My Best Friend is Gone

Thanks to Sergeant’s gold flea and tick squeeze on. My sammy is gone. I put that shit on him about 3 am this morning, around 4 am my wife said he’s acting weird, I didn’t pay no mind to it thnking he just wanted togo outside like normal. Well about 5 pm this evening he was acting really sick. he was bloated and dragging his rear paws, i laid down with him and around 6:30 tonight he died. I need help to prevent other losses of best friends. Its a real tragedy to my daughter she grew up with him. I need help so i can get revenge on this company for the sake of Sammy RIP 21 SEPT 2008. contact me via email or cell @ [email protected] or 517-936-8481

Sargents should be taken off of shelves


Our 2 year old sheltie had gotten  fleas . This is the first time any of our dogs had  fleas so I went to the store and picked up Sargeants Gold. Sargeants has been around for a long time so I assumed it was perfectly safe.

Within 45 minutes after putting the medication on , I could tell something was wrong. Our dog was restless, winning and drooling heavily. He would not sit still. His leg stated jerking and he walked around aimlessly. I washed the medication off twice within the next two hours. He still would not settle down. It was now midnight – 5 hours after I put the drops onto our dog.

I sat up with our dog all night long reading story after story on the internet about how this medication is dangerous and even lethal to animals. I feel like a knife is in my stomach. How could I have been so stupid… why didn’t I  read this one day earlier. Something has to be done to stop companies from putting things on store shelves that could harm dogs and cats.

My dog continued to pace hour after hour. His leg continued to twitch as well. First thing in the morning Icalled our vet who had me come in to the office. He gave our dog a shot to counteract the poison from the flea medication.

It took three days for our sheltie to relax. He did not sleep for 48 hours and he still jerks slightly.  Not 100% back but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Please, get the word out-


Sergeants gold squeeze on

I went to Walmart earlier today and bought this product. I came home and used it on my chihuahua PeeWee. About an hour later I noticed he was making a choking sound and running around acting very strange. I Googled the product and found this site, Thank God. After reading a couple of the posts I snatched him up, got him into the bath tub and bathed him thoroughly. He seems to be calming down some now but I will be up with him through the night to make sure he is OK. I am so thankful for this site, it may have saved my best friend.

Hartz Products

If I can save any other animals from getting seriously injured or Killed I will do it…I work in retail and sooo many people come into where I work and buy Hartz Products….I know it’s not my business but I can’t help it I always tell my customers not to buy anything made by Hartz…I have 3 Beautiful Pitbulls (a Black, a White and Brindle)They are my Babies and I don’t know what i would do if something like this product was to kill them…I whole heartedly agree that Hartz should be taken off all stores shelves and Destroyed…

Close call with Hartz 3 in 1

Yesterday at this time I unknowingly put a toxic poison on my cat that I bought at Target. Little did I know when I put Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tic medicine on my cat that it would almost kill her.

My cat had a lot od shedding and my vet recommended using some Advantage or Frontline flea products, that it may be from fleas. I had some advantage, but it was for cats over 10 pounds and she was 8. So, I used the Hartz 3 in 1 that I also had on hand from a long time ago. Kiki started instantly twitching her back muscles. i thought she just didn’t like the feel of the liquid on her back. Within an hour she was a mess. Tremors, twitching, eratic behavior. She could sit still for a minute, even though I knew she wanted too. I washed off some of the product with a wash cloth. This morning she was still acting the same with twitching and weird behavior.

Thank goodness for the internet…I Googled, “flea medicine, bad reaction” and was shocked what came up. I instantly called the vet. They sent me to the emergency hospital. Within seconds of walking in the door, they wisked away my kitty. The gave her muscle relaxers, an IV and some charcoal thing to help it pass through her system. They just called and said she is doing much better. She is going to be ok. I cry for all of the people that lost their pets. This website and others are great, once people start investigating their pets bad reactions, but we have to get these products off the shelves, and we need to educate people of the true dangers.

If you are outraged like me, take a few steps this minute to get the ball rolling in your area.

I have contacted 3 local news stations in SF today and will continue to contact national ones as well: Dateline, Oprah, CNN, etc. Do the same.

Let your vet know to get the word out. My vet said two to use, in the next breath, he should of gave me a verbal warning about the over the counters. I am writing him a letter with my wishes.

Email every person in your inbox, to give the warning and spread the word.

Contact Hartz Medical Hotline 888-875-1706 your report goes to the EPA as well and the info goes on record officially. It is a 3rd party hot line, it was helpful. They also can get your a reimbursement for vet bills(I will let you know how that goes!)

Contact WalMart and ask them to take it off of their shelves. If this was affecting children it would be gone. WalMart is their biggest distributer.

Take a stand right now. My prayers go out to all of the animals and owners that were not lucky enough to catch it in time.

No More Hartz!

Too many pets have suffered because of Hartz, and this needs to STOP…NOW.

While Class Action lawsuits are one avenue that people should continue to pursue, I am recommending another, perhaps faster and more direct option.  If we can collectively influence Wal-Mart, Hartz’s largest customer in the world, to discontinue their Hartz Flea & Tick products, Hartz will have to re-think what products it puts into the marketplace.  Hartz needs Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart does not need Hartz.

Our challenge then is to get Wal-Mart to listen to our stories and then act on them.  To do this, I recommend the following.  We reach out to as many people that have been impacted by Hartz to send their stories to the CEO of Wal-Mart.  For maximum impact, I ask that we send the CEO one letter every day, for as many days as we can get stories.  Furthermore, to show the CEO that we mean business and so that we ensure he takes our letters seriously, I recommend that these letters be FEDEXED (or any other over-night delivery service) to him each day so that he has to pay attention to us.

Hartz has deep pockets when it comes to fighting legal battles, but it has very little recourse when it comes to a retailer telling them that enough is enough.  Hartz will have to listen.

If people are interested in pursuing this idea, please let me know.


My Boo Boo

I trusted Hartz, a name I’ve known for pet products all my life.  What a mistake.  My 2-year-old shih tzu, Boo Boo, picked up fleas from some cats visiting my daughter’s apartment.  I discovered the fleas while Boo Boo was with me out of town during the weekend of September 13-14.  I wanted to take care of the problem quickly and would not be able to get to my vet until September 15.  I went to the supermarket and bought Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs in the package appropriate for Boo Boo’s weight.  I followed the package directions carefully and applied it about 11 p.m. on Saturday, September 13.  WIthin a couple of hours, I heard Boo Boo whimpering.  When I checked on him, he was squirming.  I assumed the fleas were agitated by the product, so I sat up until 2:00 a.m. making sure the fleas were gone.  Boo Boo was restless the remainder of the night and didn’t seem to have much energy on Sunday morning.  I decided to bathe him to remove the product.  (I still had no clue that he was being poisoned.)  He was listless throughout the day and by Monday, September 15, he was vomiting and could hardly stand.  His eyes were watery and he appeared to be in great discomfort.  Debating whether to take him to the animal emergency clinic, I called my vet and made arrangements to bring him early this morning.  The vet seemed to think he had eaten something contaminated until I told her that I had applied a flea treatment.  “Was it one you bought at a grocery store or Wal-Mart,” she asked.  When I told her what I used, she said she was almost certain Boo Boo was sickened by the product.  They have seen dogs sickened and many cats with seizures.  They call it “Hartz toxicity.”  I asked the question everyone else seems to ask, “Why are stores selling this product?”  No one can give me a good answer.  It is now my personal mission to make sure everyone I talk to knows NOT to use this product. 

Thank God, Boo Boo came home today and will be okay.  He’s beginning to play again and can keep water and a little food down.  When I Googled the product today, I was appalled to find an entire web site devoted to similar (and worse) horror stories.  No pet or pet owner should experience this.  My heart goes out to those whose stories I’ve read here.  Boo Boo is an important part of my life and knowing that I harmed him breaks my heart.  But I am angry with Hartz for not taking the product out of production NOW.

Danger: Sergeants Gold!!!

I too have recently experienced/experiencing a horrible situation all due to the use of Sergeants Gold flea and tick squeeze on product for my dog Loaf.  We purchased this horrible product last night in hopes of relieving a minor flea problem and now we are face with a mroe fatal and devastating problem. WE applied this squeeze on at about 8:30-9:00ish, after about an hour to an hour and a half Loaf started runnign in circles, whining, whimpering and acting completely crazy like nothing I have ever seen him do before. I just shrugged it off thinking that the fleas were being more annoying than ever because we used that stuff on him. Well we decided to go to sleep and Loaf too his normal spot, right between me and dad, and I did not get a wink of sleep my poor baby was up doing the same circles and whining and scratching as before so at about 4-4:30 am I was like this is not right! So I googled the product and found this website as well as a few other blogs in regards to this same product and I was completely horrified. I went in the other room woke my husband up and said we have to get this crap offf of him right now ( I would have immediately washed Loaf myself but I am literally 1 day away from delivering a child and it is hard for me to get on the ground and wash him thoroughly). At first he was like what are you talking about and I said get the f out of bed and help me give him a bath in Dawn right now! As he woke up I started telling him about these same situations and his heart fell to the floor as well. Our poor lil Loaf was suffering from something we could not have imagined and I felt like a terrible mother for putting him in this situation. We quickly gave him a bath and his demeanor changed he wasn’t as crazy, and he seemed to be a little relieved. Now it is 12 and my poor Loaf is hiding under the bed in a place that I cannot reach him, I am checking on him every few minutes getting on the floor trying to make sure he is still breathing. This is the first time in over a year that he has not been glued to my side. I called the vet at about 10:30ish and the Vet informed me that I did all that can be done and I could bring him in for a check-up but alls they could really do is watch him (the same thing I am doing) and informed me not to ever use that product and that it has this same effect on many animals cats and dogs. I was also informed that this is a fatal product and has been known to kill some animals that have used it! I then proceeded to ask them why it is on the shelves being sold and she said because they get by with that small line that says in case of a reaction call this number or your vet. I am sorry but when I read that line and the word reaction,  I did not think that their terminolgy for reaction also meant life threatening reaction I was thinking a rash or maybe a little itchy! I am now sitting here hoping that my Loaf wil be ok and telling myself that i cannot handle this, he is too much apart of our lives and I feel like that damn company has violated my rights as a consumer, and parent! I hope everyone tells their friends and family members not to use this crap on anything! I texted everyone I know and warned them of its potential hazards! I wish the best for everyone and I hope your pets have all recovered and I have the utmost sympathy and I have cried tears for every poor animal as well as owner that has suffered through this ordeal. Complete disgust is not even the right words I feel after this situation and it isnt even over for me I have to go take my 9 month pregnant self crawl on the floor and try to get my puppy to come out from under the bed so I can check him!  Good Luck everyone and DO NOT USE this crap, it is only worthy of the trash can and that swtill isn’t satisfying! Sorry about my rambling but I am just so super peed off and I hope noone else goes thorugh this!!!!!!

Class Action Lawsuit Please Read !!!


On Sept 15,2008 I treated My cat with Hartz Flea drops. Today now thw 16th we arrived home to find our cat outside shaking. We brought her in the house as it was cold out side. My wife noticed something was wrong with the cat.

We thought she might have gotten into some garbage or ate a mouse or rat that was poisined. We then remembered we treated her with the drops. She went into a violent siezure and was convulsing harshly. I found the package and immediatley looked up the information on permethrin.

I called hartz and when I did I got a machine that asked me to press 1 for customer service and 2 for emergency help. I pressed option 2 only to get a answering machine that said all agents were busy and to call back later and it hung up. I called back immediatley and pressed option 1 talked to a rep who transfered me to a emergency care consultant for hartz. He was the most un caring person in the world I was asking if there was any combatant for the permethrin he said ” No sir there is nothing to combat it” and then he sat on the line and was going to leave it at that. Then I asked him how long it was going to be in her system and he said well it can be up to 72 hours. He did not offer and help nor support to me. I told the basterds this was not over and they would be hearing from me and a lawyer.

I ask you to please contact me at [email protected] with the information of your horror story and that you provide me with your name and a address and telephone number where yoyu can be reached by a attorney of law and begin a class action suit against this company for the lack of care and knowledge about this deadly flea medication. Your animal can die from this just being around another animal treated with this cocktail of death.

I am in tears for all of you that have suffered through this. And one more thing there is no documented studies on how to treat this overdose. But do not let your vet use charcoal as this is topical and not ingested this will result in dehydration of your animal and put them in even more danger. Bath your animal with soap 3 times to ensure you have got all of it off and rinse with alot of luke warm water hot water will open the skins pores so do not use HOT water.

This company seems to have no concern or care what they are doing lets put them in thier place and make them care. This medication is highly toxic and needs to be looked into further before more animals die.


Derek Stewart

London Ontario Canada