Hartz Ultra Flea and Tick drops has left my cat critically ill

My husband applied Hartz Ultra Flea and Tick drops for cats > 5lbs on our 8yo  Blue Point Himalayan Cat Molly Oct 1, unaware of the toxic and possible lethal effects.  He applied the product correctly Oct 1 and noticed Molly was chasing things but did not notice anything else unusual. The next morning he left our cat to go out of town.  He felt the cat was ok but noticed the cat did not eat, drink, or use the litter box the entire evening/morning before he left.  We returned 48 hrs later to a cat that could not walk, eyes twitching rapidly, mouth foaming, and 14 areas of bilious vomit throughout our house.  The litter box, food and water left out for the cat was not touched.  I immediately took the cat to the emergency vet explaining the situation. They repeatedly told me how toxic Hartz Flea and Tick products are for the cat as well as my 4 yo child!!! My cat was kept overnight and given IV fluids as well as IV Meds to control the vomiting. His dx was pyrethroid toxicity (HARTZ product).  It is now OCT 17 and several return vet visits, overnight stays, multiple medications for continuous vomiting, drooling, 2.5 lb weight loss in my 12 lb beautiful cat, lethargy, food aversion, we have been referred to a vet specialists 1.5 hrs away. My cat now has a feeding tube and is fed 4-6 times a day to assist him in regaining his health.  She meows for food and stands around the kitchen but cannot make herself put the food in her mouth.  THIS IS HORRIBLE TO WATCH.  PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS BEFORE THEY BUY THIS PRODUCT. WE DID NOT KNOW THE DANGERS AND PLAN ON SPREADING THE NEWS TO THE LOCAL NEWS, PETCO WHERE WE PURCHASED IT,ETC. We did contact HARTZ and they said there is no way the cat should still be effected by their product this far out. They said they did not know their product caused animal harm but then said most of the animals effected are treated at a vet for 48-72 hrs after application. When asked about this website they would not comment. HARTZ DOES NOT CARE!  THEY WERE NOT WILLING TO HELP ME OUT AT ALL-THEY ONLY WANTED TO PUT BLAME ON US!  I am ashamed to say my vet bill is $3200 but I cannot put a price on my cat’s life.  He has never been ill until this product was applied.

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  1. Do NOT USE THIS product. My fiance brought it home to put on our 3yr old cat and 6 month old kitten. It really caused problems with our kitten, very tired and lethargic. Luckily severe problems did not occur. It appears that dogs really have a horrible reaction with this. It was very weird, I started getting sick at work the day my fiance put this on the cats. I just left work and it was a good thing that I did. I wish that I would have looked into this before my fiance took it upon himself. I am always leary about things that are OTC, especially for animals. I trusted my fiance being a science major that he read up on this. I talked to my vet and they said that this medicine was concentrated flea spray that is extremely dangerous. I too would like to join the quest in getting this off of our counters. It should be illegal. Just because its an animal does not mean that they don’t count. Thanks for this site.

  2. the blame lies completely with the hartz company, no doubt about that. i just wanted to point out that you have learned an important lesson (the extremely heart breaking and expensive way): always stay with your pet for at least 24 hrs when giving him/her any type of new medicine or product. ideally if i have any new meds, i give it to my little ones on a weekend when i can stay with them. if that’s impossible, i make sure my mother-in-law checks on them while i’m working.

    believe me, i’m not trying to make you feel bad – this IS NOT YOUR FAULT, of course it’s not. i just want to make people aware. our babies depend on us to look out for them, so you really can’t trust any new product that your pet hasn’t had before. even if it’s considered a “safe” one from your vet, you never know because your baby might be allergic. it is our job to advocate for the ones who cannot speak for themselves…

  3. I need iformation urgently for my cat

    I live in Israel. In one of her trips to US, my wife bought Hartz Advanced Cure Flea & Tick Drop Plus PLus. I used it on my Cat”s Neck. She was fine until few days ago and since three days ago stopped eating and drinkink (a few days before that I felt that she feels heavy) and aslo vomitting. She is now at the hospital. My Her doctor thinks that after such amount of time this can not be related to the product but he sayd that you never know. I need your halp. Please send me the name and the telephone number of your cat/dog doctors so can he contact them.

    I also have a US phone number over web. It is 646-546 5252. It counts as a local call for you.

    Thank you for your help


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