Hindsight’s 20/20

First of all, I want to let everyone know that Peewee is doing well…we are going in the morning to bring him home from the hospital. It was touch-and-go for awhile, but the vet says he should be just fine. Thank you everyone who prayed for him…there is no doubt that the prayers really worked! As I was thinking about what happened to Peewee, I began thinking back over the years…every pet that I have ever had that I used Hartz products on. Then I thought about Charlie…my 20-year-old cat. I remembered how a few years ago, we had a problem with fleas. This is pretty common around here. Anyway, I was worried that Charlie would get fleas and it could harm his health due to his age. I went to the local Dollar General store in our town and purchased a flea collar – a Hartz flea collar. I put it on him as soon as I got home. Charlie had arthritis really bad in his back legs. They were abnormally crooked due to this, but he could still walk, run and play with no problem. About a day after I put the collar on him, he began to stagger when he walked. We believed this to be just a progression of his arthritis. Not too long after that, he began to have seizures. Unfortunately, we ended up having to put our Charlie to sleep.  It never occurred to us that the collar could have caused his torture. Looking back, there is no doubt in my mind this is what happened. Although Charlie was 20 years old, we may have had a few more years with him had it not been for Hartz.

Another thing that I would like to say is that I have read many posts on here. A lot of people, such as myself, had no idea what to do when their pet(s) have had a reaction to any of these products. From my personal experience, I would like to help someone through this by telling them the steps to take to ensure their pet(s) survives.  The first thing you should do if you notice your pet acting strangely after applying these products is to bathe them immediately with a mild dish soap or shampoo (I used baby shampoo). You may want to do it twice to make sure to get all of the poison off of their skin. Next give a dose of Benadryl and haul a** to the nearest vet or animal hospital. From there it is in the vet’s hands. When you get home, you should wash everything that your pet came in contact with while he had the product on his skin…bed linens, his blanket, his bed. Anything that he could have gotten the product on. I even shampooed my carpet where Peewee had rolled around when he was in so much pain. You do not want to bring your baby home from the vet just to have him experience another reaction. Another thing that owners may not know…these products are extremely detrimental to cats. If your cat even comes around another animal with this product on, he could suffer the same fate as others that have lost their lives. DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES! Don’t think that just because you washed the product off, your pet will be fine. The poison gets into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the animal’s body. My little Peewee was literally burning from the inside out. Every part of his body was red. It was a horrible sight to see. I hope that someday, the Hartz Corporation will no longer be able to sell their poison to the unsuspecting public. Until that day, it is up to us to spread the word! God bless our pets.

My Precious Shitzu is gone

I am still in shock even as I write this. If I had any idea what would happen to my “Precious” I would never have poisoned her! Last week we visited my husbands’ brother in California. He has a dog and that dog had fleas. When we got home I noticed 2 fleas on Precious when I gave her her evening brushing. I told my husband that we needed to go to the vet as she was out of her monthly heart worm meds (sentinal) and when we picked that up we needed to get some ADVANTAGE also. I had always used ADVANTAGE on pets for fleas in the past with no problems. I noticed that night some flea eggs in her coat. Since it was Labor Day weekend and I knew the vet wouldn’t be open on Monday I decided to pick up the HARTZ flea and tick drops at Walmart. I didn’t want to wait until Tuesday as I didn’t want the fleas to get worse. This was Saturday afternoon. I put the drops as directed down her back. That night my husband commented that Precious had went to bed early. She never does that but I didn’t think anything of it. Sunday all day she was not herself. She did not eat and she had a little diarrhea. I thought her stomach was bothering her. Monday morning I tried to get her to eat. She wouldn’t. I called the emergency vet number since they were closed for Labor Day and they said to watch her and if she didn’t get better bring her in in the morning.  Monday afternoon Precious took a turn for the worse. She couldn’t stand up and when she did she staggered when she walked. Her head flopped to the side. She was so pitiful. She just looked at me like “help me”. My husband thought about he flea drops and looked HARTZ up on the internet to see if there were side effects. That is when we found this site. I called the emergency vet back and they said to bring her in. When we got there her temp was 95 and her kidneys had begun shutting down. He said there was nothing they could do. We had to put her to sleep. My husband and I cried as we watched our baby (7 years old) but our baby die. I can not believe this happened. I cannot believe they are allowed to sell this product that is so dangerous. I am still in shock.

You Saved My Pug and Cats, Hartz Victims

I have a pug and some cats.  Four or five days ago I found this website, and was in tears reading these stories.  Then two days after that, my mom and I went to Ralph’s and there was a rack of Hartz products. My mom picked up a bottle and said, “This shampoo is a lot cheaper than the others.” because my pug was given frontline but we accidentally gave him a bath afterwards, two days later not knowing it washes off the medication. I turned around and put it back on the shelf, explaining to my mom that many cats and dogs die from Hartz products.  I think one time we used a Hartz flea collar on our cats, but they are outside a lot, and pulled them off.  But now I’m glad that I am able to look at my pug, perfectly healthy, and that now I know not to get my cats these products either, because otherwise our family would’ve gotten these products.

we have to spread the word. I am a tween/teenager and I am fully committed to spreading the word about this website. I posted news about this  at wc.activeboard.com and some others posted at different websites.  I also created http://pets.activeboard.com and posted an anti-Hartz club and news bulletin about this website.  A petition should be started to send to Hartz. If they don’t care, we’ll send it to an ASPCA or government or somewhere until we find people who will listen and help! Please, we have to save pets and get the word out! We should contact news companies and tell about this website, because I had no idea about Hartz before really searching around and finding this, so we have to spread this to all the places where people are going to really hear about this.