I did not know that all flea and tick medication was not created equal.¬†¬† It was time to treat my dog, I was in Wal-Mart so I picked up some¬†flea and tick medicine.¬† I put it on my dog just like the package says, just like I do every month (but with frontline normally…).¬† We went to sleep and I heard him moving a bit in the night but that is not unusual.¬† He got up and ate breakfast normally.¬†¬†About 30 minutes after breakfast he started throwing up.¬† At first of¬†course it was just his food so I thought he just had a little upset stomach and didn’t think much of it until it¬†was mid-afternoon, he had thrown up “mucus-looking” stuff 4 more times,¬†he was listless and had zero interest in food, his favorite thing¬†normally.¬†¬†The mucus made me think it had to be something strange and I knew the only thing I had put on him was the Hartz flea¬†and tick.¬† It was also the only thing out of his normal routine.¬†¬†I¬†looked up the ingredient Phenothrin online and one of the poisoning symptoms was excess saliva, nausea, vomiting,etc.¬† I immediately called my vet’s office and was told that Hartz is poisionous for¬†animals, should not be on the¬†market and has¬†killed several animals.¬†¬†I was told to bathe my dog immediately to help detoxify him.¬† I bathed him thoroughly and washed everything he had come in contact with.¬† He¬†remained listless through the evening and¬†threw up several more times.¬† However, he was able to keep his dinner down…so far.¬† How horrible that these people are not regulated more closely!¬† The worst part is you end¬†up hurting your own animal¬†without even knowing it when you were specifically trying to protect them!


  1. I purchased the product because I was low on cash and couldn’t afford the frontline product. Big mistake. It did nothing for my cat. What a waste of money. I am since worried about my cat. I talked to the vet and they said cats have died from Hartz products. I found this web site. I called Hartz and they will refund for the product. I told them I will never purchase anything made by them.

  2. I will never use the product again. As soon as i put it on my cats they started acting different . I got online and immeditaly went to this website and found im not the onyly one. I bathed my cats and hope and pray that they will be ok . I do not have the money to go to the vet . If I could i would stand in the isle at the store and warn customers not to use it at all . Im very disappointed and i spent more than $5 dollars . My advise is for no one to use the products period .

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