Glad I Found

Yesterday I gave my Beagle and Golden Retriever, Sergeants Silver Flea medication.  What happened within 2 short hours was scary.  They both started whining and crying.  They were scratching against everything they could find.  They went nuts (for lack of better words).  I had no idea what was going on.  They normally sleep with my wife and I, but we had to put them out last night.  We would not have been able to sleep.  When I woke up this morning I almost cried.   My Golden had rubbed all his hair and some skin off both his eye areas.  He was bleeding terribly from where he rubbed himself raw.  My Beagle was chewing himself to death, as was the Golden.  I went on the computer and found out that Sergeants obviously markets a terrible product.  I rushed both dogs to the Vet, and $100.00 later they are getting better.  Numerous steroid shots, benadryl shots, etc helped.  I am mad as hell and I just contacted Sergeants.  I want my $100.00, and I ought to sue the bastards for what they did to my animals.  If they don’t pay, I will hire an attorney.  My vet said that I am lucky I didn’t put it on a cat.  I would have had a dead cat.  He has seen this too many times.    How can our Government allow this product to be marketed.

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