My name is Cherilyn Johnston. I have a 3 year old pom named lil boy last night about 9:30pm i put seargeants gold flee and tick medicne on him. Within a few hours he was foaming and drooling at the mouth he was panting heavly and acting like he couldnt get cool. To add to that he started not beinh able to stand and his neck started twiching to the left side. I called the animal hospital and they told me to bring him in. He ended up having to stay the night and getting an IV to flush this poision out of his poor body. I have a vet bill of 400 dollars which i belive seargents is more than responsible to pay for. When I called the 1 800 number on the back of the box they told me he didnt need to got to the vet yeah right. he may suffer from the twitch for the rest of his life. I am planning on starting a civil law suit or joining one if there already is one. Please contact me at [email protected] LETS GET THIS POISON Off THE MARKET AND SAVE THESE POOR ANIMALS. Any help will be apperciated I will forward your information to my attorney when i get enough responses.

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  1. ..I would hoghly recommend you call the 800 number back and audio record it-talk to rep then manager-in canada were allowed to tape as long as we are part of the conversation-makes for great evidence…from companies ect that go into protectionist mode when we stand up to well.m.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your dog! I am happy i did some research on these Hartz products. I bought the flea and tick drops for my 12 wk old puppy and I did not put them on him THANK GOD!!! something told me they were to cheap to be a good product. I will def be sticking to Frontline! I hope everything goes well with your situations.

    Best of luck


  3. yesterday I put sergeants flea meds on my 6 year old german shephard. She was outside and we began to hear noises otside. we walked outside to see our baby laying on the ground unable to move, drooling, panting very hard. I called the vet they told me to wash the flea control off her. my three children and I began to wash her back over and over until we felt no sign of it. with in 20 mins. she began to show signs of comming out of this scary, sad mess. I cant beleave that I put this on my beloved pet, I feel so bad. we sat up all night with her and is doing better. (this lasted almost 2 hours) how do we stop this?

  4. Hello my name is Sue and I am very heartbroken right now. 2 days ago I put Sergeants Natures Gaurdian Flea spray on my 5 1/2 month old kittens. I have 5 of them that I have rescued from an abusive home. I had bought this product because it claims to be natural and not harm children or animals. Well the morning after I applied the product 1 of the kittens started acting ill, he was not eating or drinking, he was very lethargic and tired. If you touched him he seemed to be hurting. So I called the 800 number on the bottle. The woman seemed concerned and told me to try to seduce him with some tuna juice to get him to eat, bathe him with dish soap to remove the product and if he didnt get any better then to call the vet the next day. In the mean time another of the kittens started to act the same way and my concern grew. I got up this morning and the 1st kitten was very very weak and had started to urinate on himself, I immediately called the Vet and as I was waiting for her to call me back (since it was 5 am) he passed on in my arms, he started gasping for breath and just passed. I brought him and the other sick cat to the Vet and found that he had passed due to the toxins in the product causing his liver and kidneys to fail. As for the other cat, he was already in kidney failure and there was nothing we could do for him. He had so many toxins in his kidneys that they had traveled to his brain and he had no idea of anything around him. I was given the choice of having a cathiter put in to try and flush the toxins (which they gave a 25% chance of working) or putting him to sleep and letting him pass peacefully. So I held him in my arms and sang to him for about 20 min. and then the Vet came in and gave him a shot that put him to sleep with no pain. Now he is with his little brother and hopefully they will forgive me for putting that nasty crap on that I thought was gonna help and instead killed them both. So not only am I hearbroken over losing 2 cats in 1 day but I had to pay almost $400 because of this “Natural” flea and tick spray. I can not stop crying knowing that if I hadnt put that on them then they would still be here playing and loving as they always did before.

  5. Its unfortunate when things like this happen. However, every product containing chemicals have side effects, I am sure there are warnings on the box, or the insert that came with the product. The same is true with human medications and topicals.

    Its unfortunate that you have decided to sue a company which has been in business for many many years because of your dogs reaction to their products.

    In my opinion, no chemicals should be put on any living being without a veternarian’s blessings. Unfortunately there are those that try to cut financial corners and apply cheaper versions of products to avoid the time and cost of getting proper care for their pets. Many buy a stronger dosage, meant for animals larger than the one they own, thinking that it will work faster or better.

    Anything that is put on the body of an animal in an area that they can reach with their mouth is going to get licked off. The result is comsumption.

    Would you allow your dog to consume pesticide?? Well, basically you did. Your dog suffered a reaction that was probably listed in the side effects section of the product description.

    This is not the fault of Hartz or Sergeants. There are warnings all over their website, and packages.

  6. Hi Cherilyn,

    First I want to introduce myself. My name is Julie and I am an online community relations liaison representing Sergeant’s. I am very sorry to read about Lil Boy’s experience and want to offer you further assistance at this time.

    I recommend you call the 24-hour hotline once again at 800-224-7387. I recommend you call for a couple of reasons. First, Sergeant’s takes this matter very seriously and wants to make sure Lil Boy is feeling better and healthy today. They will also want to gather more information in order to investigate your case further. When you contact the hotline again, Sergeant’s can speak with you about vet bill compensation. Sergeant’s does understand your anger, as it is always upsetting to see loved ones in such a state. This is why I strongly encourage you follow-up once again, as Sergeant’s does take this matter extremely seriously and wants to help you.

    Lastly, I want to let you know that Sergeant’s has an online resource available that all pet owners should be aware of. This resource is not only useful for those with questions on the application of flea and tick medication, but also provides tips and information on flea and ticks that can be very helpful:

    Again, I’m very sorry to read about Lil’ Boy’s experience. Please do follow-up with Sergeant’s again. If I can personally be of further assistance at this time, please do not hesitate to let me know.

    All the best,
    Julie and The Sergeant’s Team

  7. Sergeants killed my cat and has been doing this for years. Julie I am glad I don’t have your job, the Fall guy. I couldn’t sleep at night. Pyrethrins is dangerous and disclaimers are ridiculous. It must come off of the shelves. There is no discussion. No amount of money for hospital bills can help. It needs to be gone.

  8. I put biospot on all 3 of my animals. My female cat foamed at the mouth, and I gave her a lot of water and she stopped, I also washed the biospot off with a wet washrag.

    A few days later, my boy cat started dropping weight rapidly. Would not eat. 2 months later he was jaundiced. I did not have the money to take him to the vet. We decided not to a pay a bill to take him and the doctor wanted me to take him to a pet hospital which I cannot afford to do. So he gave me steroids and antibiotic and some vitamin supplement to try and get him eating again. We had to force feed him which was horrible for the both of us. Shortly after that, he died in my arms of, I am only assuming, liver failure.

    I really think it was the biospot.

  9. Well for starters you are not alone. I bought
    Sergeant’s gold on September 13. 2008 and put in on my
    Chow that night. The next morning she was pantting
    very hard, was incohearent and couldn’t stand-walk!! I
    called the number on the box and waited forever with
    no answer. So I called a vet hospital and was told to
    wash the product off and get her to a hospital NOW.
    She had to stay the night get a shot and have a Ivy
    and a catheter in her.Was told she could end up
    haveing a seizure, other problems and in some cases
    death. Well now I’m stuck paying a $300-and something
    bill. THIS PRODUCT SHOULDN’T BE SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I bought Sergeant’s for the last dosage of the year before the frost hit thinking that it wouldn’t be as strong but it would protect my dogs til the end of the summer. Of the four dogs that I put it on, three of them got sick. They did not lick it, but it was absorbed through their skin. One of them had to be taken to the vet for chemical-type “burns” on his shoulder where I had placed the product. I called the 800 number and they told me to wash with dish detergent. I threw the rest away and have told everyone I know not to use this product.

  11. I sympathize with all of you to a small degree but wish to pose the following question to those wishing to file suit with these companies. If your pets are so important to you and are treated like family, Why, at the expense of your pets health, use these products to save a few dollars? All topical flea and tick medications have side effects to a certain degree but it is extremely rare to have any of the side effects mentioned here in products such as Frontline,Advantage,or K9 Advantix. The products were purchased by you,on behalf of your pet and in an attempt to save money, you sacrificed your pets well being and some cases killed them. You truly do get what you pay for when it comes to these types of medications and although sympathetic to you all, do not understand why you would not research these products before using them on your pet. Honestly, who is really at fault here? Sergeants for using chemicals that have been around for decades or the consumer for jeopardizing their pets health by not properly researching topical pesticides prior to use?


  13. Response to Eric’s question/assumption on 10-29-08 that we bought Sergeant’s Gold to save money at the risk of our pets health. Bottom line: We bought this product for the end result of getting rid of fleas not to save money.

    Sympathy from Eric, Julie or Bob brings no comfort to a Sergeant’s Gold or SentryPro XFC Reaction Sufferer. Have found that only sufferers can relate to this tragic experience and understand the horror of watching your pets/love ones in agony for days. We all trusted Walmart, Pets Mart and Sergeant’s image/products, We were promised dead fleas not near death of our loved ones.

    We all shared false confidence in a products put in the market by a company who states on their web site:


    Sergeant’s has been a leader in the pet industry for over one hundred years, earning pet lover’s trust with quality products from day one.

    “Our mission is to enrich human-pet relationships and the lives of pets by providing exciting, effective and innovative pet care products and services.”


    We purchased a product that promised to get rid of fleas instead we were thrown into a horrific event. Something is seriously wrong with Sergeant’s Products (Sergeant’s Gold and SentryPro XFC) evident alone in the 918,000 Google hits for “Sergeant Gold Reaction.” Or just look at this web site…see that Sergeant’s Reactions own the most comments section. Sergeant’s attempt to rush and release an innovative product to gain market share from Frontline is being done at the cost of their customers. Their phones are ringing off the hook with adverse reactions; instead of taking corrective action by taking this product off the shelves they continue to reap revenue/profits off of innocent pet parents.

    To your point regarding researching before using this product, would like to offer the same advice to you. Please Google “Sergeant Gold Reaction” and research all the sufferers as the result of this product. Read and understand the volume of reactions/cruelty/deaths and develop some empathy and compassion rather then offering general advice that does not apply to this situation.

    Lorraine a forever Sergeant Sufferer

  14. I have just had the experience with Sergeant’s Gold squeeze-on as you all have had. Hypersalivation in pools, extreme mood change and severe irritation, etc. I won’t go into details, but want to say a few things about this. If this were baby food or some child medicine it would be pulled immediately from the shelves. I am having thoughts that there is a correlation between having toxic chemicals available so that you are forced into the vet’s office.

    If veterinarians from all over the country have witnessed these things terrible reactions and haven’t mobilized to ban these products or strongly inform the pet caretakers for the safety of animals, then it seems like they have an ulterior motive. For them to NOT do everything they can to stop this product from being marketed to an uninformed public (and they and their professional veterinary organizations have much more muscle then individual posters on a blog), then it seems like they prefer the increase in office visits over an all-out boycott of certain chemical treatments.

    Add this to the thought that the pharmaceutical companies making the very expensive brands and the vets carrying their very expensive products are wishing you would buy their products, and having an excessively toxic product available to create the ruckus that takes you running to their doors and giving them your cash (or credit) and get you on the program that keeps giving them money every month / quarter / year.

    Is prescription flea medicine available over the counter? No. Because the concern of your pet is not nearly as great as their concern of having you give them little pieces of green paper on a regular basis.

    Flea and tick management is a seasonal boon to the books of businesses (and your vet is a business first and a civic minded person second). If vets actually cared for your pets (and yes, there are a loving few that heal and prevent illness rather than collect green paper as their primary function), then THEY would contact YOU with this information, put this information in a mailer, on their invoices, made leaflets available and would have banded together with the other vets in town to inform those who love animals. And since my dogs can’t read or get on the internet or socialize with many other dogs across the US or abroad, then they depend on their owners and care providers to keep this poison off of their bodies. There are other dogs who only have minor or no reactions to the treatments, but there are simply way too many cases to not take some humanitarian (and animaltarian) action for the common good.

    The relation that I see is that you have to deal with the millenia-old insect infestation problem on planet Earth and if you utilize profit-only-oriented solution providers, then you have to take an ugly risk when you trust that they truly have you and your pet’s best interests at heart (even though vets take care of problems when they arise does not mean they truly care about your animal) and that relationship is solidified when you give them the green pieces of paper. If you paid in potatoes or chickens, they they would want the highest quality medium of exchange, as you would expect from them with their advice. Get my point?

    Thanks to all who are taking the time to speak of their issues and are informing others in their sharing. The internet is great, isn’t it? (Any truly concerned vets want to comment on what actions they have taken personally to inform the people they rely upon for your livelyhood about this issue?)

    Instead of it being a flea and tick problem, it should be referred to as a fleece and trick problem?

    Keep that poison off the animal friends!


  15. I have an 11 month old Male Maltese, who was very happy,healthy,fearless and full of life,until I used Sargeant’s Gold for fleas and ticks. (The fleas in our area have been extremely bad this year and Frontline and a few others did not work at all from the vets office, who even agreed with me and were trying new products when I called.)
    I went to Walmart and purchased Sargeant’s because I recognized the name and felt it must be safe if it is on the shelf and in Walmart…not because of the price. I spend more money on my pure bred pet, because he is more than just a pet! He was an expensive gift to me from a dear friend for company and security and he gave me a lot more than that. I put the application on his neck and back at around 11:30am one day. Within a half hour or so, he started crying,shaking,scratching,drooling and running in circles like he didn’t know what to do. I went through the whole house, checking to see if he could have gotten into trash or something and didn’t see any evidence. It took me about a half hour or so before it hit me that it might just be what I put on him. I still couldn’t believe that could have done it, because I’ve used other products and he never reacted to them.
    I decided to call the vet’s office and ask if it was possible for the flea med to cause any kind of reaction to an animal in this way. she said to wash him off immediately and bring him by the office. By then he was dripping wet,foaming at the mouth,jerking,shaking,breathing hard and fast,couldn’t see,his whole nervous system seemed like he had no control.They put him in a medicated bath,gave him a shot and said he should be ok by that afternoon. Well, he wasn’t ok. I was up all day and night trying to keep him from scratching himself raw. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything and was having what looked like seizures. I finally called another vet’s office at 1:30am and she said to give him some Bendryl if I had any…which I didn’t.She said Maltese dogs are just sensitive. Unbelievable! I washed him off 2 more times,which cooled him down a little, but didn’t help.It tore my heart out every minute he was suffering. I had to hold him and massage him to keep him alive or so it seemed. It has been another whole day and evening and he still isn’t acting right. I did not see any big warnings on the package and had no idea how strong or harmful it could be to a dog.I also think the vet’s office should warn owners about these products. I am contacting the company about the problem and do expect results!This adorable blessing in my life is another victim of monetary greed.He will never be the same again. We are not through with this one!

  16. Hey everyone. I used Sergeants Gold flea drops on Poo yesterday and we ended up going to the emergency pet clinic at 11:00 last night. An hour or so after I applied it, I noticed her eye was closing, but she had been rough housing with George and I thought maybe she just had something in it. Then she became very agitated, would try to lay down but would jump right back up. I called the clinic, they told me to bring her in. By the time we got there, she was having involuntary movement of her leg and her eye was getting worse.

    She was diagnosed with a toxic reaction to the flea drops. They told me they have tons of cases like this from Hartz and Sergeants Gold flea products. This morning, I researched it online and sure enough, there have been attempted law suits, but yet the product still remains on the shelves. Also, by what I read, it’s more likely to harm cats than dogs.


    They had to give Poo a detox bath as soon as we got there and she had to stay overnight so she could get a fluid IV to flush it out. We were lucky with only a $312 vet bill, a lot of people lost their pets because of this product. I just called to check on her and she is eating and drinking, so hopefully, she will be fine.

    I will gladly join any battle to get this off the market!

    Spread the word to all 4 legged animal lovers!

  17. In response to Mary- your post makes all of us liars, as you say, any reaction would be on the box or insert ( yes any responsible company would do that- but not this one). Well, the insert is a couple of calendar labels and the back of the box just mentions a sensitivity could occur that’s all no other side effects are listed. Apparently you have never used the product since you have never read the back of the box nor seem to know what you are talking about. Sounds to me like you are trying to protect someone else instead of the consumer here.

  18. My 2 yr old Husky/samoyed mix had a almost word for word similar reaction within 5 hours of use of the sargents gold. After an emergency trip to the Night Vet, $202.00, 0.2 mg Atropine and 65mg benadryl and 3 baths my husky has returned to normal. Please keep me informed on any class action suits for this product, I am willing to join as a named complaintant.

    Leonard K

  19. Me and my husband are animal lovers. We have ten dogs in the house. They are all different sizes. We decided to use the sergeants gold and within an hour all of our dogs were acting crazy. Two of them had swollen eyes. They were all panting, crying, itching, rubbing their bodies on the floor, and foaming at the mouth. I decided to look on the internet to see what I could find out. I could not believe all the stories I read. My dogs mean the world to me and if something happened to them I would not know what to do. We got all the dogs and gave them a bath in dawn dish soap. They are still running around and itchung all over. I wished that I would have got online and read before I bought that stuff. I will never use it again and I hope that they will take it off the shelves soon.

  20. Just to speak up here as well…

    I just administered Zodiac Flea and Tick Powder to my 6yr old cat, and low an behold, he instantly started foaming at the mouth and sneezing. I quickly called the poison control and they said to wash him up and make sure he drink water.

    He seems to be fine, as I caught this quickly and had washed him off fast.

    This stuff is a rip off, DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR ANIMAL.

  21. I bought Sergeant’s Gold for my 1 1/2 year old puggle, Penny, yesterday. We put it on her last night at about 9:30p.m. At 1 a.m she started scratching and shaking all over. She then started vomiting a clear liquid. We finally realized this must be a reaction to the medicine so we gave her a bath. We waited sometime and she still was scratching and rolling around as if something was on her. We called the emergency vet and they said to give her a bath. I decided to look on the internet to see if there was anything else we could do. That’s when I found all the sites where people were talking about their animals’ horrible reactions to this medication. I found out we should use dish detergent to bath her so we did and this seemed to help a little. We still had to stay awake with her all night because the only time she seemed to find any relief was when we constantly pet her. By 9 am this morning she had swelling all over the area of application. We called our vet as soon as they opened and they told us to bring her in immediately. Our vet said the bath helped alot but some of the medication still got into her bloodstream. They are keeping Penny for a few hours to monitor her, check bloodwork and to give her iv fluids. I can not understand how such adverse reactions in animals can go unnoticed and these products are still on the shelves! Hopefully Penny will be able to come home in a few hours and not have any damage from this product.

  22. In responce to Mary’s comment:

    Yes of course there are side effect warnings. The box mentions it is not for cats, not to be ingested, for external use only, and says “Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product on pets”. The box fails to mention how extreme these side effects may be. No where did it say my dog may scratch herself raw nor start vomitting.

    You may think it is sad to sue a company that has been in business for so many years because of a pet’s reaction. I think it is even sadder that a company in business for so many years could fail to adequately warn consumers of adverse reactions. I think it is even worse that there are so many stories of people’s pets having harm done by a product believed to be safe because it is on store shelves.

    As far as putting products on an animal only with a vet’s blessing, people have it for flea and tick medications. Vet’s recommend them all the time. What should the price matter especially from a trustworthy company that’s been in business for years?

    Yes there are warnings about consumption but there were no warnings about the potential side effects of just applying the medication. My dog got sick just by having it applied. She never ingested it.

    Yes they have warnings on the packages and websites but there are never any metion of the extreme reactions just from mere application. These are not just rare isolated cases either there are thousands upon thousands dating back years to the present day. How can these products still be considered safe and allowed to be sold especially without adequate warnings.

    You should do your research before speaking about something you know nothing about nor had any experience with!

  23. My dog had Sergeant Golds put on her last night and she had all the symptoms I have read about!! It’s 4:30am now and she is finally falling to sleep after two baths and a Benadryl. I am ready to do something to get this off the shelves! Let me know if anyone already has something already rolling, if not I plan on doing something.

  24. I like many others are looking for where I could possibly join a lawsuit against this company. On Thursday I purchased sergeant gold for my 2 year old chihuahua mix. I’ve dealt with flea and tick medication before so I applied it properly. The next morning, my dog was twitching his ears constantly, shaking his head a lot, twitching his hind right leg and biting at the twitching leg. He also had an elevated heart rate. I had no idea what it was at first, I thought he might have had an ear infection since his ears were twitching. Then I googled the flea medication since that was the only thing i could think of that i did differently with him recently, and sure enough I find millions of postings like this! I quickly took him several baths, forced him to drink a lot of water, and gave him a teaspoon of honey to help calm him down. This morning I gave him another bath and the symptoms are finally starting to go away. He has stopped twitching his leg and he has stopped biting his leg. He still twitches his ear and shakes his head occasionally, but it’s becoming fewer and farther between. No one should go through this terrifying experience. My dog looks like he’s going to be fine, but those are severe symptoms that should be addressed on the label. Dog medication should have the same standards as human medication. If a pill could possibly give me a stroke, a company MUST say so not just vaguely say “side effects may occur”. Please, if anyone has taken any action towards this I would like to whole heartedly participate to help get this poison off of shelves and keep unsuspecting dog owners from accidentally poisoning their dogs.

  25. Our dog, a sweet, mild-mannered Havanese named Cosmo, was still having fleas after using Topline for an extended period of time. The decision to try Sergeant’s Gold was not, as Eric suggested with unbelievable insensitivity, to save money. The decision was made because our vet suggested trying an OTC flea powder before going to an oral solution, and because Sergeants and Hartz are brands that have spent a lot of money on marketing and research telling us they can be trusted, and we believed them.

    Within a few hours of giving Cosmo a small dose of Gold, he began to display bizarre symptoms of constant panting, scratching, crying and jerking around as though hallucinating. By that night he was in such agonizing pain that we took him to the emergency clinic where he was given a steroid, an antihistamine and a sedative. Even with that treatment, and with us giving him baths with dish soap, we were up for two days and two nights as he cried constantly for 18 hours straight and tried to bite or scratch at every burning sensation on his body. Only after about 72 hours did he begin to ease out of the agony.

    For Julie, the Hartz’s representative, to come on this board and suggest that we visit a URL with the title “read the label,” or for poster Mary to suggest we were all warned, is unconscionable and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    FDA requirements state that only if an extremely rare and small percentage of side effects or toxic poisoning are possible, a warning label is required. FDA standards also state that if the incident rate is higher, this must be stated clearly.

    By evidence of the tens of thousands of posts online it is clear this is more than a rare chance of a side effect or poisoning. And it’s a safe guess that there are probably tens of thousands more victims who simply haven’t posted online. Our vet at the clinic told us that Cosmo was the second patient who came THAT DAY with toxic poisoning from Sergeant’s Gold.

    The product should be taken off the shelf and Hartz should be boycotted by every pet owner in this country. I will certainly be pursuing whatever class action legal recourse is available.

  26. Please count me in. I use the Sergeant’s Gold on my cats and both of them began to have a reaction almost immediately. Within two hours I realized I had to do something. After calling the “Emergency” number and being put on hold for 20minutes I researched the net and came across all these stories. I immediately bathed both my cats and I am already noticing improvement. Thank you for sharing your I am again trying to call the “Emergency number” and I am still on hold. It has been several more minutes and still on hold.

    This company needs to be stopped. Anything I can do to help.. Count me in. [email protected]

  27. Add me to the list of unfortunate people to have applied Seargent’s Gold to my dog!! It’s been 20 hours and he still can’t sit still. The whining has stopped after I gave him 3 baths, 2 with dish detergent, which I read on all the letters of complaints about this product. My husband went to buy Benadryl 11pm last night to offer our dog comfort. I cannot believe this product exsists, it is heartbreaking to watch your dog go through this. I hope he can fall asleep soon! Do Not Use This Poison!!

  28. I hadn’t read these entried before putting the medication on my dog. I read these posts about 2 minutes after – once I did, I ran right outside, grabbed Baxter and washed him twice with dish soap. Outside of a wet dog, I don’t think he’s too unhappy or experiencing any of the symptoms, but we’re keeping our eye on him.

  29. I too have suffered the same as the rest of you. I put Sergeants gold on my dog Maiya TO GET RID OF FLEAS not GET RID OF HER. I was planning on taking her to the dog park and go fishing the weekend of the 4th, so I put it on her the day before we were supposed to leave and by the evening she was whining, running around and walking like she was drunk cause she was staggering. I called the company and the lady told me to wash her three times and said she’d be fine cause she was having an allergic reaction. Her condition didn’t change and I called back and she said wash her again with Dawn liquit soap instead of the Palmolive I had that she told me would be fine to use and wait and see how she reacted to that. So I got the Dawn and washed her SEVEN TIMES. She got worse. By 9pm she was dragging her back legs and couldnt walk. She had a fever of 105. I had to put her in the tub with cold water to bring her temp down so she didnt go into shock. The ride to the vet was the worse in my life because she was in the back panting like she couldn’t catch her breath, she was lethargic and kept trying to go to sleep…I had to keep snapping my fingers to keep her awake. When I got her to the vet she couldnt walk at all and I had to carry all 50 pounds of her-she lost weight because of this and I lost I dont know how much sleep. I stayed at the vet till 5 am and went and picked her up at 8. They told me to take her home, gave me muscle relaxers for her twitching. By the morning she could walk better, was a bit shakey but they had her on IV all night long, valium, some other relaxants and the next day I took her to her vet who gave her another shot to combat the reaction she was still having from it. Her personality has changed. She sleeps more. She’s a little snappy with the other dog. She’s been incredibly clingy to me after this-I’m sure cause she was terrified and had to be left in the hospital-where she’s never been away from me like that, in that situation ever. She still has soreness on her back in some spots if you touch it she gets snippy. Her tail wags at what I call half mast because of the nerve damage this medicine has caused and the vet said that she could have these tremors for two weeks or the rest of her life. I’m sorry, but the companies need to be held responsible.

    If you want to sue, I’m all for banning together to with ANYONE who wants to do this. In additon I found that you can send complaints to the BBB, which Ive done..the EPA because they are in charge of the chemicals that are put on the dog-they are in charge of regulations..not the FDA. The reason the companies use the EPA is because the FDA is more astringent with their rules as far as what can and can’t be used. When I called Sergeants they were quick to say they’d send me papers to pay for the damanges if I sent them the remainder of the product. DO NOT DO THIS. IF YOU DO YOU WILL HAVE NO PROOF OF THE CHEMICAL THAT HARMED OR HAS KILLED YOUR PET. This is what my lawyer told me not to do. KEEP IT AND FIND A PRODUCTS LIABILITY LAWYER.



  30. I used Sergeants Gold Squeeze on for Cats and Kittens batch#3788P11 on my cat,and it very nearly killed him.It was quite distressing to watch him in the paroxysms of poison that I had applied with the full faith of the E.P.A..It appears to be remarkably common knowledge once it occurs,but how can the government possibly permit this to continue? To underscore the
    pervasive nature of the complaint,my E mail was answered promptly,followed up by paperwork.It amazes me that it is cheaper for them to pay huge vet bills than it is to stop selling their product,whatever it may be.Their income is more important to them than our safety,they are as bad as crack dealers,but more organized and with a legal department.

  31. i dug my box & tube out of garbage. i am watching my pitt bella like a hawk. she was drooling a lot earlier but no foam, i rinsed her good, she is scratching at old flea bites now. she is panting a little after scratching not like earlier,her nose is cool & wet again, she drank water,she stopped running around, etc. as i read more & more & read the web site (Sargeants) i see the site says that “a little drooling & foaming is normal” & that the symptoms we describe are “normal with any pesticide for fleas”! really? it’s normal? why are there no sites like this for front line then?
    i hate the ppl saying that we brought this upon ourselves for trying to save a few bucks!
    maybe sum ppl are not rich & needed to buy this product, so they are at fault for not having 50$ vs 15$ for flea tx?
    they deserved to get sick kitties & doggies?
    how bout the company takes responsibility for its crappy product? so what you’re saying is that it is ok to put a faulty product on the market that causes its consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages?
    it’s ok they took my 15$ & left my bella drooly & w/a upset tummy?
    it’s ok they almost killed all these other lovely pets?
    bull crap!
    whether we buy it for its lower price or whatever we deserve a safe quality product! thats like saying generic meds are ok if they are bad cuz we are being cheap so we get what we deserve! you tell that to the 80 year old on heart meds that buys a generic version of so she has enough left over to pay her darned light bill!
    no matter the reason we bought sergeants gold we deserve & demand a quality, safe product!
    take it off the damned market if you cant deliver!
    all of you deserve compensation! send your vet bills to sergeants!
    if your babies passed away from it they need to reimburse every red penny including bury your pet!
    i am so livid! i was shaking so hard & in tears earlier when my bella was drooling like she was & eating grass!
    i said if bella gets ill i cant afford it (have 20$ in my pocket no more at all anywhere!) but she will get help.
    i prayed & prayed & cried & prayed & begged for bella to be alright. now she seems 99% better 🙂 i think i was lucky cuz bella has short short fur & she immediately rubbed almost all of the stuff off onto the grass & sidewalk. i even said “bella u need to keep sum on to kill fleas!” now i am grateful she rubbed over half of it off!
    i am so sad & scared. i am sad for all the other pets that did not get lucky like bella. i am not out of the red yet. tomorrow am we will see.
    its 7, this started at 5 & she is 99% better.
    i rinsed her off good. u gotta rinse asap.
    i am warning all the stores about this product. i will hanng signs by it in stores.

  32. I just recently lost my father and husband within a month. My two dogs are my entire life. I am away from home and had a visitor come who brought fleas with them. I ran to the nearest store and they did not have Frontline or Advantage that I always use. All they had was Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick gel. I figured it would be good enough until I could get back home. Within an hour my little boy (who has heart problems) began panting like crazy, running in circles and barking and crying. My little girl started twitching and panting. I thought it was itching their skin. I washed it as best I could and called my vet at home. They said they had other cases like this from this product. They told me to go to nearest animal hospital. I didn’t even know where one was. They immediately took them in to flush their tummies with charcoal and put my little girl (11 1/2yr) on IV for dehydration. Both were given sedatives to calm them and muscle relaxers to help with spasms and tremors. Four hours of fast work and $500 later, they are home. It is the next day and the little girl is still has spasms even on meds and the little boy is total lethargic. I am scared to death. I can not loose another!!
    I wrote emails to everyone i know with animals and warned them.
    I hope we can all join a case action suit to stop this company from any more harm to our precious animals.
    In economic times like these many people may try to save money any where they can and ASSUME since this company has been around for years it is responsible enough to not put out a harmful product. Others like myself may find themselves in a pinch and use it for just ONCE! Once is too much!

  33. I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Squeeze-On for Cats at my local CVS because I had noticed that I was beginning to get flea bites and had seen some flea dirt on my cat, Asia, earlier that afternoon. I purchased this product because on the box it made great emphasis that the product had been tested to be safe on cats.

    When I got home, I read the box thoroughly. I used to work for an insurance company so I know the importance of reading everything that is printed for the consumer in regards to any kind of product. I wish I had taken the time to look the product up online now in addition to what was printed on the box, but as was mentioned before, Sergeant’s is a brand I have been lead to trust. Knowing the kinds of things they put in pet food, I should have known to seek more information.

    I applied this product to Asia’s neck in a straight line as per the instructions. I was careful not to apply it too far down her back because I know she is (and almost all cats are) capable of licking themselves pretty high up along the spine. This attention to detail may have saved her life. She weighs 7 pounds (I used the dose intended for cats over 5 pounds) and she has always had a vigorous appetite, lots of energy and a very curious and friendly disposition. After I applied this treatment to her, I did not see her for at least 24 hours.

    Cats are prone to hiding but I noticed things were not right when she was not showing up at the door as usual and would not run to her food bowl at the sound of the can opening, as is typical of her. I don’t disturb her when she hides normally but after I had barely seen her over a 24 hour period and she would not come when I tried to feed her, I looked online to check up on this product. I was horrified, and I quickly found Asia hiding under the bed.

    When I pulled Asia out from under the bed, her coat was extremely greasy and she was completely submissive to me. She does not like to be handled but as I picked her up she simply tried to curl herself up and let me hold her. It was clear that she was miserable. I took her out to the living room to pet her and check the normal “alarm” signs. Her gums were not discolored, skin on her ears showed no signs of jaundice or poor coloration and her eyes were clear with no trace of irritation, just enlarged pupils. I calmed down a little that she did not seem to be in any immediate danger, but I gave her a thorough bath of diluted Dawn which I plan to repeat soon to get any residue of the product.

    While I was bathing her, the fur at the application site was coming out in clumps. She is now bald in those areas and has crusty, orange-red scabs covering them. She looks like she has had a chemical burn. Her appetite is still not back to normal, though she is eating some food.

    I am a student right now who’s financial aid has been stalled due to various complications and I temporarily do not have access to the money to pay to take her to the vet, so right now I am seeking information on how to support her recovery and keeping a close eye on her condition. She is still active and affectionate, but I fear terrible things after reading other stories. I feel like as a consumer I have been completely exploited. This product is obviously not safe for cats. The box says nothing about possible adverse reactions save for a vague warning and Sergeant’s has a whole website devoted to possible reactions which you cannot find a link to unless you search for it on the website. It is not listed on the box. I have a feeling that this reaction happens to almost every, if not every animal that has had it administered to them.

    Just because my cat survived this treatment does not make it “safe” or “gentle”. You would not administer a medication to your child if it caused raw skin followed by burn-like reactions and loss of healthy appetite. This product has harmed my pet and I strongly believe that it should not be sold in stores, particularly since so many pets have been harmed by it. If a consumer has to look online for the truth about a product rather than receiving sufficient information about it on the packaging, and more than one animal has died or developed serious adverse reactions to it from normal, directed use, IT IS NOT SAFE. I see my cat was a lucky one, but I also see that this reaction is far from rare.

    I’m sorry that I must refute your point, Mary, but it is clear to all of us as consumers, who have read the box, seen no clear warnings, and followed the directions that a name is only a name. A reputation is just a guideline. Just because Sergeants has been around for a while does not mean the values of the company continue to be in the best interests of their customers. I have checked the website for warnings also, as you suggested, and nothing is on the corporate website. There is a separate, obscure site for that.

    I am angry at Sergeant’s, yes, but more so at the lack of regulation of pet care products such as these. Pet care products are notorious for playing into the sympathies of pet lovers only to deliver poor, and in some cases dangerous, quality. I thought that a product meant for a more medicinal use would be regulated with a higher standard than those used for pet foods, but I was wrong. Something needs to be done. I would like to know how if anyone is involved in a class-action suit against Sergeant’s. Please respond to this comment if so.

  34. I’ve read my story several times here after using Hartz Gold on our aussie. After a thorough bath with Dawn detergent, she calmed down. I will never ever buy ANY Hartz Products and will spread this message in every corner of the web possible.
    Corporate Greed period.
    Their concern is as genuine as gator tears.
    I will even contact all the major retailers to hopefully pull all this killer poison off their shelves.

  35. I have a collie mix, 80lb dog, and I used this poisonous product, Seargents Gold Flea & Tick on him last night. Within 2 hrs he was foaming at the mouth, his body was shaking, and he was unable to stand or move. I called the 800# on the box and they told me NOT to wash him as it could further stress him and just call the vet. Called the vet and they told me to rinse him off IMMEDIATELY. Carried him to the bath and rinsed him for 15 minutes. Finally, several hours later, he was able to stand and walk. Hoping this has no long term effects. I am EXTREMELY UPSET about this company selling this killer product, using our beloved pets as their guinea pigs to test out their “new” product, and then giving the worst advise possible on their hotline of ‘not to rinse it off’. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT needs to be done against this careless, reckless, thoughtless company. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT- THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SAFE- THIS PRODUCT COULD KILL. THERE ARE COUNTLESS COMPLAINTS ONLINE. **THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SAFE**


  37. I have a 2.3 lb chihuahua/ yorkie and i applied 1/4 of the tube to his neck last Monday, Jan 4th. Within 20 minutes he was stiff as a board, seizing, foaming at the mouth, vomiting blood and had stopped breathing. We got him to the emergency vet where they tried to revive him and thank god they were able to get the poisonous oil off of his skin in time to save his life. he now has no use of his back right leg due to brain damage from the seizures and lack of oxygen to his brain when he stopped breathing. The vet was wonderful, but also set me back almost 1,000 for an overnight stay, which i was happy to pay even though i couldn’t afford it. There have been soo many poor animals maimed or killed due to a “label” change that allows this poision to still be on the shelves! AND this is Wrong!!! This stuff needs to be taken off of the shelves before it kills another innocent animal. I KNOW we have a class action lawsuit on our hands and I am in 10000% my e-mail is [email protected]

  38. “Mary” AKA “Employee of Hartz” (Mary October 15th, 2008 @1:43 pm) ought to be ashamed of him/herself. Blaming the consumer for the product killing or harming a pet on a site like this. Legal action SHOULD be taken against this company! Our poor pup didn’t die but had a horrible night of drooling buckets of fluid, twitching like he was being electrocuted and whimpering the whole time. We were up from 1am to 6am worrying and bathing and researching as obviously our vet wasn’t available to speak with via telephone. Thankfully this website was here, and it SAVED him- we Googled the product, found this site and did what it said (dish soap baths + Benadryl). He woke up 95% back to himself. Thank goodness we only gave him a partial dose! He didn’t ingest the fluid at all, nor are there ANY warnings on the back about side effects like the ones he had. The only thing mentioned was if he developed a reaction to the area of skin where the fluid was applied, and to wash with mild soap. How on earth can that compare with the issues so many many pets have had, just on this site alone? SHAME ON YOU “MARY”!! IS HARTZ PAYING YOU WELL TO MAKE POSTS LIKE THAT?!?

  39. I put the Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Drops on my dogs on Sunday, July 25, 2010 and they became very sick. I spoke with my vet on Sunday night and he said to keep bathing them and give them Benadryl and just keep an eye on them. Both of the dogs had bloody stools and had thrown up most of Sunday evening and night. They were feeling a little better on Monday night but Tuesday morning they both started shaking their heads uncontrollably every time they would stand up to walk. My youngest dog is 3 and he is normally a very social and hyperactive dog, he will not come out of my sons room and lays on my son’s bed under the covers and hides. His personality has done a 360, my old dog is almost 10 years old and she is very lethargic. This is insane that I was able to buy this product and endanger my family members, we think of our dogs as a very big part of our family. Is there anything we can do?

  40. on the 14th my 5 year old tea cup yorkie passed away! in the middle of the night he woke me up breathing very heavy and it seemed like he culdnt catch his breath. i staid up with him almost all night and finally got him to calm down and go back to sleep around 5am. at 8:20am i woke up to my alarm and to find my baby next to me life less! because he is my child i decided to have him cremated. the vet then asked me if i had used anything new on him recently and thats when i realized i had used hartz on him for the first time. the vet told me he couldnt say that was exactly what caused it but he had seen it kill perfectly healthy animals! he was my baby, i was told i was not going to be able to have children and i thought that was going to be a problem for my fiance, but instead he had my louie shipped from missouri and when he gave him to me he said this is our baby and im ok with that! so this is very devestating to us, to our whole family!

  41. Two nights ago I put Sergeants evolve 61 on my 90lb dog and within a couple of hours he started acting funny so I fed him in the hopes that would help.. it didn’t I rushed him to the vet and they gave me a preliminary billing estimate of over eleven-hundred dollars!Distraught, I went to my best friends to see if he could loan me the money… he didn’t have it,so back to the vet I go to plead for my dogs life and they gave me an application for a loan from this “care” place. Well I have had back problems in the past and surgery recently so I’m late on my bills so I was denied any more credit. When I asked the vet if he knew anyplace open this time of night that would have that kind of money cause I would rob them if I really needed to that’s when they lowered my bill to $200.85. All they did was wash my dog and gave him some muscle relaxers. I am thankfull and payed the money. Had I of caught up with someone from sergeants prior to his health returning I would of fed them their flea medicine via their anus(still might)

  42. Sergeant’s Gold flea medication for kittens has nearly killed and permanently damaged our little Bella Anu. Our rescued kitty cannot hold her head up or walk in a straight line now. The vet prescribed an antibiotic and love and lots of water and food.
    We followed the directions on the label to the letter.
    Our 3 adult cats and our 15 year old dog had terrible reactions also. Our dog Rosie didn’t sleep for nearly 3 days and now runs a fever on and off constantly.
    When I was younger we used this brand a few times. I thought it may be better than Hartz.
    We have never had fleas in our home until the rescue of Bella.
    We are heartbroken over what we chose to use.
    Little Bella Anu will never be able to climb a tree or jump up to look out the window.

  43. Count us in…we almost lost our Corgi this past week. We had only washed his underside with Hartz Groomer’s Best Oatmeal Shampoo on a Thursday night. Within just a few minutes of towel drying him he started to seize. He seized for 45 minutes to 1 hour. His body temperature was 108. We were told dogs have brain damage at 105. We brought him home for one last night with our children. By the grace of God he started to come around early Saturday morning. He continued to have seizures through Tuesday. He then started to have horrible spasms to the effect it would throw his head down and side ways, it appeared his jaw was trying to lock open. These were more horrifying than the seizures. He has been on a slow recovery. He can eat wet food only nothing dry. He can stand and walk. But you can tell he has some type of damage, he still has tremors and makes a weird noise when drinking water. He slurps his food instead of chewing it. This is a nightmare that no one should have to go through especially right here at Christmas time. We are so lucky to have him with us. The emergency care physician said they see cases on a regular basis from victims who use Hartz and Adams flea products but have never seen anyone fromthe Oatmeal shampoo. Please be wary of any product sold over the counter. They suggested if I need to use something over the counter to use Dawn Dish Washing liquid. They said it will even kill fleas. Something really needs to be done to Hartz. These products should not be sold to anyone.

  44. If its otc it doesnt work! Its always been that way they are not now and never will be a good brand! Its too cheap to work! People buy it and that alone keeps its on shelves do research people sounds like every animal on here has had an allgic reaction as with all medication it could happen and cause death! Geeezzzz people get with it stop bkaming the company for your stupid mistake

  45. Here it is a couple years later and this is still happening. My mothers cat just died due to this crap that they swear is safe for cats but in fine print on the back of the box it states that its not safe to put on domestic animals. This cat meant everything to my mother and all she was offered by the company was a paid vet bill and a refund for the product amount. My mother is interested in any class action law suits going on. This cat suffered a horrible death 2 days after applying it. The vet tried desperately to save him but he passed. Just utterly devastating. RIP CHESTER. Let’s get this crap off the shelves.

  46. I accidentally used the wrong tube the other day on my cat..we put him to sleep within 6 hours..most horrifying event in my life…unreal to think how fast ingredients can destroy life..simply unreal. change the labeling,..its all to the same..better yet, just get this crap off the shelves. in memory of bolt

  47. I used a nominal amount of sergeants natural flea drops on both my cats last night before bed. Around 3am I heard caterwauling and found my black cat convulsing and missing patches of hair where the product had been applied, my white cat was seizing and was barely moving. I immediately gave both cats dawn soap baths and spent several hours trying to nurse them back to health. While my black cat seemed to pull through.. My white cat suffered 12hrs of pain and suffering before we made the decision to have him put to sleep. I called Sergeants and was rudely told by an agent that their product was not to blame as they only used all natural ingredients. They did not offer to pay my vet bills or take any action to remedy the situation. This product is clearly poison and should not be sold period. My teenage sister is devastated after watching our family member whither away in misery. The damage of this product extends far beyond the effects on our innocent animals, sergeants is destroying members of our families without remorse.

  48. Another case of trusting a company that has been making pet products for years. We did not buy it to save money. Was in the local pet store a figured we would pick it up while we were there. Figured even if it was not as effective as the vet’s brand, it should still help with the few fleas the cat might encounter. Did not realize the hours of research needed to purchase a product that won’t damage your pet. Put Sergeant Gold on our 3 year old cat and now it can hardly walk without falling over. Put product on Friday evening, Saturday morning noticed she was acting strange/withdrawn but did not realize the severity of the issue. Left for vacation and told neighbor she was inside and was acting strange. Let us know if she kept acting strange. They fed the two cats that evening and didn’t see her, but she is shy with strangers. By the second day she would not come out from under the table so she called us. We drove back home that night and she was walking in circles with her right legs not functioning very well. We had her at the vets office when they opened the next morning. Until he examined her it had not dawned on us the it was a reaction to the flea product. This is where we learned that the stuff you get at the store is dangerous pesticides. Two days at the vets office getting fluids and liquid food, four more days of watered down food, two more days eating soft food and still will not drink water on her own. Cannot walk without falling over or sliding right legs on hardwood floor. Nine days later and we need to wait to see if effects wear off or put her down. Pitiful to see her trying to get around and not be able to help other than help her stand back up or carry her out in the yard to lay in the grass for a while. Used to wake us up at 6 AM to go out and chase birds. Now doing all she can to keep up with us in the house. Never been a lap cat, 30sec. petting rule, now scared to not be next to you. So much for trusting a name that’s been (helping) our pets for years……
    [email protected]

  49. I gave my cat this product called sergent and it passed away a few weeks later we gave it to are other cat and it had passed away and we wonder why bt it was from the flea meds. please read this and get back to me ASAP this should be pulled off the shelf no one should go thu what they went thu.

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