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I moved into my house 14 years ago. When I moved in there was a grey cat on my steps. Everyone said she was the block cat. Any way who ever took care of her moved. Being so old she began to get real thin and shaky, so I decided to help. Even though i’m allergic to cats. I started giving her water everyday and soon soft cat food.  It looked like she was having problems with the dry food a neighbor was giving her.  She began to scratch alot and loose her hair, so I bought her some hartz flea liquid, put it on the back between the shoulder blades and I though everything was okay. The next day she began to snort, jerk and drool at the mouth.  I was concerned that she was on her way out until I read a story on I just finished washing her as best I could. I will find a way to get her checked out at the vet to make sure she is okay. How could a deed so well intended go so wrong. That solution could kill her. It’s important that the side effects are listed clearly so you know when something is wrong. I still can’t believe that I bought this off the store shelf. I’m speechless.

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  1. I jsut found this website a day late. I put my beloved black persian Buster through misery because of Hartz flea spray. My buster boy laid down and trusted me to get rid of the fles. This morning I was woken up with him twitching, moaning and frothing at the mouth. I call the emergency vet and they told me to bath him immediately. He seems to be okay at the moment but not because of Hartz. How dare they keep this product on the market!

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