Mudbug,Spunky,Roskco,& Jewel

This is my story.  I evacuated my home in Texas to my sisters home in Mississippi due to Hurricane Ike.  I was concerned about a few fleas I had found on my dogs and did not want my sisters house to get flea infested so I went to walmart and bought Seargants Gold  for 9-20 lb dogs.  On the morning of Sept. 23, 2008 I applied the flea stuff to my babies not knowing the consequences of what it was about to do to them.  I put them in their pet carriers because I had to go do some laundry while my sister was at the doctors office with her two sick kids.  When I got back around 6:00 PM my sister was already home and she told me she let my babies out of their cages and they were acting funny so I let them out to see what they were doing.  They were shaking themselves like crazy it was almost like they were on acid or something.  I immediately took a couple of them to the bathroom and started washing the stuff off but with some shampoo with oatmeal in it.  It did not change anything.  So I called the emergency hospital and they said to wash them with dawn dish soap because they were having a reaction to the flea stuff and that this has happened to a lot of animals from owners who have used Seargants or Hartz over the counter stuff because it is toxic to the animal.  I was in awe because I could not believe that there was something so toxic being sold on the shelves of stores and the government obviously was letting it happen.  How come this product is not band so our loved ones are safe?  Any way I gave them the bath twice each and I have 4 Chihuahuas that I love like my children.  I waited awhile but did not see any change so I got worried and I gathered them all up and took them to the Emergency Vet.  Two of the four was throwing up clear liquid stuff, all four of them had red ears, one had red testicles, they were panting real bad also.  They took three of them and put them on Ivs for dehydration.  Mudbug was the one they sent home with me.  I could not sleep all night because Mudbug was restless, panting, and shaking plus I was worried about the other three.  The next day, Sept 24th, I picked the three up from the hospital and took them to the vet and they sent the three home with me.  The vet said it should wear off in up to 72 hrs.  I also called Seargants and they just gave me a case # .  After 72 hrs was up my babies were not better so I called the vet.  They called seargants and called me back and said seargants just acted like I had never called in.  What a joke.  I could not believe this was happening.  At this point I am panicing because I am so worried about my babies that I love so much.  I was leaving going home that day back to Texas so the vet prescribed me some muscle relaxers for my babies and said it would stop the shaking and to follow up with my vet first thing monday.  So I went to my sisters home and gave them the muscle relaxers but they did not work with the shaking.  I was worried about them because I had not seen them eat or drink so I started giving them tuna water which thank god they drank and afterwards I would give them the tuna and they ate that.  When I got home I fixed some chicken and rice and bought some chicken broth and I also bought a bottle of Suave skin therapy Vitamin E and applied it on to their skin.  I am finally starting to see a difference like they might be getting better because last night they finally slept without having any spasms and my two younger ones Roskco and Jewel were playing.  I have even seen them eat a little dog food and drink a little water.  I plan to take them to my vet on Sept, 29, 2008 and have them checked out again because they are still having problems with their ears.  I am going to try to do something to get this out to the public about Hartz and Seargants because this just isn’t right.  I like everyone else did not know this stuff was toxic and going to hurt my babies because if I would have known I would have never used it.  And I cant believe that this stuff is still on the shelves of stores.   I will never buy any of this stuff again and it is getting to where I don’t trust anything.  Please help me by praying for a complete recovery for my babies.  This has made me feel like a parent that abuses their children.  I have been so upset over this and I apologize to them every day.


The proud parent of Mudbug,Spunky,Roskco, & Jewel

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  1. oh my god i have just went through the list of problems people are having with sergeants gold shampoo i am so thankful i went and found the site that people was posting about this stuff and here i just went and bought it and was about to use it on my dogs and im so glad i didnt but my question is why are they still being abel to sell it if its bad

  2. There is got to be something that we can do to get this killer out of our stores!!! I have a little chihuahua, and I put half a tube on her! I was to put a whole tube, but I didnt, thank God! She was throwing up all night and bleeding from her rectum, a lot!!! I rushed her to her vet and he gave her 5 shots. he sent us home with 3 different meds, dog food, and a prayer!!! she is getting better slowley and she still wont drink, I have to give her 2cc of chicken water every 15 min. She is still very sick!! good luck with your babies, now I need to go take care of mine…….

  3. Hi Mudbug, Spunky, Roskco, and Jewel’s Mom,

    My name is Julie and I am an online community relations liaison working with Sergeant’s. I am writing to you today to let you know how very sorry we are to hear about the recent experience you had and want to offer further assistance to you, Mudbug, Spunky, Roskco and Jewel. You did all of the right things when you discovered the reaction. I know you stated that you and your vet had already called Sergeant’s. I recommend you call Sergeant’s once again at 800-224-7387, as they are very concerned and want to hear how your dogs are feeling today and look even further into this case.

    I also want to make you aware of a resource Sergeant’s has made available to all pet owners called “Look at the Label” . This resource is available for pet owners who wish to learn helpful tips and information about flea and ticks and application practices and precautions for the use of flea and tick medication. Of course, sometimes even when everything is applied correctly, and all precautions are taken, reactions still do occur. It is important to keep in mind that just like in the human world, dog medication is never 100% allergy free and some dogs may experience an allergic reaction. In these instances, dogs may become agitated due to the unfamiliar sensation they feel once the medication is applied – similar to the feeling humans encounter when “Icy Hot” is applied.

    Again, we are so sorry to hear about your experience and only want the best for you and your dogs. I encourage you to call Sergeant’s again so they may speak with you further. In the meantime, if I can assist you further please let me know.

    All the best to you and your family,
    Julie and The Sergeant’s Team

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