Hey this Ron (sarge),

I have found out that the same poison is being used in the flea and tick shit, Hartz and Sergeants are 2 different companies but the use the same shit that poisons are best friends, or in my case my son (Sammy). To give you all an up date, Sammy is in the care of Michigan State University Vet Clinic they will be doing lots of test on him. I WOULDN’T DO THIS TO MY DOG IF I WASN’T SURE THIS WASN’T KILLER!!!!!!!! I should have the toxacology report back next week. I will keep all of you posted, I owe this to my BUBBY, He has did me well for the 8 yrs i had him And i will NOT rest until this shit comes off the shelf or/both out of business!! Rest in peace my boy, DAD will get them

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