (bathe in DAWN dishsoap, and then give her fluids and chicken broth). I absolutely WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this product to ANYONE !!!
This was very scary for us and we don’t want anyone else to go through it.

I filed a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and SERGEANT’S. Anyone else who has had problems, PLEASE go to and file a complaint, also. Maybe if enough people do this, someone will stand up and take notice and get this product OFF THE MARKET.

Hartz must be removed from our grocery/drug store shelves!

I was devastated when I got on the internet last night & typed in “cat reacting to flea medicine” & found the HartzVictims website.  I immediately called the Emergency Vet & took Edward, my beautiful 10 yr old cat, to get checked.  After reading the back of the Hartz 4-1 box, we bathed him, but he was still tremoring.  Thankfully, he was only mildly affected & is doing better at home this morning.  I don’t know what I would have done if something worse happened to him.  Thank God it didn’t!

I’d like to help & get the word out better – I HAD NO IDEA that there was a problem with Hartz & it seems to have been going on for many years now.  It isn’t fair that consumers aren’t aware of these issues & I think the FDA needs to make an announcement or recall just as it did with the Chinese Melamine issue.

What can we do to get the word out to places like Target, K-mart and Wal-mart???  I’m willing to help in anyway I can, please let me know.


A Terrible Error in Judgment

I made a terrible error in judgment.  I have used Frontline on my dogs for ticks and fleas for years and years.  Starting back in 1998 with my German Shepherd Sasha.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and Sergeant’s has a flea and tick squeeze on that they said on their display that was similar to veterinary products such as Frontline and Advantage.  It’s called Sergeant’s Gold.   In my mind, I’m thinking that the patent has probably expired and now we can get the product at the grocery store.

I brought it home and squeezed it first on Bella and a few minutes later on Dana.  Dana had problems first.  She started panting, and then twitching, and then became extremely agitated.  Bella rolled around and tried to rub it off, but that is not that unusual.  Now my dogs are both big old Wonder Dogs (we wonder what they are).  Dana could not lie down, her heart was racing and she kept running in circles.  I finally took a wash cloth with some soap and wiped her down.  Next, she volunteered for a bath.  Yes, she was happy to get in the bathtub with me.  I scrubbed her down, but she still was in discomfort.  By now, Bella is starting to show signs of trouble too.  By 10 p.m. Bella was volunteering to get into the bathtub too.

It was a long, miserable night, as neither dog could lie still and rest.  Their skin had obviously absorbed the pesticides and there was no way past it, but through it.  This morning they are almost back to normal.  They are still somewhat distressed and the skin on their backs seems to be really bothering them, but the racing heart and the panting and hyperactivity have subsided.

This is a terrible product.  It needs to be off the market.

Please tell all your dog loving friends and relatives and neighbors, not to be fooled.  This is not a Frontline or Advantage generic.  If my big, athletic wonder dogs are this affected, imagine a small, pedigree sensitive dog.


My name is Cherilyn Johnston. I have a 3 year old pom named lil boy last night about 9:30pm i put seargeants gold flee and tick medicne on him. Within a few hours he was foaming and drooling at the mouth he was panting heavly and acting like he couldnt get cool. To add to that he started not beinh able to stand and his neck started twiching to the left side. I called the animal hospital and they told me to bring him in. He ended up having to stay the night and getting an IV to flush this poision out of his poor body. I have a vet bill of 400 dollars which i belive seargents is more than responsible to pay for. When I called the 1 800 number on the back of the box they told me he didnt need to got to the vet yeah right. he may suffer from the twitch for the rest of his life. I am planning on starting a civil law suit or joining one if there already is one. Please contact me at [email protected] LETS GET THIS POISON Off THE MARKET AND SAVE THESE POOR ANIMALS. Any help will be apperciated I will forward your information to my attorney when i get enough responses.

Hartz Flea and Tick Collar almost killed my cat.

Soon after we moved into our new house, my fiance’s parents came for a visit with their dogs. They live out in the country, so as a precaution I put a flea and tick collar on each of my cats. One cat hates collars and immediately wiggles out of them some how and the other, whom is not so cordinated, was not able to. My female kitty kept taking hers off, so I gave up, but her brother left his on so I didn’t take it off. After a week of wearing the collar, he suddenly and for no appearant cause, fell off the bathroom counter and landed on his face, breaking his two canine teeth and splitting both of his lips. That vet visit cost about $400. The about two weeks after that, he some how got his tail caught in the box sping of the bed, no one was home at the time but we think that it was probably the same sudden, uncordinated fall that got his tail stuck. In trying to free himself, he broke his tail in three places and had to have it removed. That vet bill was $800. After he recovered from each ordeal, I put the collar back on, completely unaware that the sudden falls were because he was he was slowly and painfully being poisioned to death. About two weeks ago he had another fall and then started wobbling all over the place, falling over bumping into walls, and began to loose touch with all that was going on around him. I thought that he was just going through a hard time and would “snap out of it and come around” in a few days, like he had so many time before. I was wrong this time. I came home from work and found him unconscious in a pool of vomit, aspirating it right before my eyes. i rushed him to the vet where a tech just happened to ask whether or not he had a flea collar. I was shocked because I had used the collar specifically per instructions – correct species, correct species weight and age. The vet sent us to Walmart, where I had purchase the collar and I called in the active ingredients and percentages to him over the phone he immediately gave my kitty a heavy dose of Atropine which is the antidote on the box. That vet visit cost me about $500 and the cost is still climbing because we have some follow ups and a few more doses of atropine next week. Right now, my kitty is under my bed on a heating pad, drooling, unable to eat, or drink unless I give him liquids through a syringe, and not capable of crawling more that three feet at a time. Thanks to Hartz flea and tick collar, my cat has no canine teeth and no tail and is still fighting for his life, while my vet bill keeps climbing, all over a $3 toxic collar that has no business being sold.

Warning about Hartz Advanced Care 4 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops Plus+

This story happened about a year and a half ago, but it’s still one I feel compelled to share, so that no one has the scare I did.  I happened upon this site via my city’s Craigslist > Pets page.

I own a Boxer named Patches, and while I was at Home Depot one day, I bought a box of Hartz Advanced Care 4 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops Plus+ because I had been out of her regular flea drops (Frontline).  I put it on her, as directed on the back of the box, starting between her shoulder blades, down to her tail.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the flea drops seemed to sit on top of her coat, as I could still see the wet streak down the middle of her back, but didn’t think it was a big deal.

About 3 weeks later, I woke up one morning to perform our daily routine (she was less than 2 at the time, so still a puppy).  It was about 5 am, and she didn’t seem to be herself; I felt something was horribly wrong.  She was extremely lethargic, and kept dry heaving, and I had NO idea why?  Everything, up until that point, seemed normal in her behavior.  She could not stand on her own and, in attempt to defecate, was too weak to even finish that task.  I started to really panic when I noticed that her gums were extremely white, and she was breathing really heavily, and at an unusually fast pace.

I rushed her to the 24 hour emergency vet.  After checking her in, the tech took her to the back to get her checked out.  After about 15 minutes, he came out and said that he noticed that there was a wet streak going down the length of her back.  He said he wasn’t sure what it was, and I told him that it was Hartz flea drops.  He said that he had bathed her thoroughly, but couldn’t confirm that was the reason for her condition, as it usually has some kind of neurological affect on animals, if they have, in fact, been poisoned.

Either way, she started looking better after that bath; the color came back to her gums, and she seemed to be a lot more energetic than when I found her that morning.  I still have the box of Hartz flea drops from that incident, but I have never used it on her again (obviously).  In fact, I’ve been scared to even use Frontline on her (and had never had a problem with that brand before), and have been really lucky that she hasn’t had issues with fleas, yet.

I truly believe that the Hartz flea drops are what caused her to become sick; she has never become that sick since that happened.  I love my dog, and would not have known what to do had I lost her to something like this!

Hartz ultraguard flea and tick shampoo kills

Yesterday was scary. It started out normal. The only difference was that I had to give Denver, our 10 month old Golden Retriever, a bath because we had taken him to the dog park yesterday. He likes to rub against bushes, and unfortunately other dogs pee on these, leaving us with a pee-flavored doggy.
So… being too cold at the late time in the afternoon to give him a bath, we decided to give him one this morning… unknowingly using HARTZ flea and tick shampoo.  We had put Denver on the deck to dry off and he had started shivering within minutes in the wind.  All too late I discovered that the cold or hypothermia will accelerate the pesticide poisoning, making the soap an incredibly stupid product to invent.  Within an hour after his bath, he began vomiting, only to stop when his stomach was empty. I tried getting him to drink water, and eat ice cubes. To my dismay, those came up too. He didn’t keep anything down all day. He tried to run and play, but within minutes he became very uncomfortable and layed down next to me or my boyfriend and sleept for the next hour.

I bathed him again first thing this morning.  Luckily, he is a large enough animal, and has a good enough immune system.  It seems he is improving, and hopefully won’t be sick again.  I didn’t know anything about this company. I don’t really think about researching a company that makes dog-soap before buying… my biggest thought is getting rid of doggy-stink.

I’m done with this company.  Everyone involved, and everyone who makes profit from this company should be given the same fate they are doling out to pets and their owners.  Something has to be done.  They have to be stopped.  I want to help take these products off the shelf any way possible.  Watch out pet stores… there’s gonna be spills in the shampoo isles.