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I trusted Hartz, a name I’ve known for pet products all my life.  What a mistake.  My 2-year-old shih tzu, Boo Boo, picked up fleas from some cats visiting my daughter’s apartment.  I discovered the fleas while Boo Boo was with me out of town during the weekend of September 13-14.  I wanted to take care of the problem quickly and would not be able to get to my vet until September 15.  I went to the supermarket and bought Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs in the package appropriate for Boo Boo’s weight.  I followed the package directions carefully and applied it about 11 p.m. on Saturday, September 13.  WIthin a couple of hours, I heard Boo Boo whimpering.  When I checked on him, he was squirming.  I assumed the fleas were agitated by the product, so I sat up until 2:00 a.m. making sure the fleas were gone.  Boo Boo was restless the remainder of the night and didn’t seem to have much energy on Sunday morning.  I decided to bathe him to remove the product.  (I still had no clue that he was being poisoned.)  He was listless throughout the day and by Monday, September 15, he was vomiting and could hardly stand.  His eyes were watery and he appeared to be in great discomfort.  Debating whether to take him to the animal emergency clinic, I called my vet and made arrangements to bring him early this morning.  The vet seemed to think he had eaten something contaminated until I told her that I had applied a flea treatment.  “Was it one you bought at a grocery store or Wal-Mart,” she asked.  When I told her what I used, she said she was almost certain Boo Boo was sickened by the product.  They have seen dogs sickened and many cats with seizures.  They call it “Hartz toxicity.”  I asked the question everyone else seems to ask, “Why are stores selling this product?”  No one can give me a good answer.  It is now my personal mission to make sure everyone I talk to knows NOT to use this product. 

Thank God, Boo Boo came home today and will be okay.  He’s beginning to play again and can keep water and a little food down.  When I Googled the product today, I was appalled to find an entire web site devoted to similar (and worse) horror stories.  No pet or pet owner should experience this.  My heart goes out to those whose stories I’ve read here.  Boo Boo is an important part of my life and knowing that I harmed him breaks my heart.  But I am angry with Hartz for not taking the product out of production NOW.

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  1. I am shocked like you and feel outraged. I have contacted 3 local news stations today. I have also emailed every person I know to spread the word.

    I too used a Hartz flea product on my cat yesterday and today she ended up in the hospital. Just like you said, the vet new what it was immediately when I said I put flea medicine on her. It is so common it has a name but it is still being sold.

    Call and email and write everyone you can. Also, be sure to report it to Hartz,they have a third party medical line that was very helpful and it goes into their records it goes straight to the EPA as well. They say you can submit your medical bills as well. We will see how that goes!

    Please contact me if you get new info.

  2. I found some fleas on my tow year old shih-tzu, Lita, and did the same thing. I went to the local wal-mart over the weekend and purchase what i thought would be the best product, sergeant’s gold flea and tick and my baby started crying about 1/2 hour after using the product. two hours later her temp spiked and she began salivating uncontrollably. i had to make several calss, but being the weekend none of the local vets would return my calls, i finally called the sheriff’s office and they called the vet and had him call me immediately. her temp is gone, and the salivating has subsided, but today she won’t set still, she still is crying and i fear she may have brain damage. she shakes constantly. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS STUFF IF YOU WANT A HEALTHY ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my Lita, and I feel like I hurt her……how awful.

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