Phantom’s Story

This afternoon, my boyfriend and I decided to pick up some flea and tick medication for our cats.  We placed the drops on our cats and within minutes, one of our cats was scratching furiously. We tried to stop her while it dried, but to no avail. At this point, we attempted to call Hartz’s 1-800 number, but their office was conveniently closed..So, we turned to the internet.

When we did, we found this site, and its a good thing we did! Phantom was starting to twitch, and we washed her immediately.  We then called the vet, and took her in. (Fortunately, there was a 24hr vet). An hour and a half later, Phantom was released. They had to rewash her, and sedate her, I think they may have given her some medication too..But, wasn’t paying much attention as I was so relieved that she was going to be ok.

The alarming part of it was that the vet told us she has seen MULTIPLE problems with this medication. The chemical in it is a neurotoxin which is why Vet clinics do not sell Hartz medication. She has also seen fatalaties due to this medication.

After all this, I can’t help but wonder how a government that seems to regulate everything in an attempt to make us feel ‘safe’ can’t regulate pet medications. Sure, pets aren’t human, but to those of us that own one, they are like our children. How is it that there has been no lawsuit filed against Hartz, or, has there been? If not, I think that we need to do something! And soon! People who are only trying to do the best for their animal are hurting them. And this in turn hurts those people.

I will tell everyone I know about this, and I hope that you will too. I will also be contacting Hartz in the morning. This company should not be allowed to distribute medication that can have fatal results. How has this product managed to stay on the shelf for as long as it has?

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