Beware of Hartz Gold Flea and Tick – Owner had emergency room visit

I am writing to warn everyone against Hartz Gold Flea and Tick.  Recently, I purchased this product as my Vet was closed and I figured to take a short cut, not at good idea.  Immediately after putting the medicine on my two very big boxers they both started getting welps all over their body.  I read the instuctions and followed them about bathing them and figured at that time we were all safe.  Not so!  I sleep with my dogs, and in the middle of the night I woke up with a swollen face and swollen eye.  The medicine even though washed from my dogs had made it’s way to my skin and eyes.  I immediately started googling the product and found that the product is toxic.  I called Hartz poison hotline and I was instructed to go to the emergency room.  $1,000 later, I am begging everyone to stop using this product.  I am not sure why it is still on the market!


Baton Rouge, LA

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  1. You are so right on about this product!!! I purchased the same product yesterday and put it my 14lb Peke exactly as instructed and w/in 20 minutes he started “freaking out” running all over the place, trying desperately to get to his back where I placed the drops, whining like crazy which he has never done in the 8yrs of having him. After googling the product, Hartz Sargent Gold flea and tic medication, discovered how toxic and dangerous this product his and he was definitely having a reaction. I washed him 3 or 4 times w/ Dawn as several people via internet recommended and gave him some Benadryl finally this morning he has calmed down but is still just drained and not himself so hopefully all will be well. But this product NEEDS TO BE PULLED FROM THE SHELVES AND PEOPLE ADVISED OF IT’S DANGERS!!!!

  2. Its on the market because they can sell it to some more unsuspecting petowners & make MONEY.My story goes back a few years, but I found a small shizu dog (sorry can’t remember the spelling). I was unable to find his owner, so kept him. He arrived with a ton of fleas & heartworms. I kept him as an indoor pet & he got along great with my cats. Because he was tiny, the vet suggested a conservative approach – he said treating for heartworms might cause a large die off of worms & clog an artery or something & kill him, so he suggested heartworm preventative shots every few months to prevent getting more & seeing if the worms he had would die off gradually. We’d check his blood before each shot – the hearworms weren’t a lot better, but they weren’t worse either & he seemed ok. (Note: I think the hearworm treatment has improved some since this time) I had this dog for about 3 years. He was really active & walked well on a leash, so we’d walk in our neighborhood (which is bit rural w/a lot of roadside weeds, etc.) My cats were inside only, & the bigger dogs stayed in my fenced yard – everyone was treated w/Advantage or Frontline, which worked ok for them, but the little dog was a flea magnet because he was low to the ground & we walked near weedy areas. I’d used Sargeant’s flea shampoo in the past on my big dogs with no problems, so in total exasperation over the fleas , I decided to try that on the little guy. I was out of Sargeants & bought some, but accidentally picked up the Hartz flea shampoo instead – it was the same color – what a mistake. I shampooed & rinsed him well. It killed every flea, but the next day he started shivering & coughing. My spirited, active, happy little dog disappeared virtually overnight – he was lethargic & kept to leave his bed. We visited the vet two or three times over the next few days, but he died in the night about a week later. Not long after that I read that s-methoprene, a flea killer, should not be given to animals that have heartworms. I got out the shampoo & that is when I realized it was Hartz & that it contained s-methoprene. (The Sargeant’s does not contain that ingredient.) I think it is awful that they can sell that with no warnings. I take as good of care of my pets as I can afford, & would spend my last dime on them. But I know many people can’t or won’t provide heartworm preventatives, & many dogs have hearworms. Some may say, well, they would die of the hearworms sometime anyway, but they don’t need their life cut shorter with a deadly shampoo. I can’t understand how something so potentially lethal is allowed to be marketed in common grocery or drug stores. I truly feel it killed my dog.

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