Sky My cat just passed away I am devastated

My cat just died.  I tried to revive him doing mouth to mouth, but it didn’t work…He died in my arms.  I know now that he was poisoned from Hartz flea drops and flea collar.  How do I join the fight to stop these bastards from selling this poison.  I don’t want other people to feel the way I do.  I feel helpless.

4 thoughts on “Sky My cat just passed away I am devastated”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I nearly lost my cat last week but thankfully my vet was more aware of these killer collars and drops than I was. Please let everyone know NEVER To use these products. I camped out at Petco yesterday and everytime I saw someone picking up the Hartz or BioSpot products I would tell them what they do animals.
    Again I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. My cat puff is so sick right now and we used hartz flea treatment on her. I bought this crap and now she is in real bad shape, why are they selling this and passing it of as safe. I hope someone is able to put a stop to this

  3. Debra
    I am so sorry about your kitty. Yesterday i put it on my two cats one seized for about 10 hours vet didn’t think she would make it but miracuously she did.She is still weak and disorietned today hoping she will get better as times go on. My other cat sezied 4 or 5 times but seems to be ok now. I reported them to the bbb and complained to the company of course they offered to pay vet bills. But that doesn’t save the pets that are sick and dying from this medication. Hopefully if enough people complain they will take it off the market

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