This crap almost killed my dog

First of all, I want to say FUCK YOU to Julie and the Sargeant’s company.  I will tell everyone I know that has a pet about this and all of your products.  I will be researching how to file a lawsuit and will be contacting my government officials.

My husband put this shit on our dog and we left the house for about 2.5 hours to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  When we returned our dog had vomited all over the house, was foaming at the mouth, her pupils were dilated and she had trouble standing.  We immediately put her in the tub and contacted the fucking idiots at Sergeants.  They were more worried about getting our statistics and trying to convince me it was because she had licked the poison.  During the hour long car ride to emergency care she could not lay still.  They gave her atropine and muscle relaxant and we decided to take her home.  By the time we got home she could not see.  She could only make out shadows and if we moved she would bark until we spoke to let her know it was us.  She was disoriented and didn’t know where she was.  She was finally able to lay down and get some rest at 3:30a.m.  By 7:30 she was able to see again.  She is much better now, but 4 days later she is still scratching and her skin is still irritated from where that shit was on her.

The vet and everyone at the office said that this shit should not be allowed to be sold.

We had a memorable 25th wedding anniversary thanks to Sargeant’s.  Again, FUCK YOU Julie.

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  1. I have 2 Schnauzers that are my world! 1 ended up throwing up after having this Hartz application & the other ended up in a severe seizure & in the vet. Now my CJ is a totally different dog that does not hear anymore because the damn seizure was so BAD, he has lost his sense of training in the house & he just lays around unhappy. The Vet called into the caompany to report the incident and of course their words were “they didn’t feel that the product could have caused this”. But needless to say since it was reported they did give a case number. Then I went back to WalMart to ask for my money back & the girl there was going to be a bitch about that! So I showed her the vet bill & asked for the Manager. I explained to him I wanted my lousy $11.22 back that sent me to the vet to spend a couple of hundred of dollars & now I had a deaf dog out of the 2 precious animals I had due to a severe seizure from HARTZ!!! I will no longer purchase their brands or anything from China as well. That night while CJ had that seizure I had to watch him suffer & I couldn’t do anything to help him and to hear some asshole say “our product couldn’t have done that” BUT I had 2 animals to get sick the same day!!!

  2. Hello Ruby Tuesday’s Mom,
    Understand your feelings, been through it with two Pugs…
    So Sorry you had to experience it. Second all your Emotions…Words and Feelings.

    It is hard for us Sufferers because we know that Julie and Company witness all our cases…
    We know Sergeant’s President has access to volume more cases logged on their 800 number Call Center database. We know this is going to happen to another innocent pet and parent.

    Sergeant knowingly produces a product that causes turmoil for pets and pet parents then makes a financial profit off of our suffering. What does not register with Sergeant’s President is that just one pet suffering is too much.

    I feel like I am watching a train wreck about to happen and have no way of warning innocent passengers. The conductor keeps selling deadly tickets.

    So Sorry for your suffering,
    Lorraine a forever Sergeant’s Sufferer

  3. I’m trying to do my part to warn the public by forward an email about this crap.. Please do the same!!!! these poor animals need our attention to this horrible suffering!

  4. I just used Sergeant’s Gold on my little pomeranian last night. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! He was up the entire night drooling all over, itching, scratching, shaking, and crying, even after I washed the stuff off with dish soap. I took him to the vet early this morning and where they gave him an atropine shot and kept him there for half the day. THANK GOD he seems to be ok now. I am shocked that Wal-Mart sells this shit! I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry, but I’m just glad his reaction wasn’t worse after all the horror about Sergeant’s there are online. I thought he might die. So I fully agree with you. If I had the means to sue them I would in a second. FUCK YOU, Sergeant’s!

  5. Well Jane, my dog nearly died from this poison. I was rather upset when I wrote this, especially after seeing so many other animals that have suffered and the company is even aware of it!!! This idiot Julie and her company is only concerned about their bottom line.

    Your incorrect use of the English language makes YOU appear IGNORANT!

  6. Sergeant’s is horrible! I have filed a complaint with BBB …. I dont know what else I can do but my dog suffered horribly yesterday 12/08/2008 ….All the above described exactly how he was reacting!!!!!

    I gave my dog, Weber a bath and dried him and put the stuff on this neck/back as instructed. I left for school (I’m a teacher) and when I came home his whole entire neck and face were wet. He was drooling,foaming, panting, and shaking and he had, had an accident inside (1 and 2 which he has not done in four years! It was as if he had lost control of his function) It was NOT good! I tried to get him in the bath to rinse him off and he screamed and cried because he was hurting. I wrapped him in towel and took him straight to the Vet. He was also kicking his back legs last night like a horse even after we finally got him home from the Vet 5 hours later!!! I can NOT believe there is this many complaints and that no one has done anything to these people!!!! Someone in this company has got to have a heart!!!! Our dogs and cats are not test animals! The are loved and adored! It is crazy for this stuff to be on the market and the warning lables are insufficiant! I certainly would not have made a choice to buy this product if I had any idea it could hurt my little maltese! Where is your heart HARTZ and Sergeant’s?????? Why would you allow this kind of torture of small pets to continue?!!!!

  7. I can not understand why this poison is on the market. I made my most loyal pet deathly sick by trying to help him.Three days after putting Hartz Ultra Guard flea,tick drops on my 14 yr old rott/lab he became sick . He had no control of his body,severe tremers,fomeing at mouth,I thought he would die before we got him to the vet er.They kept him over night giving him iv meds.he is still not out of the woods.It was very costly but Forest is part of the family and we love him as much as he loves us.This company needs to be put out of business.Please everyone dont buy these products dont let them kill our family members and get away with it.

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