I wish I had know about this site days ago…

As many others, time was short, Vet’s office wasn’t open when I was in town to pick up flea mecication so I went to Wal-Mart, bought Seargents Gold thinking I don’t have a problem, and this will keep one from developing! Ha!

I have a minature daschund who is the absolute light of my life and two precious rescue dogs which I like to refer to as “Designer Dog” aka mutts.  I picked up the medication on Saturday 9/6, went home, my hubby read the directions and applied to all three dogs.  Marshal Dillon, one of the designer dogs, breezed through with no problems.  Miss Kitty, the other designer had minor problems, shaking her ears, rubbing her back and hiding, but didn’t seem to have any major problems.  Heidi, the dashchund, cried, shook, hid, every imaginable distress behavior showed up in this dog.  We do not have weekend vet service available in the county I live in so I did my best with her.  Bathed her repeatedly,  washed her back and neck with cool washcloths, kept ice packs on her as long as she could stand to stay still.  We aren’t through with the vet clinics yet, but you can bet this company and Wal-Mart are going to hear about  the misery my best friends have been subjected to as well as being presented with an outrageous vet bill for having to treat my babies for something totally avoidable.

Another victim

I also bought this product and put it on 2 of 3 chihuahuas……..one is pregnant. They both started panting, drooling, scratching and could not sleep, it seamed as if they were having convulsions. It has been 2 days and doses of meds later and they are still having problems. Their skin is scorched. If anyone needs help to take these people down or you have a lawsuit, I will be more than happy to help. They are still selling this product even after all of the problems and complaints they have had. They really care about our pets don’t they!!! Thank you, you can email me at   [email protected]

My cat almost died because of Hartz

I wish I had seen this site before using Hartz products. I’ve been battling a flea problem all summer using a variety of products over the counter and from the vet with limited success. I bought some Hartz flea and tick dip for CATS and dogs from Wal-Mart. I proceeded to dip my five year old cat Sandy. I followed the directions properly, and I thought all was well until I could not find her for two days. I thought she was just mad that I bathed her but two days later she returned, but her balance was slightly off. I didn’t realize at the time what was happening. Later that day I noticed her muscles twitching all over her body and as the hour went by, she began to lose all control of her balance and coordination. I got online and looked up the symptoms, and I read that toxic reactions to the flea treament can be delayed 48 hours. I bathed her and kept a close eye on her. She began to get much worse by the minute. I called the vet who told me there is nothing to reverse the toxicity but he could give her atropine and something for seizures if necessary but mainly to ride it out and call back if I was going to bring her in. He also said to bathe her which I did again. I made her comfortable and monitored her all night. She never seized but the muscle spasms were severe. She couldn’t even meow. By morning she was beginning to recover. Her coordination slowly improved, and now she is back to normal . I will never use Hartz products again. I kept the bottle of flea and tick dip to show anyone who comes over what NOT to use.

This site probably saved my puppy.

I have a seven week old puppy. My 4 year old named him Taco, because he’s a very small bassett hound mix and has coloring like a chihuahua. Today our neighbor was having some work done on their side of the duplex and the idiot doing the work decided he had to cut off the entire electric line to fix their side of the house, so for most of the day we were without power. We decided to let one of our other neighbors take the puppy for a few hours. We have two other dogs, and these neighbors usually end up looking after them because they tend to figure out new and ingenious ways to escape the backyard, so we figured the puppy was in good hands. To our dismay, they brought the puppy back wrapped in a towel, cold and shivering, and informed us that he had just had a pretty nasty seizure. They noticed that the dog had fleas (an unfortunate side effect of having an indoor-outdoor cat), and had given him a bath in Hartz shampoo. I didn’t think anything of it because we’d used Hartz flea drops on his mother and another puppy from the same mother and they had no adverse reaction, but this puppy had three seizures in the span of an hour after being bathed with the Hartz shampoo. Luckily I found this website and had my wife bathe him with Dawn, and give him some ice cream. I’m not sure if the ice cream helped any, but the little guy sure seemed to enjoy it, lol. He’s doing much better now, he’s sleeping comfortably and he’s quite a bit warmer than he was when he first came home. I think he’ll be ok… but if it wasn’t for this site I might not have ever figured out what was happening to him.

CAUTION: do NOT use Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze-on

I applied Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze-on to my dog and within hours I had to rush him to the emergency animal hospital. My dog is a healthy, 11yr old shepard mix who has never needed emergeny treatment of any kind. This was an extremely traumatic event as he had LIFE-THREATENING nervous system damage as a result of this product. This was a horrific experience and since then I have realized that there have been (and continue to be)  countless other victims of Sergeant’s products. PLEASE do NOT be the next VICTIM.

Add another victim of Hartz

our cat Tink was given some Hartz Ultra Guard OneSpot Treatment on Monday 9/1/2008. I applied it directly between the shoulder blades as instructed. Within 2 hours she had gone into muscle tremors and having seizures. I rushed her to the Louisville Veterinary Specialty Emergency for animals. I couldn’t take her to a normal vet because I live in Rural area and this was the only thing open for animal care. I was truly concerned because this place was an hour away from me. Upon arrival, the vet took our cat to the back area. She told us to wait in a little room for a bit. The vet came back in the room and started explaining the issue with Tink. The vet tells me that she has pyrethrin toxicity Link: http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extoxnet/pyrethrins-ziram/pyrethrins-ext.html She said that Hartz is a common problem she sees on a weekly basis. This was going to be a rough battle for her. She pretty much said her odds were 50/50. I was also instructed to call back in the morning and get an update. I called them and was told it was the same status as the previous night. I made arrangements for Tink to be transferred to my local vet’s office. He took one look at her and wasn’t very optimistic about her chances of survival. He gave her one more dose of Pentobarb, Methocarbamol, and some additional fluids through her IV. He said that if she is slowly weaned off her meds, and doesn’t seizure in the morning then her chances of survival will go above 75%. Well, today Tink decides that she has had enough and is ready to come home. She decided to get up this morning and wanted to eat and use the potty. The vet told me today that he wanted to keep her there for another 8 hours to finish out the IV bag. Well, it is now 8:20p in the evening. She has been home for about an hour now. She is slowly coming around, but you can tell this was very traumatic for her. I am glad to have her back home. For those who have lost a pet due to hartz, I am truly sorry.

Thanks for reading,


Tyler and Saila’s BAD Adventure

On Labor day morning I discovered that my Chihuahua Saila had fleas.  She is about 6 lbs. and of course I was concerned.  Tyler my other Chihuahua has never had any fleas, but I went to Wal-Mart since it was a holiday and I had not ever heard that these products were so bad, I bought Sargent’s Gold Flea and Tick treatment.  I applied the poison at around noon, thought all was well.  At around 3pm I noticed that Tyler was biting his back foot, and I looked at Saila and she was frothing at the mouth.  I rushed her to the emergency vet on call for $140.00 to hydrate her and give her a shot.  Tyler meanwhile seemed not so bad so I did not seek attention for him.  Since yesterday (tues.) Saila seems fine and now Tyler seems to be having a severe reaction to the poison.  He is twitching and biting his foot and has not eaten or drinking water in 24 hours.  He also is not going to the bathroom and is very lethargic.  He is now at the vet and I hope and pray that I have not done permanent damage to him.  Please WARN all people about this product.  I am going to tell Wal-Mart and have complained to sargents.  SHAME SHAME ON ANY PERSON CONNECTED WITH THIS COMPANY.  I have told my vet to put up warning signs.  PLEASE WISH TYLER A SPEEDY RECOVERY.  Sincerely, Celia Knight Rockland, ME

I’m worried about my kitten

For about 4 days now my little kitten Tom has been very sick. this is a huge problem as i have just been laid off my job and can’t afford to take him to a vet. about 3 weeks ago i bought a hartz collar because he’s indoor/outdoor. I can’t say for sure if this is what is making him sick, but i had a strong feeling about it before even seeing this website. he’s vomiting has no appetite, and sleeps all the time (which is not like him) He did finally eat a little today (i took his collar off yesterday) any recomendations PLEASE!

so sad my kitty is gone

Last month my dog got fleas, so we went to walmart to buy some spray for the house, we bought hartz.  I only have carpet on my stairs so I fallowed the directions on the back of the  bottle and sprayed away.  My cat Malaiya loves loungeing on the stairs with her pal Harley our dog.  Two days after I had sprayed the carpet, I woke up to Malaiya acting starnge meowing and limp like, anable to move herself, then she started to sieze and continued to sieze as I held her in my arms crying as my boyfriend drove as fast as he could to the vet.  The vet slowed down the siezeing, but she was still not able to wake up, and she continued siezeing at the vets until later the night it stopped and so did her life as my best frind.  The vet asked if we had any chemicals in our house, and the only thing was the hartz carpet spray.   A few days later we noticed our dog Harley  had a  chemical burn around his bum and  hair falling out in patches on his tail from sitting on the  stairs to our front door where we had used the hartz spray.  I am so  hurt that a animal company such as hatz makes products to help animals, but in actuality is harming  and  killing them instead.   I thought I was going to help the flea problem not lose a friend.  You should be ashamed of your company.

Hartz Nearly Broke My Heart

I don’t normally jump on any sort of bandwagon, but this one has affected me personally.

My name is Victoria, and I have a 6 month old maine coon kitten called Jerry Dorsey; he’s my buddy. We noticed that he’d gotten fleas and decided that we should take care of them right away. So, Jay (my boyfriend) went to Safeway and bought some Hartz flea spray and the monthly drops. He also bought a flea collar, which never made it on the cat after what happened. I’d never had any problem with Hartz that I’d really noticed, I guess this being my first pet without my parents I never paid close attention. I had no idea.

I bathed Jerry in his normal soap and then followed the directions on the spray label. It said that he should have 25-30 sprays of this stuff put on his coat, wait for about 10 minutes, and then towel him off. Well, I didn’t even use half this amount, and followed the rest of the directions. It also said to use it on his bedding and surrounding areas. I did this. After awhile I also put the first monthly dosage of the Ultra Guard plus drops at the base of his neck. I watched him for awhile…

I thought he was just mad at me for bathing him and fussing over him so that’s why he was acting so strange. He was lethargic and didn’t want to play. I tried keeping him engaged, but he just wasn’t interested. Jay and I went to bed around 1AM and he didn’t come with us per usual. He went under the bed instead.

I was awoken to the sounds of scratching at the carpet and some meows. I thought he was being his usual playful self in the morning – he’s always getting into stuff! But he just wouldn’t stop when I would snap my fingers like he always did. So I got up and turned on the light to investigate. The poor thing had pooped all over himself and on the carpet and was trying hard to ‘clean up’ after himself. He’d taken a sock and an envelope and was working to hide what had happened.

Immediately red-flags went up. He’d NEVER EVER not gone in his box. I took him and washed his hind quarters – he was limp and lifelike. I set him down and he tried getting to his box, but soiled himself again. I was absolutely out of my head at this point and decided it would be best to give him a full on scrub down to try to get whatever was left of the Hartz POISON off of him.

I woke Jay up and asked him to help me calm him down after his bath, because he was shaking and wouldn’t purr. We wrapped him in a warm towel and sat with him on the couch. He stayed wrapped up there for nearly an hour. He never does that.

About an hour later I was feeling a bit ill and made my way to the bathroom. I’m embarassed to say – I wound up passing out and losing control of my functions. I woke up with my kittens paw on my forehead, in a cold sweat. I called for Jay and he had to go so far as to SLAP my face to get me to come around again after I’d passed out a second time. He picked me up and put me in the bath. I slept for 8 hours afterward… waking up feeling weak and exhausted.

Jerry and I are feeling a little better now, but I’m watching him closely. I will NEVER, EVER, use any Hartz flea products in my house again. I believe we got lucky this time.