Hartz Flea and Tick Collar almost killed my cat.

Soon after we moved into our new house, my fiance’s parents came for a visit with their dogs. They live out in the country, so as a precaution I put a flea and tick collar on each of my cats. One cat hates collars and immediately wiggles out of them some how and the other, whom is not so cordinated, was not able to. My female kitty kept taking hers off, so I gave up, but her brother left his on so I didn’t take it off. After a week of wearing the collar, he suddenly and for no appearant cause, fell off the bathroom counter and landed on his face, breaking his two canine teeth and splitting both of his lips. That vet visit cost about $400. The about two weeks after that, he some how got his tail caught in the box sping of the bed, no one was home at the time but we think that it was probably the same sudden, uncordinated fall that got his tail stuck. In trying to free himself, he broke his tail in three places and had to have it removed. That vet bill was $800. After he recovered from each ordeal, I put the collar back on, completely unaware that the sudden falls were because he was he was slowly and painfully being poisioned to death. About two weeks ago he had another fall and then started wobbling all over the place, falling over bumping into walls, and began to loose touch with all that was going on around him. I thought that he was just going through a hard time and would “snap out of it and come around” in a few days, like he had so many time before. I was wrong this time. I came home from work and found him unconscious in a pool of vomit, aspirating it right before my eyes. i rushed him to the vet where a tech just happened to ask whether or not he had a flea collar. I was shocked because I had used the collar specifically per instructions – correct species, correct species weight and age. The vet sent us to Walmart, where I had purchase the collar and I called in the active ingredients and percentages to him over the phone he immediately gave my kitty a heavy dose of Atropine which is the antidote on the box. That vet visit cost me about $500 and the cost is still climbing because we have some follow ups and a few more doses of atropine next week. Right now, my kitty is under my bed on a heating pad, drooling, unable to eat, or drink unless I give him liquids through a syringe, and not capable of crawling more that three feet at a time. Thanks to Hartz flea and tick collar, my cat has no canine teeth and no tail and is still fighting for his life, while my vet bill keeps climbing, all over a $3 toxic collar that has no business being sold.

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  1. I’ve been using hartz brand flea drops and collars on my cat for awhile now. I talked to someone about it and she told me that I should be careful and that there was a thing on the news about it harming cats. I thought I would look this up for myself. I found this and though i don’t see my cat having unusal habits, now that this has come to my awareness I will be more cautious. thank yoou for posting!

  2. I also bought the hartz flea collar, i put it on and within 5 or 10 minutes my cat looked like water was POURING out of the mouth. I grabbed her and cut it off right away. Within minutes it stopped. I am sure that if i had went to work and not noticed it , it would of probably of killed her. Shes an older cat. How is this allowed on the store shelves? Please dont use this item if you love your cat. Take them to the vet .

  3. My cat.has sores around her neck area that doesn’t heal and she is always scathering her neck.She does wear a flea collar cause she loves to go outsides.I took her to vet and was put on medication but her sores are still there.

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