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  1. what about burning their factory!! .. seriously.. why this page dont come up before THEIR WEBSITE on GOOGLE ? this is really dangerous i think google should know about the poison hartz.

  2. That was really hard to watch. I sent this message to every one I know with the request they forward it on to others. Hopefully someone else will get this message before they use this on their pets.

  3. Oh my God, very sad to see the cats like this 🙁 cry, it hurts me badly.
    I will not use anything on my cats and dog. I will brush ist out and clean up real good. I did that before and got rid of fleas.
    Hope, your cats are doing better now. I’m so sorry also for the cats and dogs that have to sit in a cage and be tested on and die painful.

  4. I cannot believe that there is no lawsuit against this company. This is the country of the lawsuit after all – people sue because of a hot coffee that was too hot! However I don’t see this company getting punished for something much more worthy. Shameful and unbelievable! My cat also got sick with that medicine…she is better now. But I would think that if something is in a grocery store it should be safe and approved of by the entity responsible for these kinds of medicines – needless to say I was wrong!

  5. poor sweet baby…this is horrific and heart wrenching. what can we do? we have to do something!!! i really want to try to do something about this…

  6. My sister just lost her cat due to Hartz on Oct. 20, 2008. She has 2 other cats that also recieved the Hartz one is okay but the other is still at the vets fighting for its life.
    I don’t understand how Hartz can still have such a product on the market. This makes me so angry.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your cat. The video was very upsetting to watch. You should send it to Hartz.

  7. I’m compiling photos, videos, and info for an anti-Hartz video for my animal site. Would I be allowed to use small parts of this in my video? I just don’t think people get the seriousness and danger of this stuff until they actually see what it does.
    My cats were almost killed by it and if I had been thinking straight, I would have got it on camera too!

  8. This exact same twitching and unsteadyness happened when i used Hartz flea and tick spray on my dog Roxy. There was nothing that we could do, and she finally passed away 2 days after using the spray on her. This company needs to start answering some serious questions and be completely investigated in regards to what they are putting in their products.

  9. okay. i use hartz ultraguard pro flea and tick drops for my pets, i dont understand how else to go about it. im currently unemployed and dont really have a choice. i have never seen a reaction with my animals, and im worried i could get one. help!

  10. This happened to my 19 year old cat today he had multiple seizures and was twitching all day long an just slept I didnt even think about the possibility of the flea treatment we put on him the other day until about 6 hours after he had been suffering. Once I found this out I immediatly put him into the bathtub and scrubbed him clean an he is still a little out of it but he is resting and Im starting to see a little bit of my old kitty coming back.. If I EVER see the CEO of Hartz im going to shove an open tube of this shit down his throat and see how he likes it..

  11. We used Hartz ultra guard plus flea & tick drops. Within 1 hour our dog started twiching,drooling,could not stand, without falling to the ground. I laid him in the sink and tried to wash all the drops off his skin. I tried calling the phone # on the box, the # is only good Mon thru Fri. So that was alot of help. Called my vet,couldn’t believe what she said about the product. I thought my dog was dying, today is doing better and able to walk. Thank god. This product should be taken of the market. I will be calling the number on the box tomorrow Monday, when they take calls. You would think they should have a 24 hours hotline number.

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