My New Kitty

My husband and I picked up the sweetest stray kitty, probably a little over a year old, Saturday night outside of a restaurant.  We have 2 cats at home so naturally wanting to protect them from Mr. New Kitties fleas, I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz flea medicine and put it on all 3 of them.  The new guy slowed down and eventually, literally passed out, dead asleep.  He was literally sleeping so hard, that my other 2 cats were circling, sniffing, and HISSING at him and he didn’t even lift his head…..I had to check if he was breathing.  Being a stray from the street, I concluded that he had a street kitty illness and that I’d take him to the vet first thing in the morning, and I did.  When I told the vet his symptoms and that I had put Hartz Flea medicine on him, she immediately said, we need to bathe him, that is why he is sick.  She proceeded to tell me stories about ceasures and neurological damage Hartz causes and she couldn’t see why it was still on the market!  She wouldn’t neuter him either, for fear he wouldn’t come out of the anesthetic.  Needless to say my other cats both got baths.  I emailed this story out to every one I’ve ever gotten an email address on and I know a lot of them did the same.

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