Lets stick together and make them listen!!!

I want to share with you an experience that my sister and I have gone through with our animals.  I bought a hartz or sergeants flea collar for my cat and I thought he acting jumping and crazy running around cause he was in a new place but I have now realized that it was cause of his collar.  My sister wanted to control the fleas so she went to Walmart and purchased Sergeants Gold topical flea medicine and put it on her dogs (all four) yesterday morning.  By 730pm we were in the animal ER cause they were having a bad reaction to it.  Well we thought it was cause they have never used it before but to come to find out it was cause Hartz and Sergeants is poisoning their bodies.  I got online this morning and found a website (hartzvictims.org) that has numerous people talking about how they have done the same thing and have lost their animals or their animals had to fight for their lives.  It isn’t just the topical flea treatment.  It is also the flea collars and shampoo that is doing it. Here we are putting this stuff on them and we think it is safe cause it is on the shelves at our stores cause the government says that it is save for our animals but it isn’t.  It is harming and in some cases killing our animals and they do nothing but say I’m sorry for your lose or that you have to go through this. Well sorry ISN’T good enough for me anymore.  My sisters four dogs are in the hospital fighting for their lives as we speak.  We pray and ask you to pray for them.  Yes I know some of you are saying they are just dogs but to us they are our families members, our children so please pray for the recovery of our family members.  We all who have these precious loved ones need to stick together and fight these companies and make them pay for our loses and medical bills that we incurred due to their negligent.  If we do this then we don’t have to worry about the next time (if there is a next) that we put this kind of medicine on them that we have to worry about IF it is going to kill or harm our animals.  I have already lost one family member cause of the neglect from a food company and nothing got done cause it was just a dog.  Well IF your child, mother, brother, father, or son got sick and passed on wouldn’t you make the doctors or the company that caused their death be held responsible.  I know I would so lets stick together and make this happen for our furry, feathery, scaly family members.

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