My Dogs are loosing their hair Thanks to Hartz

We purchased Hartz Ultra Guard rid flea and tick shampoo for dogs, and I also bought them(4 of them), new Hartz flea and tick collars. My husband followed the instructions and gave each one a bath, and two days later they all got their new collars. My husband first noticed a rash on his arms then we noticed the dogs were getting a rash and sore spots, Now they are loosing their hair. I have taken those collars off and have bathed them over again with baby shampoo and I am using bag balm on the sore spots. We are not rich, we live on very limited social security checks and our animals are our children. I cannot afford a vet right now, and all I can do is watch them and pray. So far their eating and drinking and still have cool noses.If anyone wants to help join together in a class action lawsuit, please count us in. [email protected] My husband’s rash is slowly going away. This is pretty sad when people count on a product to be helpful, not to destroy. We always used Hartz bird seeds when I ran out of my regular parrot feeds, but never again will anything Hartz come into my house.

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