I’m writing this letter in response to my wife’s post..

Saddly today my family and I just finished burying not 1 but 2 of our beloved family members GABBYKATZ & ITTYBITTY.  Unknowingly we used HARTZ FLEA AND TICK TREATMENT on our pets… the following day our oldest GABBYKATZ became ill;(vomiting-shaking-very lethargic & seizures) We called our vet and described the symptoms. The vet told to bring her in immediately. Once we arrived at the vets office Gabbykatz was rushed into the exam rm. The vet asked us if we had used any flea or tick medication recently ,our response was yes we had used Hartz . GABBYKATZ was rushed into the back where the vet and vet tech’s worked for 5 straight hrs on her.

5 hrs later we received the vets call informing us Gabbykatz had passed away and that if we used it on any of our other pets to bath them immediately. My wife and I followed the vets orders even though our other 2 cats showed no signs of any reaction; they were their normal selves (playing-climbing-chasing each other) We still followed the vets..later on that nite our ITTYBITTY started showing the same symptoms. She didnt suffer long; within 20 mins she too passed. HAD WE KNOWN THAT HARTZ FLEA AND TICK TREATMENTS COULD AND WILL KILL YOUR PETS WE WOULD HAVE NEVER USED IT…SO PLEASE BEFORE YOU USE ANY OTC TREATMENTS FOR YOUR PETS – DO SOME RESEARCH ON THE TREATMENTS YOU ARE GONNA USE OR AT THE LEAST CONSULT A VET … THE LITTLE TIME IT TAKES TO RESEARCH CAN AND WILL SAVE YOUR PETS LIVES…. GABBYKAZ & ITTYBITTY YOU BOTH WILL BE GREATLY MISSED

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  1. Was the product that spray called Ultra Gaurd? I used it on my chihuhua and she became lethargic and was unable to walk straight within a few hours. I bathed her very well and rinsed her with tons of warm water. I stayed up all night keeping a close eye on her and she is better today. We should all put our thoughts together and get these products off the market. The product I bought was at of course, America’s shopping giant, Walmart.
    My name is B. More house
    [email protected]

  2. I am so sorry about your beloved animals. My own cat is still in hospital since last week but hopefully I will be able to pick him up today. I am one of the lucky pet owners. Again my sympathies. Hopefully with enough people complaining to the company someone will do something about these killer products.

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