My Dog just died from Sentry Pro XFC Flea

I bought it at Pets mart and applied it on both my dogs, my female pit bull dog died 5 hours later- she began trembling about 2 hours after application and I took her straight to the vet hospital, they tried to stop her siezures, but were unsucessful she finally died from the drug- pryethrin- in the flea medication. My other dog, a male lab started showing signs of a reaction just like my female pit bull and was given the same medication – he survived, but after hours of wondering. He lived, but my baby girl died. They were both very healthly happy dogs before applying the flea medication. I called the 800 number on the box and they offer to cover the vet bills, but that is not the issue- my dog, my family member is gone- they could not pay for her life.

I am so overwhelmed with grief, what do I do now?

I am not sure who to call to sue them, but I would like to try.

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  1. See Archives: dated ~ November 2002
    Thank you for contacting our firm regarding the class action lawsuit we have filed against Hartz Mountain Corp. If you have not already done so, we would encourage you to send us a copy of all documents you have concerning any problems with Hartz Mountain Corp. products. These documents may include, but are not limited to, any receipts for the purchase of Hartz Mountain products; any veterinary correspondence, including bills, any diagnostic findings or letters; any correspondence with Hartz Mountain Corp. or any reimbursements/checks issued by Hartz to cover the cost of veterinary bills; or any other related information. Note, please send copies only. You can mail this information to:

    320 East 39th Street
    New York, NY 10016

    If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to call. I may be reached toll free at 877-247-4292 or by e-mail at [email protected].

    Anthony Vozzolo, Esq.
    Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP

  2. We have to sue these ASSHOLES!! I treated my dog with Sentry Pro XFC yesterday about 4: 30 and she is VERY SICK NOW! Drooling,laying in puddles of drool,vomiting,she wont stand up on her own and has a fever.I have no money to take her to the vet today hopefully tomorrow we will be able to.But I am AFRAID she wont make it until then.So we are preparing to lose our baby.

    As we speak she has no energy to even lift her head.I have given her tuna oil and bathed her but its not helping.The people at the 800 on the box are NO help and now that I have read and seen thousands of complaints on this stuff.I now know that they know whats going on! WE HAVE TO SUE THIS ASSHOLES!

    Disgusted and scared in Michigan

    1. We just bathed our dog bella after i applied sentry to her she layed on the bed jerking all night and not acting right at all she has not ate or drank water and we bathed her and we hope she gets better ,we have no plans on ever putting flea medicine on her ever again the best thing i seen is palmolive dish soap and the fleas die in the tub, we pray she makes it and we feel terrible for you.were praying for you and your dog jim and mary

  3. I am so sorry to hear that- and I am sorry that she will not make it, even if you had taken her to the vet right away she might not make it- mine did not and I had to find out the hard way that in Michigan we cant even sue the company for damages because dog are considered by law a piece of property and they are not liable for any damages to your animals. They can sell that product that killed your family member and we cant sue. I have tried. In Michigan dogs are not considered by law to be living creatures and are property that one person owns like a car or a pair of shoes and we do not have any right to sue over a dead pair of shoes, I have called every lawter in Michigan and am told the same thing by everyone- I dont have a case I can win in court- even though the vet says my dog died of causes from the flea treatment nothing can be done. I am so sorry to tell you this but you can request and cost for the dogs death for vet bills will be reimbursed by the company- just call the 800# and ask to speak to someone in the Comsumer Affairs Dept. they will have some forms to fill out but will reimburse you the cost of the final vet bills for the dogs death, but that is all.

    1. I just had to take my baby to the vet and right now he’s resting we took him a few bath had a high temperature of 106 he was shaking all over couldn’t hold his self up. and I think the dirty assholes need to drink that shit themselves and see what it does to them. I have no kids Chevy is my kid he’s all I have I don’t know what I would do without him we just need to get this out so our babies and ourselves don’t have to go through this it’s very painful to both s and our baby or babies. In the stuff is called Sentry Pro xft and I got it from Petco in Manhattan Kansas and I will go in and have a lot of words to say to them they’ll wish they’d never seen me. Thank you for listening Dana siebold 6 29 2017

  4. I am so sorry to hear that- and I am sorry that she will not make it, even if you had taken her to the vet right away she might not make it- mine did not and I had to find out the hard way that in Michigan we cant even sue the company for damages because dog are considered by law a piece of property and they are not liable for any damages to your animals. They can sell that product that killed your family member and we cant sue. I have tried. In Michigan dogs are not considered by law to be living creatures and are property that one person owns like a car or a pair of shoes and we do not have any right to sue over a dead pair of shoes, I have called every lawyer in Michigan and am told the same thing by everyone- I dont have a case I can win in court- even though the vet says my dog died of causes from the flea treatment nothing can be done. I am so sorry to tell you this but you can request and cost for the dogs death for vet bills will be reimbursed by the company- just call the 800# and ask to speak to someone in the Consumer Affairs Dept. they will have some forms to fill out but will reimburse you the cost of the final vet bills for the dogs death, but that is all.

  5. I am in the same boat.
    I applied Sentry Pro to my dog (chihuahua) on Monday night and by Wednesday morning he was terribly sick. I thought he ate something bad but this morning I woke up to him trembling in a pool of blood. I rushed him to the doctor and his system was completely toxic! I almost lost him which is terrifying. Why is this being sold in pet stores?! He’s on lots of medication now and I’m out money for the vet bill and for being away from my office. This sucks.

  6. OH MY GOD!!! I put this stuff on my St. Bernard who just turned 3. 3 hours later probably not even three hours.. he couldn’t walk.. legs trembling.. found a vet on a saturday.. they gave him iv fluids and a bath right away.. and they say he is going to be fine.. he is still in the hospital though.. I never could imagine that this could happen to hear these horrible stories.. i want to go and hug my dog.. my heart breaks for those of you who lost your pets.. i can’t even bear the thought.I am so sorry for you.. people need to know.. the thought that i put something on my beautiful dog that harmed him… it makes my heart actually hurt.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I just brought this product for my dog and before applying, decided to read some reviews. It is by the grace of God that I did. Your stories have saved my baby from any harm and discomfort.

      I am so sorry for the pain and loss so many of you have suffered, but I am so grateful that you shared your stories so others like myself may benefit and be spared. For the Michigan comsumer who says they’ve tried every lawyer in the state, I would suggest going outside of your area. Someone should be able to get you some justice. There is a lawyer letter at the beginning of this article who appears to be trying to assist. Much luck to all of you and thak you once again for sharing your story.

  7. Everyone go to this website

    there is alot of info on as there are about 350+ dogs this has happened to. My 2 dogs were the unfortunate ones tonight. I wish I had founf out about this earlier i would have never bought the SentryPro XFC. My heart is aching for my little Shih Tzu Izzie in the Vet trauma center right now!
    There is a class action suit going on. One post also gives you a form to report this to the FDA. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. i bought this product at Petsmart and will be contacting my local new station.

    good Luck to you all!

  8. Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw a warning out there on this product, Sentry Pro XFC – it’s a flea control treatment. I treat my dogs every 3 months but normally I use Advantage. The store was out so I tried the Sentry – looked the same. At 10:00pm I put the stuff on my dogs’ backs and by 10:30pm, they were throwing up, scratching, and running around in circles. I threw them in the tub and shampooed. That didn’t seem to help so I called the company – they told me to bathe them in Palmolive (Sentry is oil based). So I did that. Twice. Didn’t help. Now it’s 2am and they are still in distress. I call the company back and they put me through to Poison Control. She told me to take them to the emergency vet but here, that costs a couple thousand just to walk in the door so that was not an option. They fell asleep at 3am and slept until 8:30am. When they woke up, they both threw up again so I drove them over to my vet. They had to stay all day, getting their stomachs pumped full of charcoal to try to get rid of the poison. Apparently, this stuff has the same ingredients as insecticides. That vet bill – $180.00. Then within 24 hours, Onyx developed chunky green and red sores on her back (where the oil was applied). The vet told me to compress it 3 times per day and bring her in if it doesn’t improve. I took her in today and they shaved her back – the sores are disgusting. She’s now on medication. Today’s vet bill – $100.00. Both dogs are still scratching and it’s been 7 days. I’ve contacted the company and they are doing an investigation and say they will reimburse my vet bills. I talked with the managers at PetSmart to let them know what they are selling. I’m also talking to the FDA and Consumer Product Safety about this. I’m also contacting the local news. I cannot stand to see animals suffer, especially mine. And especially when I’ve done it to them. I did contact the EPA and the FDA and they have both responded within 24 hours. This whole thing is unreal. I’ll be contacting a lawyer.

  9. I also fell victim to this product. I decided to use this product on my dog until I went to the vet to get the popular Frontline. After only 1 hour she began to vomitt, moving from place to place, whimpering, rolling around on the ground and rubbing up against the wall. I thought she was just reacting to the fleas, but upon research I found that 100s of other pets have had the same reaction. The stories scared me to the point where I didnt want to wait until the next day to go to the vet so my fiance and I took her to the ER. They gave her a bath to get rid of the toxin, and a muscle relaxer shot and pills to take for 5 days. $175 later she appeared better but she was still scratching and a bit restless. The only time she was not scraching was when we were rubbing her as if it was the only thing that soothed her. I’m still worried that there may be after effects due to some customers saying that their dog developed kidney from this product. I cant believe that this product has not been pulled or that a well known store would sell this product. They said they would reimburse the bill (which is the least they could for not warning owners of the risk in using this product), but that’s not going to solve the problem. I am definately going to talk to the manager at petsmart, and contact FDA. This clearly has been going on for months. Why hasnt a warning been issued?

  10. POISON!!!

    i have two tea cup dogs. one is a 2 years old tea cup yorkie and the other is a 8 years old chi hua hua. we have some random cats in the neighbor hood that are infested with fleas. As a precaution we went to our local pet store and bought Sentry Pro XFC, we had never bought a flea prevention for our dogs and one of the sales associates recommended it. i regret the day i decided to even walk into that store.

    we got home and applied Sentry Pro XFC to our dogs within half and hour Chico our chihuahua was crying and running around as if he was on fire. He could not stop moving crying and kicking his legs. and then Coco my yorkie started doing the same. i called the hotline and they told me to shower them with dish soap and rub Vitamin E-oil on there skins. they were very polite and friendly. of course they were they knew exactly what was happening to my dogs. The operator told me that they had an overdose. I seriously washed them more that 15 times crying my eyes out because they were in so much pain. it was 8 at night and my vet was not open. After 2 hours of rubbing and putting cold towels on them as directed by the Sentry Pro XFC customer service agent, i took them both to the emergency vet.

    i almost lost my dogs. they both had to be ditoxed, the chihuahua recieved 8 shots becuase it even affected his liver, my poor yorkie was given antibiotics and steroids to stop the inflamation. it was truly horrible.

    600 dollars and 2 hours of sleep later they are all druged up AND have permanent nerve damage. this should not happen to no animal. please do not put this on your dogs this product needs to be taken off the market. and if you read this too late take them as soon as possible to a vet.

    i am not staying with my arms crossed someone is going to take responsibility for this.

    please feel free to contact me if you need help
    [email protected]

  11. OMG – I cannot believe the nightmare that this SENTRY PRO XFC has just put my poor little Bichon, Maggie, through. She’s a beautiful, healthy, bouncing 3 yr old who loves chasing her football, playing with us – her family, and just loving everyone. She’s vivacious!

    Anyway, I usually get the Advantix for Maggie from her vet, but was out of town, and it was time for her dosage and I’d left her Advantix at home. I headed over to the local Pet Smart, where I found the Sentry product. Seemed quite similar to Advantix, so I thought I’d give it a shot for Maggie. She’s never had a flea in her life, but I don’t want to risk it by missing a dosage.

    I went home and applied it as per the directions on the box onto Maggie at 10:30am. My mother and I left to run some errands, and came back around 2:30pm (4 hrs later) to my poor doggie greeting us at the door with painful yelps and cries, which she NEVER does. I mean, NEVER.

    Opened the door, and much to my dismay, her face looked like she’d been routing around in a toilet bowl. Her eyes were all drawn down, her two front paws were soaking wet. I couldn’t figure out what was going on – where was this water coming from? I was worried that maybe she got into something that she hadn’t, but we don’t have anything sitting around that would be randomly harmful to her. I checked all of the toilet lids around the house, they were all down. No real plants with trays of water at the bottom for her to get into. Her water bowl was at the same level as it was when we’d left, and there were no visible signs of her having gone crazy in that and gotten her face and paws wet like that … what was it?!! As it turns out, and as confirmed by my vet, it was her own drool, my poor, darling, girl! She had been foaming and frothing at the mouth this whole time, and even just typing that right now makes me incredibly furious!

    I immediately put her up on the sink, and cupped my hands under the running faucet collecting water to create a quasi-fountain she could drink from. She lapped up that water as best as she could – but, she was making a weird movement, shaking her head, after every intake of water. I thought, for a moment, that maybe she’d cut her tongue on something – it appeared as if she were in pain just drinking water, but the poor girl was very, very thirsty.

    After that, I put her in the bath and tried to wash off the offending Sentry product. It was as if her skin was on fire. The initial bath seemed to help for a little while. I was able to calm her down for a moment so that I could get some food into her – suspecting that this product might be well on the way to poisoning her, I got her some pita bread to eat, and smeared her Iams food on it to entice her to eat it. Fortunately, she ate that up! I wanted her to have something in her stomach to help ward off this poison … even if it were to make her throw up! Get it out of her!

    She was more mellow for about an hour, but that was the calm before the storm. I stayed up with her through the night as she twitched, nipped, yelped, tried to run away from her skin, clawed at the door to get outside since she perceived some sort of relief being outside … I walked her around the backyard throughout the whole night because that seemed to provide her with some peace of mind.

    We made it through the night, but not without incident. I couldn’t even touch her without her yelping at just the thought of me petting her to try to soothe her. She had three more baths throughout the night – all with Dawn dish detergent (to cut through the oil-based product.) Nothing helped her, and now she’s just plain exhausted.

    As soon as the vet’s office was open, we loaded her up in the car and took her over to see what could be done for her. At this point, I am an exhausted basketcase because I just couldn’t take away this pain from Maggie. I kept thinking, “They (Sentry and Pet Smart – by promoting this product despite the overwhelming amount of testimonials from folks and pets suffering in similar instances) broke my dog!” I just wanted my bouncy, friendly, playful Maggie back, and out of this horrendous pain!

    The doctor asked me to find out the batch info off the Sentry packaging – which I did. She made a couple of calls, and got the treatment down that will hopefully carry Maggie through to recovery, and out of this awful nightmare! Dr. D, the vet, was very pleased that we used Dawn to try to rid Maggie’s coat of the offending toxin, recommended that similar course of treatment, wants me to try this shampoo that she gave me that includes Lidocaine (sp?) among its ingredients, 12.5 mg dosages of Benadryl (Maggie weighs 14.7#, so that dosage is appropriate for her) and an as-needed muscle relaxer.

    At the moment, Maggie is resting peacefully, and I’m letting her. This is the first rest she’s had in over 24 hours. I will continue to monitor her progress, but I wanted to get Maggie’s story out there and warn everyone DO NOT USE SENTRY PRO XFC … it’s an awful, torturous, violent product that could very well have killed my poor dog. I want to give “mad props” to Dr. D at Creighton Davis Safe Harbor Animal Hospital in Pensacola, Florida for saving my girl, comforting a very upset mother (me), and giving us both a bit of peace. Thank you, Dr. D!!

    My heart goes out to all of the pets and owners who are living this nightmare! I will keep all of you and your furry loved ones in my thoughts because this is an awful trip for them to experience.

    And, lastly, during the middle of the night while up crying my heart out about my poor dog, wondering if she is going to live, it occurs to me; this product is being sold on a DAILY BASIS!!! WHY DOES PET SMART CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS ANIMAL ABUSE?!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS SUCH CLEARLY PRESENTABLE EVIDENCE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS HARMFUL?!! SHAME ON YOU, PET SMART!!! And, SHAME ON YOU, MANUFACTURERS of SENTRY PRO XFC!!!!!! The only clear motivation that you must have in keeping this product on store shelves is that of greed, and your act of turning a blind eye to this pain and suffering that you’re causing ON A DAILY BASIS – KILLING ANIMALS will not go un-addressed, I can personally assure you of that! My dog is on the mend, grace be to God, but you might as well fasten up that safety belt for the legal ride that I and the rest of those who have endured this torture at your hands are about to take you on!!!

  12. yea this is bull shit. I put sentry pro XFC on my 9 month old shitzu and now she is twitching and stuff. I called the emergency vet and they told me to bring her in but it’s going to cost like $600… will the sentry pro company reimburse me for my vet bills or what? this is so annyoing!

    AND i am a broadcast journalist major at my college so I think I will be putting together a news package and sending it to my local news. This has to stop, AND i will be going to petco and throw a fit to them about this bullshit

  13. The company will Not reimburse you for the cost of medical for the pet- I just got a letter from Sentry Pro XFC stating they are not responsible for the death of my dog even though the vet I took her to said and gave me a statement in writing that they are responsible for her death due to the flea medication….they are denying responsibility saying that the medication is approved by the EPA and FDA so if you have a problem call them right away!!! and report the medication as a threat to the dogs life, maybe if they get enough reports they will re-review the product and deem it unsafe for animals–that will be the only way to get this product off the shelves.

  14. These stories are just awful. I feel lucky as I did not lose my dog. I put this on my 13 lb. Alaskan Klee Kai last June and the same symptoms happened…vomitting, shaking/trembling and itching. I took her to the vet that night and I was so worried I was going to lose her. Due to the vet not having the ingredients in their books I had to call poison control from their office, which cost me $75 alone. The vet bill was $100 (they gave her benedryl and checked her heart) and I had to get benedryl and pepcid to give her after being home. Total bill all together was close over $200. Luckily she made it through it and is fine now. After getting her home she had scabs on her back and spine from where it basically burnt her skin. I had to go to my vet to get an antibiotic to clear this up as well. I was so upset and furious that they sell these products and called the company to complain and get reimbursed. I do not know what I would have done if I would have lost her. I finally receieved a check for the bills, all besides the poison control as they said I could have called the 800 # on the box (but I didn’t have it with me at the time as I had rushed to the emergency vet).

    The crazy thing is the writing in the letter when they sent me the reimbursement … one paragraph states “The manufacturing and use of our products are approved and closely regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Sergeant’s has tested its products in accordance with EPA rules and regulations in order to ensure that the products are safe. However, as warned on the label, some animals may exhibit sensitivities to any pesticide product. The number of animals that may experience sensitivity to these products is statistically very low.”

    I think that is all BS! Obviously, there are lots of pet owners who have been affected by this product and even lost their pets. I think it is ridiculous that they have these products on the shelf. When I contacted Sergeant’s I asked the guy on the phone if this had happened often, he said no. That is a lie as well.

    I hope they get these products taken off the shelves soon and quit manufacturing this crap that is not safe. I complained to Petco as well as I wanted them to be aware of it being on their shelf and the harm it caused.

    Make sure to complain to Sergeant’s and send them an itemized bill for what you had to pay. I am so sorry to the unfortunate ones who have lost their pets.

  15. I had 2 dogs who both were sickened by this product. One is now dead. This has been batted around for a long time, people have complained to Sergeant’s, the fed regulatory agencies, consumer protection groups, animal rights groups, the pet stores, some of us (like myself) have presented it to class action attorneys…..ALL to no avail. This company apparently doesn’t care and continues to act with impunity. They know the product is a problem, their reps that answer their toll free numbers have even acknowledged that they receive “many phone calls every day” about this product. They obviously don’t care. This forum has been a great help in uniting all of us. I got the thought that we should have a way to show this company in force that we will not be shushed up and ignored. I decided maybe we can petition them if we get enough signatures to pull this product. If we get a good response we can also petition the major pet stores to pull it as well. So, I figured I would try….I lost one dog and still have the other who has a perpetual skin condition now. I stated this online petition and ask that ALL of you add your voice to it, sign it and we’ll see where it goes. To the extent that I can control it I will not share you email address with anyone. Many thanks to all of you who choose to participate.

    Here is the link to the online petition:

  16. Please help us, I put Sentry Pro XFC on my three Miniature Schnauzers today and now all three of them are foaming at the mouth and vomiting, they are also shaking as well. We are broke (due to Obama cut backs), and can’t get to the vet so we need to know anything we can do here at home to save them. My parents died recently and these pups are all I have. Please help, they are ages 5, 3 and 1 1/2 all 15 lbs. Up to today after I put the medicine on they were fine. We have lost so much already, so your help anything you can tell us would be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you for any help you can offer, I’ll await your answer.

  17. i applied this on my dog and she nearly died!!! i bought it from petsmart whom i trusted…after i saw my dog experiencing so many horrible side effects i googled the product and to my horror tons and tons of posts like these came up….i was beyond angry and scared to death….it has been about 2 wks now and she finally seems like she will be ok….i hope. i had to take her to the vet ER twice…nothing seemed to help her…i thought she was a goner….how dare petsmart and sergeant’s make and sell this poison???? and for so long knowing what it does to many many dogs!!!! i am never shopping at petsmart again and thank God my baby did not die!
    she suffered quite a bit however, as did i watching her go through it and not being able to help her!!! I AM FUMING!!!!!!!

    angie ratajczak…abingdon MD

  18. just got back from the emergency vet. my two year old lab/pit mix almost died from this disaster of a product. same story: vomiting, shakes, slobber everywhere, severe rash where flea treatment applied. our vet was not surprised and has seen this before. she suggested filing a report with the fda, taking photos of our dog, and sending the $256 bill to the a-hole manufacturers. please do not buy this or any other sergeant products.

  19. My 2 cats recently died BEFORE I could get them to the vet I had been giving then Hartz Flea Medication however I didn’t know at the time what they died of until I saw a bulletin 3 days ago that a friend sent out on myspace. It showed a video of a couple of cats after taking the medication IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT MY CATS WENT THROUGH! I found this site from that bulletin I freaked out and got upset about all this information Is there anything at all that I can do about this??? Ive lost two very important members of my family My babys stinky and oblio I’ve also given the med to my 4,000 dollar pit bull hades but luckily he hasn’t gotten sick. Im so upset about unintentionally poisoning them I just don’t know what to do anymore. someone please help!

  20. I have had adverse reactions also. If I hadn’t called in sick the day after I applied my dogs would not be alive, Im sure. We need to start a class action law suit. I called the hotline and was suggested to that I overdosed the dog. I actually underdosed because the product was so viscous and difficult to apply. If an over the counter product is so easily overdosable, then why is so accessible without warning. Tara

  21. I am surprised that no one remembers that for YEARS Hartz flea products have killed dogs. I remember when I was in high school a big deal, on all the tv stations about the HArtz flea treatments killing hundreds of dogs(I think, could be off on the numbers) and from then on no one I know buys ANY hartz products. I’m surprised the company is still in business. They know their products are BAD and yet, they keep selling them. I have been on a nearly 20 year boycott of their products. I hope more people realize how bad HArtz products are and quit using them.

  22. Well, just got back from the vet. Had to take my 2yr old Yorkie after applying sentry pro xfc (?) on Sunday afternoon. I didnt realize I was low on Frontline PLus so decided to go the OTC route since it would be a couple of days before i could get to the vet (& i live in the woods, so ticks are a MAJOR issue.) She started acting funny, running around like crazy & itching her back on the wall/sofa which is not a normal behavor. So Monday I started bathing her repeatedly (about 5 or 6 times) & she seemed to be looking better, no more itching & she was sleeping… Woke up yesterday to her not wanting to get out of bed, very lathargic, etc… took her to the vet & TA DA even the vet said its poison. Thanks god i didnt give her a full dose of the stuff or i might have lost her. The sad part is, when i was at the vet… I heard several phone calls from people in the same boat I was in. Why is this stuff still on the shelves???

  23. Like the rest of you, I too have 2 very sick beagles from using Sentry Pro XFC. The EPA just put out a notice in April, 2009 putting this product and 6 other flea medication under severe scrutiny. Let’s pray it gets taken off the shelves before any more of our babies suffer.

  24. After putting this same medicine (if that’s what you can call it!), Sentry XFC on my 20 lb. terrier mix, within 10 minutes, she was in trouble. She was literally screaming in pain. I rushed her to the shower to wash it off. After about another 10 minutes, I rushed her to the vet. This man IMMEDITATELY started screaming at me that this was all MY fault! Never once did he blame the flea medication nor Hartz. Instead, he blamed me because I had not brought her into his office enough for check-ups! My little girl was perfectly healthy up until I put this junk on her. This idiot vet. took her for a bath, came back into the exam room in less that 5 minutes & at this point she was in full seizure. Long story short, I had to demand my girl be removed from his IV & rushed her to another vet. Who placed her under general anethesia to stop the seizures. After $450.00 between 2 vet.’s to try & save her life, I finally brought her home 3 days later. I will NEVER buy anything from Petsmart again! If they’ve had this many complaints on this product & continue to sell it, just think what else they are selling that is killing peoples pets!

  25. Are you people really that blind that placing Pyrethrins which is listed to cause death and cancer to humans is going to be safe for your pet and family? I guarantee if you knew what you use in home and on your pets you wouldn’t use them and by not using them your pet will not suffer health issues or die. It’s the same with all the drugs that are advertised in doctors offices, television & printed material you maybe trying to fix a issue with your cholesterol but the side affects are your leg might become gang green or head might pop off.

  26. Last night I bought Sentry Pro XFC from Petsmart. I was looking for Frontline or Advantage but they didn’t have it so I just bought Sentry Pro XFC, not expecting anything horrible could possibly happen from using it. I bought the 9 – 20lb version and applied it to my 19lb, 3yr old very healthy and happy Shiba Inu. About 2 or 3 hours later, she comes running across the room and slams into the wall. Her back legs were extended and flat on the ground, like the muscles were locked and she could not control them. She continued running around wildly, slamming into walls because she could not turn. All her muscles began locking up like she could not control them. She even shit on the floor which she has never ever done. I picked her up and held on to her so she would stop slamming into walls. Her entire body was locked up and curled really tight. Her eyes were red and almost slightly rolling up behind her eyelids. After several minutes her muscles relaxed and she began panting heavily almost like she was hyper-ventilating. At this point she was very weak and shaky and having trouble standing or walking. I called the Sentry Pro XFC emergency hotline on the back of the box. They acted like this was unusual and not related to the product and said that I should take the dog to the emergency vet. It was 1am but I took her to the 24hr vet anyway. They checked her stats and by then she was coming back to normal and they said she was ok. She was starting to walk around again on her own and they were nice enough to not even charge me. Tonight I’ve been doing research and I’m SHOCKED at how many people have had these kinds of problems from this product. I’ve called Petsmart, I’ve called Sergeant and they unbelievably tell me they have not heard of any reports. WTF?? Is this really happening?? Absolutely insane!! I didn’t even apply the entire tube because I messed up and sprayed half of it down my kitchen sink. Thank God for that, who knows how bad it would of been if I got it all on her. It has been 24 hours since then and she is mostly back to normal, except she has a lot of skin irritation where I applied the product and for some reason she has been biting and licking her hind legs as if they are irritating her. I wish I could do something more to get this terrible product off the market.

  27. I have lost my Toy Poodle after using Sentry Pro XFC (9 – 20 lbs), he was only 3 yrs young and very healthy weight 12 lbs. His son is 2 yrs and 10 lbs. I’m not sure how he will be after he heals. Dudley is not yet himself, it’s been 5 days now, the treatment burnt his fur and skin and spreading sores. The first day I applied the product they showed signs of discomfort, no sleep for anyone… I bathed them twice the first night. Next morning Spooky seemed to be worse than Dudley, I took them both to the Vet here in Belize (we don’t have all the equipment to treat this type of thing) the vet gave them an Anti-Poison, then an IV several hours later, then an anesthetic as their heart rate was so fast… then it was too shallow…
    After days of constant whimpering and obvious pain, Spooky died. The vet said his tongue was blue which was a sign of the poison, and found he had internal bleeding.
    Spooky’s skin didn’t have the ouzing sores Dudley has.
    I’m treating the sores, and waiting.
    In Belize we are to use Tick and Flea treatments monthly, I’ve had these pups from birth, never any health issues and not much reaction to Frontline, but this Sentry Pro XFC has something that is causing this problems in our pets.
    It must be removed from the market.

    Please spread the word to everyone you know to read up on any product before applying, I wouldn’t have used a new product if I had done my homework. I feel so much guilt.. trusting a product that I knew nothing about. Very sad… and Dudley lost his dad and friend.

  28. Call the FDA !!! They are the only ones that can take this product off the market, as long as they say it is safe, they can sell it anywhere!!! We all know this is a danger to our animals!! Call and make a formal complaint..the more this is done the faster they will have to take it off the market!!

  29. yep sentry is a horrible company…. same thing happened to my toy fox terrier. applied sentry pro to his back and probably 5 hrs later he had a temp. of 104 was throwing up and having seizures, we rushed him to the emergency vet hospital at midnight and sat and wondered for 4 hrs. he made it and is here with me today. the vet said there are countless cases of dogs being poisoned from this product and their owners being left with these emergency bills. i hope the petsmart pulls this shit off the shelves or that the owner of said company rots in hell!!!!!!

  30. Same thing with my registered Cookapoo. On august 24th he started acting horribly with itching, rubbing his body on the floor and we bathed him over and over and applied medicine to ease his itching. Not until really 3 days later I noticed some major changes in him and his skin. He has a large ‘hot spot’ burned area and was running a high fever. The next day we learn of this problem with Sentry from our vet. The had just lost a puppy over the product.

    If they don’t pull this product them the FDA should.

  31. Applied sentrypro xfc yesterday around 5pm. My 8 month old POM ended up running around itchin his butt off around 7pm. Started losing some of his hair, and his sking is very red. Today hes even more itchy and can not sit still, looks very tired and not himself at all. Im going to take him to the vet once they open later today before this gets worse like some of the cases on here. This product makes me want to go rage out on this company. Its rediculous how this is still being sold.

  32. I am appalled at this Sentry product. My son applied this to his 65 lb dog yesterday and the dog is now at my house. NO SLEEP last night due to all the same symptoms as everyone else above except for the blood and vomiting. This dog is restless and no sleep. How can anyone get away with this. This dog has paced the floor, scratched, in and out of outside. Have given him Benadryl to see if that will help. Have bathed him and will bath him every few hours and will watch him before we go to the vet. I hate this is happening to everyone as these animals are family members and we love them.

  33. Wow I am glad I stumbled across this site! I will never give my schnauzer/terrier mix any of those flea medications. If/when he gets a flea treatment it will be a good old fashioned collar!

  34. I gave the same thing to my 2 chihuahuas and they both are acting very weird. They keep scratching and twitching . I just called my vet but cant get a hold of her. I called Sentry and they said they will contact me in 1 business day and they will pay my vet bills.I think they are full of it and wont pay me back for any vet bills. Hopefully my vet calls me back .

  35. BOTH my dogs are in the emergency room as I type. I put this garbage on them around 3am this morning. About 8:30 my German Shepherd started convulsing and going into a violent seizure. 5 minutes later my Lab/Beagle mix started the same symptoms but escalated to such an extreme that it made my Shepherds seizure look like a walk through the park. I was absolutely terrified! My neighbor helped me get them into the car and to the vet where they took immediate action. My Shepherd had to be sedated and my little guy? I don’t know. Seemed ok after his first bath but I had to leave both of them there to be treated and monitored. A waiting game. I have notified, Petsmart, The EPA, FDA, a lawyer and will continue this fight to get this madness off the shelves. PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!! Need more convincing? Just research this product on the internet and see the hundreds of thousands of complaints on this product. I’m kicking myself because I didn’t do that first like I did with all the other products. I figured since it was on the shelf at a store and by Seargents….it was safe. STUPID ME!

  36. WOW! Thank you all very much, I got this stuff today and wanted to read about it before I put it on my 2 100lb labradors. I am thankful I read this. Sorry for any of you who lost your dog, you saved mine though! Thanks I will be printing this off and bringing it to PetCo where I got it. Once again, Thank you for saving my dogs!

  37. I read this too late as I’ve just finished giving my 10 mo. yorkie/poodle mix her third Dawn dish detergent bath tonight and she is still itching. I am patiently waiting for any signs of stiffness or trembling and if so, it’s off the the vet ER. About 20 mins. after I applied this she began cowering and running to all dark corners of the house, like a dog who wants to lay down and die! Does anyone know the best place to complain and has anyone had any success in dealing with this company as well as Petsmart?!

  38. Dear Jeff,

    I’m very sorry to learn that your pet has been hurt by this product. It’s a terribly painful lesson. Unfortunately you are one of thousands of companion animal owners that has learned the hard way and has had a dog or cat killed or injured because of these products.

    You’ve done the right thing by bathing your pet in Dawn and contacting a veterinarian as quickly as possible.

    You asked about filing a complaint. This is a critical step. This MUST be done if we are to be successful in stopping these reprehensible companies that manufacture, distribute and retail these pesticide neurotoxins. You have the opportunity to do something that Hartz, Sergeant’s, BioSpot and others DO NOT want you to do: Please take the time to report your incident to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). This organization works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to compile the database of incidents and statistics that will be analyzed and used as a basis for corrective action. The NPIC can be reached at 1-800-858-7378. They are very professional, courteous and efficient. This is a critical step in the public forcing the EPA–one of the most lax oversight agencies in the federal government–to do the right thing and get these neuro-toxin pesticide ingredients out of the marketplace. Also, please call Hartz Mountain or Sergeant’s or the other appropriate manufacturer and report this incident to them. You can find the appropriate telephone number on the product package. They WILL NOT be happy to hear from you, but they–-like all the manufacturers–-have an obligation under federal law to forward your report to the EPA. Hartz Mountain has been cited and fined for not properly and promptly reporting these incidents in the past. Hartz’s telephone number is 1-800-275-1414. Put the pressure on Hartz, Sergeant’s, BioSpot and others by giving them the details and FORCING them to report to the EPA. Also, you should demand they reimburse your veterinary medical expenses. In addition, you should contact your state equivalent regulatory agency and file a formal complaint. The equivalent regulatory agency in California is the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Your state will have a similar type of agency. Thank you again for posting your story; I’m so very sorry for what has happened. It’s reprehensible that Hartz, BioSpot, Sergeant’s and others continue to injure and kill thousands of pets–-it’s absolutely unacceptable. We should all do whatever we can to prevent this from happening to others. Communications to the proper regulatory agencies, manufacturers, NPIC, the media and politicians are critical steps.

    You also asked about PetSmart. PetSmart does not care. They have a CEO and senior executive team that has no business integrity whatsoever. These issues have been brought many times to Mr. Phil Francis, CEO, and Mr. Scott Crozier, senior legal counsel and vice president, and they could not care less. They play Pontius Pilate and wash their hands of any responsibility, pointing to the EPA and the manufacturers as the source consumers should direct their questions. They do not want their easy revenue stream disrupted knowing full well that pets are being killed and injured and families emotionally (and financially) impacted. PetSmart is a despicable company that is to be avoided but please don’t hesitate to spread the word about their lack of integrity. Thank you again, Jeff. All the best to you and your little girl.

  39. I, too, was shocked to find out about all the problems caused by the chemicals (Permethrin and Pyriproxyfen) in products such as Sergeant’s Sentry Pro Squeeze-On Tick and Flea Control for Dogs…which almost killed Raleigh, my 45-lb. Sheltie, yesterday. I normally use Frontline from my vet, but in a pinch I bought some SentryPro at PetSmart thinking it was pretty much the same thing. The day after I applied the “oil” to my dog Raleigh’s back (per the product directions), he began to vomit occasionally. At first I thought it might have been something he ate that disagreed with him. The next day he continued to vomit a bit every now and then. He became increasingly lethargic and he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. By the time I got him to the vet first thing the next morning, Raleigh could barely walk and had labored breathing…he was one sick dog. After taking blood tests and x-rays, the vet said he was having problems with his liver. When I told her his problems seemed to start after I had given him the tick medicine, she asked if it was an over-the-counter drug like Hartz. I told her I got it at PetSmart (I realized it was actually Sergeant’s when I got home and looked at the package). The vet told me that she has known of countless cases of people’s pets being harmed or killed by the chemicals these companies use in their products…and that PetSmart continues to sell to the unknowing public. I’m fortunate that my dog survived (worth the $400 vet bill), but his liver damage may be permanent. He now has to have a special (very expensive) type of food and take a couple of different medications twice a day…for the rest of his life.
    I wish I had done the research before I used SentryPro. I feel so awful about what I’ve done to my dog, and I’m livid that companies like Sergeant’s and PetSmart are still allowed to sell these dangerous products to unsuspecting consumers. Please spread the word about these potentially harmful products in every way you can. Use the Internet…FaceBook, Twitter, etc., anything! Please help!

  40. I am furious!!! Same story as everyone else. I bought Sentry Pro XFC at Petco 2 days ago for my newly adopted 4 month old Jack Russell Terrier mix. I put it on him that evening and within an hour he seemed agitated and he furiously scratched at the area. He kept us up all that night and he urinated in his crate, which he had not done before. He then became lethargic and he would not come when called. I took him to vet the next day and he recommended baby shampoo bath and benadryl. He slept seemed a little better. I am just beside myself with guilt for not googling this stuff before putting it on him and I am angry that this poison continues to be sold.

  41. My Grandmother’s dog is having the same reactions as many of the others listed above from Sentury Pro XFC. She tried to save money and trusted that PETSMART would only have safe medication’s in there store. Now she is spending much more with no help from the vet. This dog means everything to her and she feels guilty. I don’t know what to do, hire an attorney, against who? Is there anything we can do, her dog is still alive at least, but the poor thing is clearly in pain. I don’t want anyone else to go through this.

  42. I gave this medication to my dog a few years ago, and he had all the same reactions as listed here— and I’m thinking now that he may have long-term damage. We adopted him in early August of 2007. Gave him this flea treatment around the end of the month- It burned his back severely, caused him to vomit, gag, shake… We washed it off of him that night with water, only to find out the next day that all that probably did was soothe his burn, since the product is oil-based and water alone won’t wash it off- so by the time we washed him with the recommended dish soap, it had been absorbed into his system and was circulating through his blood stream. It took about two weeks for him to get back to normal.

    On Christmas Eve 2007, he had his first seizure. And he has been having them roughtly every 1-3 months ever since. We just had to start him on Potassium Bromide (trying not to use PB if we don’t have to, since it is so harsh on his liver)— but I have a lurking suspicion that this flea treatment may have had some long term neurological effect on him… He was perfectly healthy before hand- his previous owner said he was in great health, and for 5 solid months we never had any issues with seizures. Is anyone else having a similar experience, or know anything about the ingredients? What can be done at this point, if anything?

  43. Same thing here.. just had to run out to Walgreens at 3:30am to get some Benadryl for our two shepherd husky mixes. We put this on them last night and within an hour they started acting weird. Running in and out of their crate, drooling, scratching but no vomiting thank god. We had the good sense to wash it off of them with a thorough bath and shampoo. They kept me up til 11:30 and woke me up with their crying at 2:30. I’m a little more than pissed off right now as I should be sleeping but am instead taking care of two sick dogs because of the negligence to pull this product from the shelf even though it seems it has a long history of problems as i have just learned. I’m going to the Petsmart tomorrow and I am going to throw this crap back in their faces and ask why it hasn’t been pulled. Think I’ll print off this page and show them how many problems there have been. This is BS. I don’t care if it works SOME of the time.. if it is this dangerous to dogs even SOMETIMES it should be pulled.

  44. I have to say that it’s not Petsmart’s fault for this. They just sell the product. The real blame lies in the company that make this POISON (that’s the only thing thats come to my mind.) The companies that make the product need to be held accountable.

  45. We gave Bear (a 1 year old, 120 pound, Great Pyrenees dog) this flea medication and he started acting wierd he seemed paranoid and ran around the house he wouldnt lay down like he usually does, and wouldnt come when called and seemed scared of us (at first I thought he was being over-dramatic) but when the cat came in the room and he didnt try to chase her (he ALWAYS chases her but he doesnt hurt her)I became worried. We found this site and gave Bear a bath and a benadryl and I think he will be ok we are watching him carefully. Im sorry for the loss of the pet owners who fared much worse, this is a wake up call for me becuase I have used Hartz flea products on my cat before with no real problems (other than tiredness). Which makes me wonder if all their products contain pyrethrin – or only certain products??? The pesticide pyrethrin which is used in this flea medicine (if you can call it medicine) comes from the Chrysantheum flower and is listed as toxic to both dogs and cats on the ASPCA website! I dont really understand the logic of giving your pet a chemical that is known to be toxic to them! This chemical works by attacking the fleas nervous system. I wonder if some of these pets were killed from this medication attacking their nervous systems? Synthetic pyrethrins are even worse for pets and this chemical can be cancerous to humans. I understand that fleas are difficult to get rid of and it will take a strong chemical to kill them however this is sold over the counter and the box doesnt even have adequate labeling of the dangers associated with it nor does it give you signs to look for incase your pet has a bad reaction!!! What angers me the most is that we have an expectation as a consumer that things sold over the counter are safe – and these products contain chemicals KNOWN to be TOXIC to dogs and cats which means it isnt safe!!!! Why are advantage and frontline required to have a vet prescription but Hartz products dont? This makes no since at all to me!!!

  46. please BEWARE and add HEARTGARD* to a list of NEVER-GIVE!!

    we lost a loving, happy, healthy and fit 10 yr old Australain cattle dog to HEARTGARD*. just 4 days after we gave him the tablet he went down for the count and after struggling 2wks we lost him.

    we also had to switch our healthy happy adult hounds off FRONTLINE* because they were having HALLUCINATIONS and “zoning out” lethargic and were staring at nothing on the floor immediately after receiving it — and it lasted for DAYS.

  47. I have a minature poodle mix. With his dry curls I have gone through 3-4 different conditioner and 2 shampoos. With all of the above he’s never had any kind of reaction with the wide range of products I used.
    I went to PetCo and the girl that worked there told me that there really wasn’t a difference of any of the flea medications.
    I used this on my dog and he was SCRATCHING AND SHAKING his fur left and right for almost two hours. He’s usually energetic and go lucky, but after using this if he wasn’t scratching he was SLUMPING around.
    I decided to give him an oatmeal bath and I noticed TWO IPOD SIZED RASHES on him and he’s still scratching.

  48. I was handed SentryPro flea medication from my landlord a few weeks ago. Both my Terrier (Nova) and Chihuahua (Cyla) were treated with this medication last night. Within a few minutes, my Cyla was running around the bed frantically. Nova was jolting a bit but not too much where I thought it was out of the ordinary. Within 30 mins, Nova started foaming at the mouth. Instantly I knew it was the flea medication. I gave both of them an Oatmeal bath hoping to sooth the pain away. They continued to run around as if fleas where attacking they’re skin, so I went online and found Im am not alone. I used the advice read and gave Nova and Cyla some tuna can water and a bit of benadryl. They both seem to have calmed down a bit but they are still scratching and running around. Nova is still foaming at the mouth. They can barely walk straight. Does anyone know who is the responsible contact for this product? I cant believe this is sold and recommended to use on animals. Justice needs to be done.

  49. I gave my small dog frontline at about 10am this morning. When I got home at 8pm my husband said she had been lethargic and was having trouble with her back legs. I decided to look at other side effects online and was shocked at what I saw!! She seemed to have lesser side effects than many. I gave her a bath with oatmeal shampoo and if she seems any worse I will try dish soap. I could tell right away that the effects were neurological! Why are they not forced to put these side effects on the package! I would not have used it. Hopefully she will continue to improve.

  50. I have a beautiful 4 year old golden retriever whom I love to pieces. I usually use frontline but I saw this at petco and figured if petco has it then it should be ok. I also saw the 22 dollar price tag so I definitely thought I was in the clear. I came home walked my pup and returned to the house to apply the medicine. Within an hour my dog was rolling around and scratching his back. Within 2 hours he was pacing back and forth and rolling on his side. He also started to scratch and claw at his muzzle and chew his paws. I looked at his back and it was red. This terrified me because my dog is normally calm in doors. (He just lays with me in bed and looks out the window) I decided to wash the XFC off with dawn and I’m going to give him a full bath in the am. While I was getting this crap off of him, it got on my skin and boy did it burn! I’m going to try to return this to Petco although I doubt if they take it back. I’m so Pissed that I have to go buy frontine or advantix tomorrow for my pup on top of wasting money on this crap.

  51. HURRY AND GET YOUR DOG IN THE BATH TUB AND WASH HIM WITH DAWN DISHSOAP!!!!!!!! I put sentry pro on my 9mo. Old blue healer last night the petco employee said it was pretty good stuff. I left my dog Willie in the garage for about an hour and a half. I let him out side he sat right down and started itching behind his shoulder I thought he might have a flea or a random itch, he scratched for about ten or fifteen seconds straight and lowered his head so he could reach in between his shoulders. I called his name and he stopped itching. He paid no mind to me walked ten feet and laid down and started rolling in the grass he has never tried rolling in the grass I thought this was strange he stopped rolling and came over to stand next to me he was standing there whimpering something else he never does. I let him in the house, he walked past me to the couch leaned up against it and walked the length of the couch four times rubbing his body the hole way like he was trying to get something off him I called his name and he stoped shook his head and looked at me thats when I noticed he was foaming at the mouth I thought he might have got a toad or something in the garage. I took willie back out into the garage and did an inspection of the garage nothing out of the ordinary but his water bowl was tiped over .Willie continued to foam and shake his head. I got him more water he justed looked at me and shook his head I splashed my fingers in the water Willie shook his headed again and tried to drink he pulled his head back and pawed at the water. All of his actions are things he has never done before. I went in the house and googled my dog is foaming at the mouth shaking his head and will not drink water. First thing that came up was rabies, just had him vaccinated a month ago. This was the next page I came to so I clicked on it. it never occurred to me that flea medicine that was recommended to me by such a big and supposed reputable store like petco would bother him. I read the first few posts, went to the garage where Willie was ontop of a new jacuzzi tub I was getting ready to install he was foaming and staring straight up in the air like he was lost.I called his name and he jumped down started scratching stoped scratching and went to shaking his head I tried to make him drink again with the same results as the first attempt I picked him up and brought him in the bathroom put him in the tub and gave him a bath using large amounts of dawn three times i also sprayed water into his mouth with the sprayer wich he licked at I got him out of the tub dried him off and brought him back into the garage and gave him some food he ate it still stoping to shake his head and itch but was not staring off into space anymore he ate about 3/4 cup of food and drank a small amount of water shaking and itching part of the time after about ten or fifteen min the shaking of his head started to slow down but he was still itching. I gave him some dye free children’s Benadryl the cheap stuff from Walgreens on a piece of bread which he ate right up. 45 min later the head shaking stoped the panting stoped the foaming of the mouth stoped but he still stoped to itch the application site about every five min. He slept good through the night this morning he woke up and seamed alright but he is still itching a little. I think I will go to petco Monday and have a few words with the manager I wished I lived a little closer to Omaha Ne. I would stop and have a visit with the sergeants pet “CARE” people also, a phone call won’t show sympathy like two or three people huddling in a corner worrying about what the i raged person sending in front of them is about to do. I hope all of you and your pets the bets washing it off as soon as possible seamed to work for us I will continue to monitor my friend Willie and post any changes. Petco here I come!

  52. GOD BLESS for this information. I’m going through the same thing.

    Stephanie Skank-olski
    US Navy
    Pensacola, FL

  53. Ditto to all the previous reviews. My 6-month-old, 50-lb border collie just had a dawn bath and 50 mg Benedryl. He has been agitated all day. I hope he sleeps and wakes up feeling better. Any update on lawsuits or other legal actions against Sentry Pro?

  54. $50 for this crap for 2 dogs, both still have tons of fleas, though I am extremely grateful they were not sickened like other dogs were.

    When I bought it at Petco, I was a bit skeptical because the price was lower than the other flea treatments, so I asked the clerk, “Does this work?” “Oh yes,” she assured me. I’m returning this garbage product today and not buying anything else at Petco, ever.

  55. I read this because my pit just got spayed and was on other antibotics so i looked it up first and im so glad i did!! My baby has been a vital part in my recovery. She is the most precious thing I have in my life. Sentry pro is cheap i had no idea but thank u soo much im not taking the chance
    Devon from Dallas

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