The Hartz operator didn’t even care!

I was trying to help my dog by using the sergeant’s gold flea & tick squeeze on her to prevent her from being harmed by fleas…  Little did I know that my poor baby, who is a two year old Chipin, would suffer the way she did.  Yhanna, my dearest dog, started jumping sporadically. At first I misunderstood and thought she just wanted to play. Soon after these symptoms started occurring Yhanna started to vomit. She puked well over twenty times. I felt so terrible; I didn’t know what to do.  I googled the symptoms she was having and I came across this website.  I really wish I had found this website before this terrible night came upon us!  Yhanna was in such distress, we finally got a hold of a local vet and she talked me thru this catastrophe.  I gave my baby multiple baths with Palmolive dish soap and I rinsed her skin thoroughly and kept her as warm as possible. My dog is feeling somewhat better but she is still acting very strange, she is still having some problems with itching but it has calmed down considerably. I feel terrible for putting her through this!  These worst of the symptoms subsided in about 6-7 hours. I was up until 5 am comforting my poor dog, and the Hartz’s operator did not care at all that my dog was going through this horrific event. I will tell every pet owner that I know NOT to use this misleading, pet killing product!  How can these people not care?!?! So please, pass on the word to all of your friends who own pets because it could be worse. There have been countless deaths caused by this product, don’t let it be a puppy that you know!

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