Cachou and Lynx react horribly to Hartz 3-in-1

Bonjour, je suis d√©sol√© mais je n’√©crit malheureusement pas Anglais.J’ai tout lu vos histoire et moi √©galement j’ai la mienne √† racont√©e.Avant-hier, mes deux chats ont recu un traitement anti-puces Hartz 3-1.Quelques heures √† peine et le mal √©tait d√©j√† fait.Mes deux chats ont eu des r√©actions, ils bavaient beaucoup et ont eu des √©tourdissements pour ensuite convulsionner pour finalement tomber compl√®tement l√©targique.Actuellement ils sont chez le v√©t√©rinaires et ont recu deux injection de valium et plac√© sous solut√©.La facture atteint 300$ mais ils ne sont toujours pas certains du pronostique.

Je vous tiens au courant de tout évolution du dossier.

Merci de m’avoir √©couter ūüôĀ

Voyez le lien o√Ļ vous pourrez voir les vid√©os de deux pauvres b√™tes soufrantes took the liberty of translating the post above as best Google Translate could do:

Hello, I’m sorry but I write Anglais.J unfortunately not got any read your story and I also I have mine to racont√©e.Avant yesterday, my two cats have received anti-Hartz flea 3-1 . Few hours and the damage was already fait.Mes two cats have reactions, they bavaient lot and have to then convulsionner dizziness finally fall completely l√©targique.Actuellement they are among the veterinary and have received two injections of Valium and placed under solut√©.La bill reached $ 300 but they are still unsure of the prognosis.

I wish you aware of any developments.

Thank you listen to me: (

See the link where you can see videos of two poor animals suffering

One thought on “Cachou and Lynx react horribly to Hartz 3-in-1”

  1. Hi HartzVictims.

    My sister posted this story. She asked me to translate it in english.
    Also, there is a new link for the video.

    Please update the thread.

    Here is the translation :

    Hi. I read all your stories as I also have one to tell. Before yesterday, I gived to my two cat an anti-flea treatment Hartz 3-1. After some hours, the damage was done. My two cat got intensive reaction. They were drooling and they were stunned. They also convulse to eventually become completely lethargic.
    At the moment, one is dead and the other one is still at the veterinary. They both received two injections of Valium and both have been placed under fluid. The invoice is now $300, but it’s not over.

    I’ll get you some news as soon as I can.

    Thank you for listening to me.

    Here is a link where you can see a videos of them before going to veterinary :

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